Tending Animals



Black Wine

Butchering Vulo

Preserving Fruits
& Vegetables

Carving Horns


Cleaning Fish

Curing Skins

Dressing Meat

Dyeing Cloth


Making Botas

Making Cheese
& Butter

Making Jerky
& Smoking Meat

Milking Bosk

Making Perfume

Making Candles

Making Soap

Tharlarion Oil

Making Rope,
Twine & Thread

Weaving Nets

Seasonal Chores

Weaving Cloth


The lamps in the Hall use oil. Sometimes this oil is purchased ready to burn by the barrel. Other times it has to be rendered down into its usable form. The fat from tharlarions, whales and sea sleen are used for this purpose. The fat from these creatures is sometimes purchased in crates. When it is purchased like this it is placed in the ice shed to keep until it is needed.

To render the fat you cook it down very slowly in a thick kettle. This is done outside because the smell of the fat cooking down is quite atrocious. Stir the mixture frequently to ensure it does not scorch. Once it is thoroughly liquified remove it from above the fire and set it to the side. Allow it to cool overnight. The next morning skim off the top layers, the watery part at the bottom is useless, you will want to toss that out, use only the part that rises that remains as thick usable lamp oil.

As you skim off the oil, put it into the empty oil casks from the supply shed. When each cask is full, stopper it and have a thrall carry it back into the supply shed, or if there are none in the supply room in the hall, carry one or two in there.

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