Tending Animals



Black Wine

Butchering Vulo

Preserving Fruits
& Vegetables

Carving Horns


Cleaning Fish

Curing Skins

Dressing Meat

Dyeing Cloth


Making Botas

Making Cheese
& Butter

Making Jerky
& Smoking Meat

Milking Bosk

Making Perfume

Making Candles

Making Soap

Tharlarion Oil

Making Rope,
Twine & Thread

Weaving Nets

Seasonal Chores

Weaving Cloth


Cloth Articles
1. fill a basin with hot water, (cold for silks) and add some soap chips, stir it around to make foamy bubbles.

2. Place the scrub board at a 45-degree angle to the side of the tub, and brace it in one hand.

3. Take up the garment firmly in the other hand and plunge it into the water, rubbing it several times on the board and then back into the water. Repeat this step many times, until the garment is clean.

4. Rinse the garment thoroughly , wring it out and hang it up to dry.

Leather Articles

1. Leather cannot get wet!! It will shrink up like nothing you have ever seen before!!

2. the first step is to clean off any dust of soil from the surface with a soft, wet cloth. turn it inside out and repeat.

3. Once the leather is clean and totally dry, rub some bosk oil into it very well to condition it.

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