Tending Animals



Black Wine

Butchering Vulo

Preserving Fruits
& Vegetables

Carving Horns


Cleaning Fish

Curing Skins

Dressing Meat

Dyeing Cloth


Making Botas

Making Cheese
& Butter

Making Jerky
& Smoking Meat

Milking Bosk

Making Perfume

Making Candles

Making Soap

Tharlarion Oil

Making Rope,
Twine & Thread

Weaving Nets

Seasonal Chores

Weaving Cloth


Washing dishes -- heat water over the fire and fill the big dishpan. Add soap flakes. Dry and place dishes back on the shelves

Cleaning the kitchen -- includes wiping down all counters, sweeping & scrubbing the floors, removing all vessels from the shelves to wipe them down.

Cleaning supply shed -- clean and organize the wagon; notify the Jarl what is needed

Cleaning the Jarl's High Seat -- this chore is assigned to one of the Jarl's girls and includes: sweeping, polishing, shaking out the furs surrounding the High Seat.

Cleaning Jarl's Chambers -- this chore is generally assigned to one of the Jarl's girls. Would also include washing windows.

Mending -- self explanatory (tunics, FM leathers, FW dresses, and kirtles.)

Polishing boots -- boots should be cleaned with a soft rep to remove any dirt and dust prior to polishing. Polish is rubbed into the boots then buffed with another rep

Refilling the Lamps -- Check and refill the lamps in the hall with oil. The oil is kept in casks in the supply shed. Fill a spigoted container with oil from the cask and climb up on the nearest bench or chair to check the oil level in each lamp and refill as needed.

Cleaning the Hall -- Clean and wipe down the tables in the hall. Take any dirty vessels into the kitchen to be washed (There will always be dirty vessels in the hall as the crew will be in and out constantly) Replace the horns and tankards along the table for use again when people return. Gather up the furs laying around the edge of the hall used for sleeping and take them outside and beat and brush them clean (yes, this will involve putting on the kirtle). Then replace the furs around the hall where they were.

Check the Vessels -- This is the Jarl's House. For his guests to find injury on a vessel they drink or eat from would be a great dishonor. Once a hand check all of the horns and tankards and bowls and spoons and forks for imperfections. If any are found, throw them away and make a note of it to tell the Jarl so he can have it replaced. (This is why there is no need to check vessels during serves.)

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