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How it works:
the weights around the outside of the net quickly sinks it, trapping fish below it before they can swim away. Once it touches the bottom, the net will "bag" with the current. The trow rope is then pulled and closes the bag. It can then be hoisted to shore or to the boat deck to retrieve the fish.

How to do it:
Using a silk based rope or a silk and rence blend, (for strength and water resistance), thread a shuttle with a double weight of this. There are 102 rows in all for a standard net manageable by a girl. The net may be as large as you like but the bigger the net; the heavier it is when full. The net is made in the same stitch as common knitting, with the exception that the shuttle passes back through each loop making a knot instead of a woven loop. This makes the net more durable, as it will not unravel.

Work in a circle, adding 2 loops for every 5 that you knit. This will widen the net, and make it circular and slightly tubular to increase the ability to "bag" underwater. This can continue for as lone as desired to enlarge the net to the desired size.

Once the net is finished, tie off the top in several knots, placing a heavy stone bead in the heart of each knot. Try to get a lot of them in, and evenly along the edge so that the net will sink quickly and land level on the floor of the lake.

The last step to this task is to make the trow rope. Using the same material, make a medium weight rope in the normal rope making fashion, but make it very long. Tie a loop in one end for the wrist of the caster, and thread it through the top of the net so that when pulled tight, it creates a purse like puckered bag. Make sure the rope can move easily and quickly so that fish cannot escape.

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