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Black Wine

Butchering Vulo

Preserving Fruits
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Carving Horns


Cleaning Fish

Curing Skins

Dressing Meat

Dyeing Cloth


Making Botas

Making Cheese
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Making Jerky
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Milking Bosk

Making Perfume

Making Candles

Making Soap

Tharlarion Oil

Making Rope,
Twine & Thread

Weaving Nets

Seasonal Chores

Weaving Cloth


Step 1
Put enough wax in your melting pot to fill your mold. Start heating over a low fire, watching it carefully to assure that it does not scorch.

Step 2
While your wax is heating lay the wicks in the mold, in the center of each candle section. Prepare a water bath by submerging the empty mold in water and adding water until the level is about one finger width below the mold top. Take care not to get any water in your mold or wax - it will ruin your candle.

Step 3
When wax reaches a liquid state, remove it from the fire and add dye. Stir until well dissolved. If desired add scent and stir well immediately before pouring. A word of caution, excessive dye may cause the candle to burn poorly. Set aside remaining wax for step 5.

Step 4
Pour the wax into the mold slowly but smoothly. On taller molds it sometimes helps to tilt the mold to prevent air bubbles from excessive agitation. Gently tap the sides of the mold, and allow about 45 ihn for the air bubbles to rise. Place the mold in the water bath, and place some heavy stones on top so that it does not float around.

Step 5
Periodically punch one or more holes alongside the wick using a quiva or other long narrow implement. As the wax cools it shrinks, and punching holes prevents it from shrinking away from the wick causing air pockets. The larger the candle the more times you will need to repeat this. Fill the void left by shrinkage taking care not to pour above the original level of the wax. On very large candles, it may be necessary to repeat this step more than once.

Step 6
Allow the candle to cure fully before attempting to remove from the mold. The larger the candle the longer it takes. If the candle does not easily slide out of the mold, place it in the cold pit for five to ten ehn.

Step 7
The final step is to level the base. Holding the candle by the wick, allow touch a hot stone until the base is flat and level.

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