Tending Animals



Black Wine

Butchering Vulo

Preserving Fruits
& Vegetables

Carving Horns


Cleaning Fish

Curing Skins

Dressing Meat

Dyeing Cloth


Making Botas

Making Cheese
& Butter

Making Jerky
& Smoking Meat

Milking Bosk

Making Perfume

Making Candles

Making Soap

Tharlarion Oil

Making Rope,
Twine & Thread

Weaving Nets

Seasonal Chores

Weaving Cloth


Step 1:
Go to the supply shed and fetch a "raw" bota.. remember they are really bladders saved from various animals killed by the Masters.. prior to being stored they have been boiled and sterilized to remove any bacteria or other harmful substances.. {Alternate method: Get leather from the storage and sew it together carefully, using waxed thread to ensure it does not leak. If this method is used, skip step 2 and go directly to step 3.}

Step 2:
Lay the bota on a large flat rock.. take another rock.. or a blunt stick.. and very carefully rub until the material is soft and pliant.. use some force but take care not to tear and ruin the skin..

Step 3:
You need to carve a stopper to fit the opening of the bladder.. use a piece of horn from the supply shed for this.. remember you must have permission from a Free to use anything sharp.. it may be as simple or as ornate as you wish..

Step 4:
Use dyes to color the softened botas.. teleknit for red.. perhaps tea-dying for shades of brown.. another possibility would be use some of the pottery paints to decorate the bota..

Step 5:
Take the finished botas back to the storage shed, hang them for future use and clean up your work area..

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