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20/08/2003: Rob Eustace reviews Germ Free Adolescents by X-Ray Spex. Joel reviews the Daniel Patrick Quinn albums The Winter Hills and Jura (now that didn't take a while...better late than never, hey?), and Ian Allcock has come up with another Talk Talk review: Laughing Stock.
On another note: Sam Ulward is desperately looking for another Webmaster, as I'll be too busy to handle it from September 1st onwards. If you know a tiny little bit about HTML, you already know more than enough to do these updates. If you don't want this site to die out, please leave me a message. Hopefully we will find someone...and soon!

04/08/2003: A couple reviews from Rob Eustace this week: The Smiths' The Smiths, and The Stranglers' No More Heroes and Black and White. Ian has another Cocteau Twins review with Heaven or Las Vegas, and starts reviewing Talk Talk: Spirit of Eden.

27/11/2003: Long time no update, but here we are again: Rob Eustace reviews something with an insanely long title by T. Rex and IV RATTUS NORVEGICUS by the Stranglers. Ian continues with the Cocteau Twins and reviews Treasure. Federico is also back with a Van Morrison review (Astral Weeks). Neal reviews a best of by the Box Tops and, finally, Bryan Jackson reviews Metallica's Reload.

11/07/2003: Yet another new reviewer, Rob Eustace comes in and immediately reviews a bunch of stuff: Deep Purple's Deep Purple, George Harrison's All things Must Pass, Electric Light Orchestra's self-titled debut and ELO II. Ian Allcock continues with his Cocteau Twins reviews and tackles Head over Heels, and The Moon and the Melodies. And it's probably no surprise that Neal has another review ready with Kasey Chambers's Barricades and Brickwalls.

04/07/2003: Updates might be scarce during the summer months, but I'll definitely try to do them once a week, usually before the weekend. Anyways, for today's update we see Joel introducing another one of his favorite songs, this time it's an Uncle Sid song, called Frenzy. Neal is *still* the most prolific of Sam Ulward reviewers. He reviews No Cities Left by the Dears and Once Upon A Time-The Singles by Siouxsie and the Banshees. And, yet again, we have a new reviewer with Bryan Jackson who reviews Metallica's Load. In another note, SU has been contacted by 2 minor record labels, so expect reviews of the CDs we got from them over the next couple of weeks. Have a great weekend!

30/06/2003: Sorry for the late update, but what can you do, hey? Anyways, Neal reviews Flipper's Sex Bomb Baby. Ian Allcock reviews 3 Cocteau Twins albums: Garlands, Victorialand, and Blue Bell Knoll. And Jim Jagger reviews Surf's Up by the Beach Boys. A couple of comments too: for Jethro Tull right here, and Slipknot right here...good to know there are so many articulate people around....

17/06/2003: Massive update today! Before he went on holiday, Oleg left us with 2 more Phish reviews: Hampton Comes Alive and Farmhouse. Ratko reviews a ton of new stuff: Helloween's KEEPER OF THE SEVEN KEYS, PART 1 and PART 2, Halford's Resurrection, Live Insurrection, and Crucible,, and some revisions of other older stuff: Metallica, Eminem, Slipknot and his own introduction. Neal, in the mean time, remains SU's most faithful reviewer with a Tragically Hip review, and The Raveonettes' Whip it On.

11/06/2003: 4 new reviews from Oleg today, who continues with Phish: A Picture of Nectar, A live one, Billy Breathes and Slip Stitch and Pass.

07/06/2003: The Mighty Oleg is (finally) back and reviews Phish: Junta! And Joel reviews one of his favorite songs, the Go-Betweens' "Two Steps, Step Out".

06/06/2003: Small update today: Shaun D. reviews Tool's Opiate.

05/06/2003: A big update today, with Neal reviewing the Hip's Road Apples and Regurgitator's Unit, and Shaun D. continuing with no less than 4 Primus reviews: Suck on This, Frizzle Fry, Miscellaneous Debris, and Sailing the Seas of Cheese, and a review of a band called Abramelin, or something like that...

02/06/2003: Sam Ulward is proud to introduce a brand new reviewer: Shaun D. His first review is of Primus's Pork Soda! Joel does a comeback with 2 Eliza Carthy reviews: The Kings of Calicutt and Rice. Also everyone check out the brand new WRC forum!!

28/05/03: After quite a long period of silence, I'm back....but where have the reviewers gone to now?? I'd expected a *ton* of new reviews, instead there's only the ever busy Neal who continues with his Muffs reviews: Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow and Hamburger. Joel and Neal also introduce a couple of there favorite songs! Get your asses into gear, reviewers!

16/05/03: And yet agains more Muffs from Neal: Happy Birthday to Me. Also a short note to say that this will be probably the last update in a week to 10 days or so from me. So reviewers: keep on writing so that I have something from you all by then!

14/05/03: More Muffs today from Neal: Blonder and Blonder.

13/05/03: With finals and exams for most of our reviewers, Neal still remains the most active of them all....great way to blow off some steam, Neal! Check out his review of The Muffs' self-titled debut.

10/05/03: Neal remains Canada's main music ambassador, and reviews Jane Siberry's No Borders Here. Wonder whether he also has one of them T-Shirts with the "I am Canadian" slogan? ;)

09/05/03: Ruth is back and continues with her Badly Drawn Boy reviews (Have you fed the fish?). She is also the first to review the grand Johnny Cash at SU with her review of American IV: The Man Comes Around..

08/05/03: Another short one today: Neal's review of You am I's Dress Me Slowly... If I didn't know any better, I'd say that the SU-rs are slacking!

06/05/03 Short update today: only Neal's new review of the Hoodoo Gurus' Crank.

04/05/03 It's been a while, but here is Richard again, with new stuff for Frank Zappa's page (an introduction and a review of Freak Out), and with a presentation of one of his favorite songs, Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water. Neal is clearly on a roll, because here's yet another review from his, this time of Wayne Shorter's Footprints Live.

02/05/03 Sam Ulward presents its 2nd new reviewer in as many weeks! Rounds of applause go to the wonderful Ruth McNerlan, who made her WRC debut over at Adrian's Album Reviews with a couple of excellent Tim Buckley reviews. Today she's here with 2 Badly Drawn Boy reviews: The Hour of Bewilderbeast and About a Boy! Neal, on the other hand, has discovered another brand new band to check out, and reviews Heart, by Stars.

01/05/03 Joel reviews all folk favorite Eliza Carthy, Oleg re-introduces himself, and Neal comes back with a review of Up The Bracket by the Libertines! Also a small message to the reviewers: if you go here, you'll see I've redone the templates a bit.

30/04/03 The Mighty Oleg reviews The Strokes, and Jim "you'll never guess where I got my name" Jagger reviews Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. Not related to this at all: you might start to see minor changes to the site's layout in the next couple of weeks. Moreover, the other Mighty Man Adrian is busy with a conversion of the rating system... both of these jobs are quite tedious, so please bear with us, and check back on a regular basis!

28/04/03 The notorious Jim Jagger strikes again with a controversial review (or not?) of The Clash's Sandinista. Meanwhile, Oleg has started on the Red Hot Chili Peppers, continues with Oasis, and rewrites some Jefferson Airplane, while Bryan goes all out for Iron Maiden!

27/04/03 Oleg's new Jefferson Airplane reviews (Crown of Creation , Bless its Pointed Little Head, and Live at the Fillmore East) are there for all the world to read... More reviews to come really soon, so stay with me, this is my very first time!

25/04/03 Sam Ulwards make absolutely no apologies and even proudly present their latest reviewer, a man notorious within the WRC, a Mr Jim Jagger. The one and very same 'Jim' from Music Babble 'fame' and current and quite possibly permanent exile. Anyways, here's a review, written by him of The Soft Parade by The Doors.

21/04/03 Oleg reviews After Bathing At Baxter's and Richard goes off to see Jethro Tull live in Moscow and reports on the concert right here

14/04/03 Sorry for the lateness of the update! The more reviews are uploaded, though - or what do you say about an introduction plus two reviews (Takes Off and Surrealistic Pillow) by Jefferson Airplane plus by Renaissance PLUS The Masterplan by Oasis, all from Oleg, PLUS a review of Gentle Giant's Three Friends by Richard?

06/04/03 Ratko returns by re-writing two of his Metallica reviews and also reviewing Italian metal favourites Rhapsody, with their Power Of The Dragonflame

01/04/03 Neal reviews Whitechocolatespaceegg by Liz Phair, plus Discosis by Bran Van 3000.

26/03/03 Richard Vasily reviews From Her To Eternity by Nick Cave.

23/03/03 Huge update today! First of all, there's a new feature up on the site: The Some Songs section! The page is meant to consist of rather detailed takes on the reviewers' favourite (or LEAST favourite) songs, and it's meant to contain an awful lot of songs. Just wait a couple of years. Anyway and anyhow, Joel reviews two Daniel Fjäll EPs (Honest But Modest and Tramps Like Us) and Oleg does Tramps Like Us, Joel also reviews Mr. Mama's first demo, and Neal airs his opinions about Time Out by The Dave Brubeck Quartet, just as well as he reviews another Tragically Hip album, Up To Here. Furthermore, Oleg reviews three Smashing Pumpkins albums, just as well as Be Here Now by Oasis and, at last, Ashes Are Burning by Renaissance. Phew, that took the whole night! I'll go for some breakfast and then for some sleep, see you around noontime!

17/03/03 Today, Neal will mostly be reviewing The Tragically Hip and Oleg will be handing out another Smashing Pumpkins review. Which one? Why, it's Siamese Dream!

12/03/03 Two old-timers happily return to SU today. Richard reviews two Gentle Giant albums, namely Gentle Giant and Acquiring The Taste with fellow old timer Ayoze García reviewing Hitting The Ground by Gordan Gano. In other news, Neal reviews Bone Machine by Tom Waits and Oleg reviews Definitely Maybe and (What's The Story) Morning Glory? by that Oasis band.

09/03/03 The Hoodoo Gurus Mars Needs Guitars and Scratching Post's This Time It's Personal are reviewed by Neal. Meanwhile, Oleg tackles another Renaissance album, Prologue.

02/03/03 Renaissance see their first two albums, one titled Renaissance and one titled Illusion reviewed by the mighty Oleg. Neal reviews Irish rockers ASH and also reviews Leonard Cohen's Ten New Songs.

27/02/03 That prolific group Various Artists get reviewed by Neal with Metropolitan Soul Presents Soul Allnighter and Oleg reviews a System Of A Down album titled Steal This Album. Don't do it though. It's bad!

25/02/03 Neal sees that the Tom Waits page is ever growing with a review of Rain Dogs and also reviews Julie Dorion and the Wooden Stars. So, there!

21/02/03 Brand new SU review Jed Wiki reviews Animals by Pink Floyd. Neal reviews, of all things, Nimrod by Green Day! And, as if this wasn't already enough, Oleg reviews The Stone Roses and Second Coming by The Stone Roses, of course.

19/02/03 Joel does some Nick Drake re-writing, first two albums, actually. Neal reviews Sabbaths Master Of Reality and Oleg gets ignored in his request that The Smiths go on the Odds & Sods page, so they get their own page. With just the one review, but we'll work on that! So, yes, Oleg reviews The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths!

16/02/03 The Pat Metheny Group gets a review from Neal, the very same Neal who also reviews Closing Time by Tom Waits!

13/02/03 Big Oleg Talking Heads update! He reviews Speaking In Tongues, Stop Making Sense, Little Creatures, True Stories and Naked.

11/02/03 Oleg reviews Remain In Light by Talking Heads and Neal reviews Pollyanna's Hello Halo.

9/02/03 Three Talking Heads albums are reviewed by Oleg, namely '77, More Songs About Buildings And Food and Fear Of Music

4/02/03 Oleg finishes off U2 with reviews of their second Best Of also reviewing All That You Can't Leave Behind. And as if that wasn't already enough, Neal reviews Mouse Of Mars charmingly titled Vulvaland.

3/02/03 Sam Ulwards latest web-master, a tireless devoted guy in the face of no payment or kudos, uploads and sorts out AN ENTIRE oleg re-written Dream Theater page, and nobody thanks him. More reviews tomorrow, guys!

29/01/03 Apologies for the lateness of the update. To make up for it, SU founder Federico has a review of the Traffic album John Barleycorn Must Die and our newest reviewer Neal has a review of The Go Go's VH1 Behind The Music

23/01/03 Pop by U2 is reviewed by the mighty Oleg and Neal Grovesnor 'tackles' some Mule Variations.

19/01/03 Zooropa by U2 and Original Soundtracks 1 by their offshoot Passengers are both reviewed by Oleg.

15/01/03 The Replacements Let It Be is reviewed by Neal Grosvenor and Oleg does U2s first Best Of compilation and also reviews Achtung Baby

12/01/03 The Joshua Tree and Rattle And Hum are reviewed by Oleg.

09/01/03 Two Josh Clayton Felt records, Spirit Touches Ground and Inarticulate Nature Boy are reviewed by Joel and Oleg reviews Under A Blood Red Sky, The Unforgettable Fire and Wide Awake In America by that U2 band.

07/01/03 The Replacements Hootenanny is reviewed by brand new SU reviewer Neal Grosvenor.

05/01/03 Oleg reviews the first three U2 albums Boy, October and War.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Sam Ulwards Reviews is undergoing a process of changing over from one rating system to another rating system. Please bear with us. It should be obvious which pages are using which system for the moment, but all pages will be eventually using the new system. For further details, see the ratings criteria page from the main SU index.

03/01/03 Oleg reviews The Beach Boys TODAY! And he's also sent a load of U2 reviews, which will be winging their merry way to a Sam Ulward page near you.... SOON!

02/01/03 Howard Kelly reviews The Final Countdown by Europe.

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