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Jamie Anthony

Daniel Fjšll

Ayoze GarcŪa

Neal Grovesnor

Ratko Hribar

Joel Larsson

Federico Marcon

Gianni Martinelli

Oleg Sobolev

Vasily Zavorochayev

Sergey Zhilkin

Jamie Anthony

Hello! I'm Jamie. I was born in 1981, which makes me 21 at the time of writing this. I was born in Alberta, Canada, but have lived in Scotland since I was about 2, and all my family are Scots, so I generally consider myself Scottish. I'm currently at university, studying engineering. Oh, and I'm male (in case you're one of those weird people who think "Jamie" is a girl's name).

Non music-related:

Sheesh...well I love films about as much as music. Do I like music more than films, or films more than music? Urgh, the old question. Nah, I'd probably choose music over film. Favourite film? Apocalypse Now!! Genius.
I also like reading: sci-fi/fantasy, the occasional blast of gritty modern- life drama, I force myself to sit through those boring (well, not always boring, obviously) classics from time to time, and a wee bit of poetry...My favourite author is probably Tolkien (I'm a geek, sue me).


Aha! The important part. OK, I guess I'll start with some kind of "all-time favourite albums" thingy. 
Here goes:

(all of it is subject to change, with time)
1. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
2. Nick Drake - Bryter Layter
3. Talking Heads - Remain In Light
4. The Snow Goose - The Snow Goose
5. King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic
6. REM - Murmur
7. Brian Eno - Another Green World
8. Genesis - Nursery Cryme
9. Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick
10. Love - Forever Changes
11. Can - Future Days
12. The Moody Blues - In Search Of The Lost Chord
13. The Who - Quadrophenia
14. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
15. U2 - The Joshua Tree
16. Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene
17. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III
18. Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
19. Yes - Close To The Edge
20. The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street

Something like that, anyway...I hate making lists like these because I always miss out loads of my favourites, so put it this way: I am fond of TONS of different artists, styles and genres: from 60's psychedelic to 90's electronic, 80's indie to 70's Prog, folk to jazz, classical to pop, avantegarde to hard rock...I think there's more to be gained from looking for something to like about music than looking for something to dislike. Of course, that certainly doesn't mean it's wrong to dislike things. I can't stand rap/hip- hop, club/dance, novelty MTV punk, teeny-pop, hair-metal...and some other stuff. You'll find out more in my reviews, I guess. There's so much music in the world, there's plenty like (or dislike). If you want to e-mail me, then my address is [email protected].

Daniel Fjšll

Hi! Iím Daniel. Pleased to meet you. I always find it hard to talk about myself so writing this presentation is by no means an easy task. I give it a shot anyway.

So, my name is Daniel and was born in Sweden in the great year of 1982 that brought us some fantastic music, such as Phil Collins' Hello I Must Be Going and Iggy Popís Zombie Birdhouse. Well, at least Press To Play or Saved wasnít released.

Anyhoo, I discovered music when I was about 8 years old. Sure, I had always enjoyed music before that, singing along and dancing to whatever was on the radio, but it was around this time my obsession with music slowly began. First I listened a lot to Roxette and then dug into my dadís record collection and found an Elvis Presley record as well as a few Beach Boys albums. The surfing boys and the truck driver were now constantly played on my little cassette deck. Well, until me and my family went on holiday. We had rented a little cabin in the woods. Only problem was that the house wasnít very well taken care of. Rats have been running around inside, and even leaving small little gifts on the plates and other things most people like to keep clean.
I spent the first night in the car. I looked around and found a tape and put in my Walkman. The first song was Back In The USSR. I instantly loved that song as well as a few other songs on the tape, including Rock & Roll Music. At the age of nine, the Beatles had entered my life.

The Beatles were without a doubt my favourite group from the age of nine up to I was about fourteen. I had bought all their albums, I even picked up the guitar to learn to play the songs too. So, Iím in school practising and some girl walk by and say: you wouldnít happen to know Tears In Heaven? I blushed and answered that I was sorry, but no. I havenít even heard of it. More and more people talked about this song called Tears In Heaven so finally I had to look it up. I found out that the artist was a guy named Eric Clapton. I recognised the name immediately, since I knew a thing or two about the Beatles and it is impossible to read about the Beatles and George Harrison without Ericís name showing up. Anyway, a cousin of mine lent me Ericís Unplugged album. It took a while for it to sink in, and that didn't happen until after I saw Eric on the telly playing a solo that was just marvellous. Now I was stuck.

Later I also got into Bob Dylan. It was just something about him that was irresistible. I had picked up both his Unplugged album and At Budokan, but I never learned to appreciate them until I got Time Out of Mind. I really donít know why I bought that album. I pretty much hated the other two I had. But still I got Bobís latest album. Iím very happy for that now.

As the years went on I had my little trio, that no group could ever break. At least that was what I thought.

I had gotten all of Eric Claptonís albums, all his work with the Dominos, Cream, Blind Faith and John Mayall. I even had gotten around to track down around 50 bootlegs. So where to next? Thatís right, Eric did work a lot with other artists, one of them was Roger Waters.

When I picked up Pros & Cons of Hitch-Hiking I had no idea of who this guy was, all I knew was that he once was a member of some band called Pink Floyd. Soon I realised that Waters sure was great too. The next week I went out and bought Dark Side of The Moon and Wish You Were Here. Pink Floyd now had expanded the trio to a quartet.

So that brings us pretty much up to date. Some other groups I have gotten into, but won't threaten to put down any of those four previously mention artists from my top list are:

Bruce Springsteen
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Beach Boys/Brian Wilson
Neil Young
Elton John
Dire Straits
The Who
Simon & Garfunkel

I see that the others have done some lists. Well, hereís mine:

Favourite guitarists:

Eric Clapton
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Brian May
Mark Knopfler
Jeff Beck

Favourite bassists:

Paul McCartney
Nathan East
Marcus Miller
Carl Radle
Jack Bruce

Favourite drummers:

Phil Collins
Keith Moon
Ring Starr
Jim Gordon

Favourite vocalists:

Paul McCartney
John Lennon
Bob Dylan
Roger Waters
Robert Plant
Bruce Springsteen
Elton John
Eric Clapton

Top 5 albums ever

The Beatles - Sgt Pepper
Bob Dylan Ė Highway 61 Revisited
Pink Floyd Ė The Final Cut
Derek & The Dominos Ė Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs
The Beach Boys Ė Pet Sounds

If you would like to e-mail me you can reach me at: [email protected]. I guess thatís it for now. See ya!

Ayoze GarcŪa

Yeah, that's my name. I'm a 19-years-old-Spanish-student of journalism. In the future, I hope to work on the radio or reviewing music (man, what a cool job!). Music is a great source of inspiration in my life. I play the piano and am a frustated bass player. You'd be hard pressed to find a person with a worst sense of rhythm than me, though. Long ago, my parents bought a Beatles compilation, it made me appreciate rock music and saved me from Phil Collins, Michael Jackson and the like. Then, I listened to Paul McCartney (my favourite Beatle) and Elvis Costello (I knew of him because of his collaborations with Macca on Flowers On The Dirt), but it was Zappa's Freak Out what finally opened my mind. Nowadays, I listen to many things, from funk to progressive rock (mostly King Crimson), but I can't stand heavy metal (it's so insincere and dull) and punk (I've yet to recover from the disappointment that for me was London Calling). However, Television and Sleater-Kinney are pretty good, and I kinda like one or two Deep Purple tunes. Of course, I love the music of the late sixties and early seventies, but just don't believe in the "rock died in 1975" myth: there were many terrific New Wave bands at the end of the seventies, there were King Crimson and XTC in the eighties, even now there's some great music being made, but you've got to dig very, very deep, you'd never guess it watching the MTV. I like music to be imaginative, to move me in some way. IMHO, W&A are the best reviewers in the web, and George Starostin is the most talented writer. Oh, and I hate Bruce Springsteen. That's probably all you need to know for now.

Comments, hatemail, etc. can be sent to [email protected]

Neal Grosvenor

Hi I'm Neal and I was born March 16, 1974 in Toronto, Canada. I really enjoy films and books but my main area of interest is music. I guess you could say I went through different periods of listening habits to get to the point I am at now, but most of those periods have stayed with me. As a youngster, and like most "children of the 80s" I listened to top 40 1980s pop and probably know more about one hit wonders of that era than I should. Although, even as a 10 year old, I knew Duran Duran were not as cool as the Beatles. I have my uncle to thank for this, who gave me a copy of the "Red" album of Beatles' greatest hits when I was around 7.

As I hit high school my taste started to gravitate towards the gloomy mope rock of Joy Division and the Smiths. Initially, I liked New Order better than Joy Division because they were poppier, but came to appreciate Ian Curtis and friends later on. I also went through a metal faze, which I'm convinced at 28 I'm still going through. Back then it was Guns N Roses and Metallica, now it's System of a Down and the Deftones. What's the difference? Late through high school I got into more classic rock like Zeppelin and Sabbath and late 80s alternative like the Pixies and the Replacements. Also, when Nirvana hit with "Nevermind" it prompted me to explore the American "underground" more closely.

Onward into university I began to appreciate electronic and jazz music more, as well as classical. Alternative radio in Canada was taking a shift for the worse, following the American cue of formatting the so called "commercial alternative" genre and to this day thrives by overplaying generic hard rock such as Creed or Nickleback. But as a music lover, I'm not one to spend much time slagging music I don't like. "Whatever wanks your crank" is generally my motto. During university I began to fall in love with brilliant songwriters such as Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, as well as brilliant jazz artists such as Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock.

These days I'm currently buying, borrowing, taping, downloading music and listen to whatever I can get my hands on. Recently, I've taken an interest in mining old soul music from the vaults of Motown and other old soul and blues labels such as Chess and Brunswick. Also, I've been listening to more experimental ambient electronic stuff. So far, what I've heard fascinates me.

Anyway, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Ratko Hribar

Hello there, whoever you are! I suspect you came here looking for some personal info about yours truly, am I right? Well, tough! You wont get any! Okay, maybe not exactly «any», but you wont get much. Probably the most important thing about me is where I'm from, as it is a somewhat exotic place for most people. I'm from Croatia, and for those of you scratching your heads wondering where the hell that is, I'll save you the trouble. Pull out your world map and look a little east of Italy, and right there, on the other side of the Adriatic sea, you should find Croatia, or, depending on how old your map is, Yugoslavia. Anyway, I think I should point out that I have a fairly limited knowledge of English (partially because I had to learn German in school – which didn't pay off anyway), so have patience with me. I am getting pretty skilled in English by now, I gotta admit, but it's not exactly perfect yet. What else can I say about me? Well, I was born in 1983 which makes me 20 years old at the moment, and believe me, my reviewing skills are just as poor like they were some two years ago when I first started reviewing for this site (yeah, well, not exactly two years, more like 1,5). I suppose I should give you some basic info on what kind of artists I like, but that changes every so often so I don't really see the point.

So what are my criteria for rating music like? Hmm.. I don't know, it depends on the type of music, really. For example in hard rock or heavy metal I don't necessarily put emphasis on originality, adequacy or diversity. Let's face it, that's not what that music's all about. So for them I suppose the music should be at least professionally played and it would be helpful if they had a solid singer. Other than that they can rip-off however they want, if they make it sound good or at least tolerable. The main point would be that I have to be either moved or entertained by the stuff they play, but in a way which doesn't offend my brain cells (in other words, if they sound like a Spinal Tap parody I'll most likely be entertained but I'll shred the band in question to pieces anyway).

Eh, and on a side note, if you're offended by something I wrote in my reviews please do remember that it wasn't my intention to insult fans of certain bands or even the band in question. I'll probably say a few offensive remarks about some artists (post-Gillan Sabbath immediately springs to mind) but that does not mean I don't think they were still a decent band, it's just that I think they were poor songwriters and added close to nothing to the Sabbath legacy. After all, my only intention is to give some more or less objective comments on the work of some artists, and whatever I write here wont have any impact on either the band or their fans.

Joel Larsson

Hi! I'm Joel! 
Right, I was born in Januray 1987, in Sweden, yeah, which makes me 15 when writing this. My mom died back when I was little, dad got remarried, and today I'm lucky enough to have two little brothers, Axel and Nils. I'm afraid I can't give you an adequate explanation of my musical development, it's a really irrational saga, but the day I got away from HM was back in the 5th form, and I accidently got King Crimson's Red, and I've done my best to widen my horizons as much as possible since that day, instead of developing into certain artists, which often makes my number of reviews on any artist pretty inadequate and often non-chronological, which bugs me a lot. I count on that I'll stop get into new groups somewhere around the age of 25-30, though, so I'll begin to get deeper into the bands I know then. It's only fifteen years till then, you can wait, can't you? :-)

Well, I play both the double and the electric bass, and I'd like to get better on the guitar as well, but I just don't have time! Anyways, I also love taking small trips on my bike, a lovely retro-thingy which I'll chrome this summer. A bike consisting of only chrome would rule. Another really fun thing is to go paddling kayak. I do this far too seldom, though. Well, as you might've noticed, I'm a guy who likes being outside. I like spending the evenings with the computer, though, so I'm not always Mr. Healthy Guy. Another of my lower points is that I dig old US cars from the 50's (gotta buy either a Chevy or Olds '58 or a Cad Biarritz '59 some day!). 

An interesting thing about me is that I was the first reviewer Federico ever signed, which I believe should earn me some respect! (unserious! unserious! But really, I feel quite much for this site.)

Alright, and then we come to the part of my life which mostly consists of listening to music. Music rules. Well, I guess it was some time around the late 4th/early5th grade when I started like HM, inspired by a SNES game called "Rock'n'roll Racing". At that time, I got myself albums by Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Judas Priest and whichever HM band there might be. Via a "rock lexicon", though, I got familiar with rock band of any kind (at least on the informational level) and a certain group called King Crimson seemed quite interesting, and as mentioned, I got Red and I've since then been in love with prog. That doesn't cancel my interests in other genres, though, right now I'm trying to get as many Weather Report and Nick Drake albums as possible rather than trying to get, say, Yes or Genesis. It feels as if I've, um, well, sort of feels as if I've milked the whole prog genre, and I want variation. Just some weeks ago (when writing this some day in early May '02) I got almost the whole Divine Comedy discography, and they're a British 90's indie band. Well, I can dig almost anything, it's the quality, not the genre, that determines if something is good or not, isn't it? Examples of stuff I DON'T like is Eminem, King Diamond, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and other stuff which is either horribly commercial, spokesmen of violence, satanic dudes and other rather unhospitable stuff. One more thing is that I usually don't like HM in general. I mean, I do dig LedZep, Purple and Sabbath, plus some Judas Priest, but other than that, I just don't give much of a shit about HM. I guess I've grown tired of it.

You may mail me at [email protected].

Federico Marcon/Sam Ulward

Well, I think it's the time for you to know me. My real name is not Sam Ulward but Federico Marcon. I was born in Padua, a little town near to Venice (it's the second most important city of the region after Venice) in 1981 and now I live in a little flat in the suburb. After primary school and three years of secondary school, when I was 14 I choose to attend to "classical lyceum": a school in which, apart for the usual subjects like maths, physics and italian, I studied also old greek, latin, philosophy, history and english (the last not very well I admit). After five years in this school I took the "diploma" and now I'm attending, in the University Of Padua (, the second university founded in Europe, to the Faculty of Physics (I'm just at the first year). My main interests are concentrated on the scientific and literary side: some of my favourite authors are G. Leopardi, Dante Alighieri, F. Nietzsche, I. Kant, R. Feymann, L. Carrol and H.P. Lovecraft. But this list is not exaustive; in fact I tend to be an ecletist and I like a lot of other authors: it may seems funny to read but I like everything intelligent (none thinks to appreciate stupid things, sure, but I mean to say that everything that shows the geniality of the author, innovative features and new philosophical ideas, deep senses and technical perfection is very enjoyable). What I want to say is that for me beauty is for 90% objective, and with the term "beauty" I indicate not only the aesthetical side, but the term itself, for me, has also an inner meaning (for example if Caravaggio - about his technical skills of painter I hope nobody wants to disagree - didn't put so many meanings in his operas, so many ideas, for me he would not be so beautifull as he is). For these reason I'm ready to recognize all human genius in all courts, from art to literature, from science to philosophy. And in music too; for all the causes I've talked about I particularly like the music of the 60's, because I think it's more original and intelligent than any other; I don't think that nowadays music is stupid (err... I'm not so sure of this statement) but it's a rip-off of the music of the 60's: all the sounds I hear today, I can find on my cd collection, and none album is after the 1975 (or better, very very few). But if you want more information read about my musical creed. Uhm, there's not so much to say about me so... wait until "10 years got behind" me, and this section will grow !

My musical creed:

- I'm an eclectic, I like all the musical genres.

- I particularly like the music of the 60's/70's because it sounds more original and fresh.

- Intelligent lyrics are one of the most important features I consider: good lyrics can improve the quality of a so-so music.

- I hate all the generic contemporary pop music: a thing I can't stand is to hear trite and already-heard stuff (originality is much more important than a lot of other things like musical skills: I hate the bands that rely only on virtuosity -for the sake of virtuosity- like most of the modern heavy metal or bands like Deep Purple; this is not to mean I dislike the virtuosos).

- When rock tries to be art and intelligent (like Procol Harum, Pink Floyd and Beatles) it makes me the happiest man in the world.

- I hate in a very particular way all the "alternative" music, punk rock in first line; when I say alternative I mean all those song in which lyrics we have phrases like "...they ruin the nature...", "shock and fuck the system", " free from the system...", " bussinessman, you can't dress like me..." and similar, you know. Who are those Mr. Bussinessmen or THEY?!?! I seem to be very formulaic, but this creed works well if you want to hit the surface of my musical creed; if you want to go deeper... read my reviews!

Gianni Martinelli

Hi, everybody! My name is Gianni. I'm Italian, I was born October 9 1980 (exactly 40 years after John Lennon) in Rome, where I still live. I'm studying to become a journalist at LUMSA University.

I love Stanley Kubrick. I love Stephen King too. So, everytime there's "Shining" on TV I throw the phone out of the window together with the key of my bedroom door!
I have no sister, I have no brother, but I love with all my heart my best friends, Sara and Matteo. They both play with me in our little rock'n'roll band, Schwein. You can visit our web-site (with pictures of us all):
my personal page is:

I'd give my life for:

- my friends
- my freedom
- my guitar
- my CD collection
- AS ROMA, my football team


Three albums changed my life:
1. IMAGINE made me fall in love with John Lennon, The Beatles and rock
2. LAYLA AND OTHER ASSORTED LOVE SONGS made me fall in love with blues-
rock, Eric Clapton and electric guitar.
3. LET IT BLEED made me understand a lot of things, But I just couldn't name
a single one. It's just the greatest album I've ever listened to.

My favourite bands are:

1) The Beatles
2) Pink Floyd
3) The Rolling Stones

My favourite music genre is blues-rock.

You can mail me at
[email protected].

 See ya!

Oleg Sobolev

Hey there!

My name is Oleg and Iím the most productive reviewer of the site. No, Iím not boasting or anything Ė ask anybody and they tell you I am the most productive reviewer of the site. Actually, I fear I WAS the one, because now Neal and Jim had appeared and can gimme a challenge.

Speaking about myself, I was born in 1988 in St Petesburg, Russia (that time it was called Leningrad) and from the age of four or so months Iíve been living in Murmansk, also Russia. If you look at you Russia map, you can probably find my city if you look somewhere near Finland and Scandinavia. Yup, thatís where Iím living.

When it comes to music, Iím open-minded. I can listen to everything, if only ďeverythingĒ is good. I hate boring music, but so does everyone, so itís no surprise. I also want my music to be imaginative. My fave bands are The Beach Boys, The Who, Genesis, The Stone Roses and Jethro Tull, so it says it all. Iím cool.

So, ok, itís all you should know about me to read my reviews or something. If you wanna, e-mail me to ask more. But I hope you wonít.

Oleg's email address: [email protected]

Vasily Zavorochayev

NAME: Vasiliy (or Richard - I'm russian only on quarter, I've got yet bloods of finnish, german and jewish).
THE DAY OF MY LIFE'S BEGINNING is the 24th of July (1979).
SPECIALITY - Chemical Engineer (I work in industrial company - "PIK-Technology").

I prefer intellectual musical styles (I hear it from 1988): art-rock, psychedely, jazz-fusion (since 1999), classics; also I like hard-rock, blues... I'm sick of commercial music (particularly of russian-pop-scene, it's the SHITEST SHIT!) that I can hear on TV, radio and in the streets; also I hate rap, techno and these primitive alternative bands! Also my little mind can't understand music of bands that play death, black, thrash, hardcore, grindcore, schrindcore, cfrthindcore and these lot of "dcores", I can't find a real difference between these styles. Maybe I'm a little stupid fool...

To my opinion, THE BEATLES is the Greatest Band of all spaces and times. Their SERGEANT PEPPER, MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR, WHITE 2LP-ALBUM and ABBEY ROAD are the beginnings of Progressive Rock. Almost all of Progressive Rockers (Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Procol Harum, Manfred Mann, Elton John, even Hammill and Zappa and a lot of others) ever improved ideas of Beatles. Of course, Beatles isn't the most serious, phylosophical band, they weren't instrumental monsters (though McCartney is strong bass-guitarist), but they were the 1st producers of unequal musical spirit.


I play music too. When I was a student I was playing in bands (lead vocal, guitar, sometimes bass, keyboards).
I can play all songs of BEATLES, STONES and a lot of my favorite bands' songs.

My favorite music-players:

Keyboards - Lord, Wakeman, Banks, Tippett, Corea, Mann.
Drums - Brufford, Mitchell, Paice, Cobham, Bonham,Bozzio, Collins, White, Kretzmann.
Winds - Ian Anderson, Jackson, Pankow, Mell Collins, Loughlane, from ROXY MUSIC (forgot his surname).
Bass - Squire, Levin, Waters, Giezer Butler, Glover, Wetton, Thain, Lake.
Guitars: Hendrix, Howe, Fripp, Blackmore, Barre, May, McLaughlin, Beck, Knopfler, Rodgers.
Vocals - J.Anderson, Hammill, Gabriel, Jagger, Mercury, Gillan, Plant.

Apart from music I like phylosophy, psycology, history, geography, theatre and other arts, good vines and sport - mountains, tennis and football (I was the captain of institute's team).

Sergey Zhilkin

Hi, my name is Sergey Zhilkin. I come from Russia, Moscow. I was born on 28 of May in 1985 in the capital of my country and I'm rather proud of this. What else do you want to hear? Right now I'm first year student of Moscow Engineering Physical Institute and my faculty deals with computers and net security, though I will start studying these things only on third year of my education.

Right now I'm living with my mother who got divorced last year because my father found someone better. Actually, I enjoy my life - there's no father to control my musical tastes and my mother is very democratic at this question. Also as you may know, Russia is a place where the average cost of CD is somewhere around 3 dollars so I use to buy much music during week (about 5 albums per week). Somehow, I got a bit addicted to good music - it helps me to concentrate and think better so I always do my homework with music turned on.

I became a collaborator on this site (I'm the third Russian, by the way!) mainly because of Oleg Sobolev (a great guy he is!) who kindly invited me to write some reviews. And so I'm here. You may be wondering about my musical tastes so here you are. First of all, I think I have the most classic taste in rock music (only if we count people writing reviews on this site, of course) so most of my reviews will deal with classic to the core bands like Rolling Stones, Who, Beatles, Kinks and so on.

Oh, and now I will list the evolution of my knowledge in rock music: at the age of 12 I was listening Beatles. At the age of 15 I was still listening Beatles but soon Paul McCartney came. After a year I decided to pick up Harrison and became his fan after buying 'Cloud nine'. Then there was a short period Queen. Next band I faced was Rolling Stones whose catalog I dug along with Bowie's one. Then came irresistable maestro Bob Dylan, mystic Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits, Cream, Clapton and many others - too hard to list. Other major bands I opened for myself were Who and Pink Floyd (against which I was all my life before). Last summer I managed to find some Kinks in Moscow and became their fan as well. Also there're some minor bands that I like: Pretty things, Ringo Starr and his all-star band, Velvet Underground, Small faces, Roy Wood and Ron Wood. Plus there are some other classic rock that I enjoy but sometimes they are too hard for my tastes - Jethro Tull, Led Zep and King Crimson.

Here's my e-mail in case you suddenly want to write me: [email protected] That's all at the moment. Watch for updates!

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