welcÄme to JÄsxph Àg's HÄmeÃageÒ

  Right now you probably like me but, later on you're gonna love me and, right now you probably want me but, later on you're gonna need me though. Right now you don't like me but, later on you're gonna hate me though. I just got to do me. What ya'll? I'm gonna keep doing my thing.

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  1. Journals
  2. A: Crucible Journal 1

    B: Crucible Act III

    C: Act Summary

  3. Essays
  4. A: Task II

    B: Task III

    C: Task IV

    D: Presidential Polling

    E: William Faulkner

    F: War Feeling

    G: Final (Task III)

    H: Final (Task IV)

  5. Book Âeports
  6. A: Animal Farm

    B: Catcher in the Rye

  7. Creative Writing
  8. A: Crucible Act Two Missing Scene

    B: Proctors' Obituary

    C: Vocabulary Story

    D: Short Story

    E: Child's Point of View

    F: Horror Story

    G: Twentieth Century Rewrite

    H: Abigail's Point of View

  9. Great Gatsby
  10. Homework 1

    Homework 2

    Homework 3

    Homework 4

    Homework 5

    Homework 6

    Homework 7

    Homework 8

    Homework 9

    Project - Timeline (right click on the page and click full screen to zoom in)

    Project-Knowledge on Gatsby

  11. Links

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