Welcome to the Morrowind Appendices, a small project aimed at adding depth to Bethesda Softworks' award winning RPG title, Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind through 'in-character' interviews with players of the game and other character oriented pieces.

Recent News:

12th April 2003 - Many new interviews and one new interviewer! Check out Dar-Tak's Den, which is being maintained by Jonathan (who is also our Forum Admin). Vash has two new interviews, as does Cheese. Expect another update shortly!

16th November 2003 - Two new interviews for Cheese's Corner and three new staff members for The Morrowind Appendices. Vash and Larod will be performing interviews, increasing the speed at which we can perform and process interviews. Vash and Bij will both be working on new walk-ins and articles for the site. We should be having another update within the week.

19th September 2003 - Whoops. Images for interviews with Mather and Bij should now be showing their screenshots correctly, and the notes page should now have the complete listing of interviews. We apologise for the delay.

14th September 2003 - A new interview is online in Cheese's Corner. This time, Cheese is interviewing Bij the Treasure Hunter, an Argonian with a history of stealing *ahem* collecting artefacts.

We're also bringing onboard a new interviewer, but more on that soon.

28th August 2003 - There are several interviews in the works at the moment, and a second interview has been uploaded in Cheese's Corner: Mather the Assassin

12th June 2003 - New site update, and the first addition to the Morrowind Appendices growing list of staff, Josh. Josh will be operating Cheese's Corner, and first on the list of people to be interviewed is Withershyn the Adventurer.

Josh is also working on some of the Morrowind Appendices' walk-ins (as opposed to a walk-through) including House Overviews, Guild Overviews, Clan Overviews, Race Overviews, Skill Overviews, and First Steps in Seyda Neen.

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