As you step into a cave in the Bitter Coast region, you hear strange clicks and hissings that sound like an Argonian cursing in his native tongue. You open the door and a Guar makes its happy purring noise, calling the attention of his owner. "Please, come in..." a slightly hissing voice calls out.

You enter a cave further in to find an Argonian chasing after a rat, and in their mad chase, knocking over and destroying everything in sight. The Argonian draws a Daedric spear and hurls it at the rodent, skewering it to a table leg.

"Please sit down," says the Argonian with a grin. "I apologise for the wait."

Dar-Tak is a level 47 Argonian First Guard, and won't think twice about stabbing you. Repeatedly. In the face. With a rock.


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