Cheese sits patiently, waiting for her next guest to arrive.
"Never trust a thief to arrive on time," she mutters to herself as the sun's last rays leave the upper windows of the Rethan Mannor for the evening.
Larod, a thief whom Cheese had heard of only by reputation in the past slowly walks towards the front door, surveying every point of entry before knocking.
"Come in," says Cheese politely. "The door's unlocked. Don't think about coming back when I'm not home because I'm always here."
Larod enters the room and bows illustriously. "Well, you can't blame me," he says before sitting down.

Cheese: Indeed not. First things first, what was your earliest impression of the island of Vvardenfell?

Larod: Well... It was big. I can't really remember since I had some bad brandy on the way over... I knew I shouldn't have trusted that dang guard...

Cheese: And Vvardenfell is only a part of Morrowind, which is only a part again of the Empire. Tameriel is a big place. After being released from the Census and Excise Offices in Seyda Neen, what was your first major challenge?

Larod: For one thing, finding equipment. Oh, I had a small iron dagger... but I wanted something with some KICK, instead of this flimsy bit of metal... Thankfully, a Imperial guard gave me quite a bit ofthings.

Cheese: Some people have all the luck. I had to live with that dagger until I finally made it to Balmora and Caius gave me enough money to buy something better. So far, who has been the most interesting person you have met in the Morrowind Province?

Larod: Most likely one of the Telvanni... Its the one that lives in Tel Branora... Oh yes! Therana. she was the most interesting one.

Cheese: I'd certainly call her 'interesting'. Almost as interesting as an Orc I once met in a shrine to Sheogorath, who was convinced he was a Khajjit. How do you feel about the slavery policies active in Vvardenfell? What are your opinions on the abolitionist movement?

Larod: I free them because I'm bored, and the Abolitionists are just a bunch of people who free slaves... bah, I'd just prefer to stay home, except for the fact I've got assasins on my tail still... Do you like my armor? its from one of them.

Cheese: Having assassins after you could cause you to lose a lot of sleep. I never really bothered with the Dark Brotherhood's armour. It's nice and light, but when you're wearing glass stuff, it's not as attractive. Just between you and me, you think they'd stop attacking when they saw that you were wearing the first guy's armour, and the last guy's gear is piled up in the corner of the room next to his corpse. Not too bright, are they? What is your view on Vvardenfell's Tribunal of Living Gods?

Larod: I don't think having living gods is good, since they were mortal before they got their powers, and still have mortal weaknesses.

Cheese: Fair enough. In your personal opinion, what do you think happened to the Dwemer Race at the climax of the Battle of Red Mountain?

Larod: They were stupid and got themselves killed. I don't much care one way or the other, but I do like to decorate my vivic home with Dwemer things...

Cheese: To be honest, I think there's a Dwemer collector in all of us. What are your opinions on the actions of Nerevar and his companions after the Battle of Red Mountain?

Larod: ...I don't really know, being a Dunmer from Cyrodiil, and if I did know, its likely slipped from memory because I spent four years in a detestable prison...

Cheese: Those Imperial Prisons are nasty. I've met a few people who think that a free bed and a warm meal isn't that bad, but by the time you get out, you're so rusty you don't even know how to tie your own boots. Where do you like to go when you need to get away from it all?

Cheese: How do you feel about the numerous factions in Vvardenfell? Is there one in particular that you're keen on?

Larod: I like the Thieves guild, because they pay me well when I do jobs, or perhaps Hlaalu... in general, I just hang out... I am a member of the Blades, but I just prefer hanging around... taking expensive things.

Cheese: If you had the ability to bring one thing to the Morrowind Province, what would it be?

Larod: well...thats a tough one. I can't say Morrowind is a nice change, but, maybe I'd bring over a few of the cultural ideas to Morrowind... Like, owning slaves is wrong... you get the idea, right?

Cheese: Where do you like to go when you need to get away from it all?

Larod: Well, that depends, when I'm angry, I go into a dwemer ruin because I can bash a lot of things... also, I tend to enjoy just flying around in the Ascandian Isles area, maybe poking a few mudcrabs with my jinkblade.

Cheese: As do we all. Is there any spot in particular that attracts you?

Larod: Down near Vivic. I've got a nice summer home there, and its within walking distance of a silt strider and boat, so I can go dang near anywhere I want.

Cheese: Fair enough. How do you feel about the Daedra Lords of Tameriel? Are there any encounters that you've had that were particularly interesting?

Larod: Haven't met any, least not that I know.

Cheese: Have you had any encounters with the Vampires of Vvardenfell?

Larod: Well, actually, I haven't. I know where the holds for them ARE, but I'm not about to risk being one of them! I'm not insane...

Cheese: Have you ever been to Solstheim?

Larod: The frozen Wasteland? Not a chance. Nor do I WANT to go there. Too cold.

Cheese: Are there any particularly difficult situations you've been in recently?

Larod: Not many challenges for me, since I go around in an almost complete set of Daedric armor(I choose not to wear a helmet since they all look too gothic for me), and a Daedric Spear.

Cheese: What's the last entry in your journal?

Larod: "8 heartfire (Day 24) Ahnassi is my friend, and will tell me secrets."

Cheese: Did Ahnassi tell you anything in particular?

Larod: Something about a person upstairs in the pub, that the person had a magic belt and worshipped Mehrunes Dagon.

Cheese: Fun. Do you have any words of advice for fellow adventurers?

Larod: Don't carry a lot of junk around. get a house, and stash all the heavy inexpensive loot there. if you carry everything you own, it gets waay heavy after a while. I suggest just taking potions, scrolls, items needed for what your doing, then your armor and weapon.

Cheese: Well, that's about all we have time for this evening, my friend. It's been an enjoyable chat. And no, my collection of Dwemer coins is not for sale, nor for steal.

Larod's Details

Name: Jonathan
Age: N/A
Sex: Male
Location: N/A
Background: (You'd fall asleep)
Platform: PC

Name: Larod
Sex: Male
Race: Dunmer
Class: Thief
Location Vivec
Factions: Blades, Thieves Guild
Highest Faction Rank: Operative
Favourite Weapon: Any small shortblade, But Silver shortswords are nice
Favourite Spell: Levitate
Favourite Book: N/A
Favourite Item: Alchemy things


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