"Hey, whatís this?" a female Redguard said as she prodded at a Hunger. The Hunger stood at its post flinching every now and then as she looked at the creature from every angle, and then finally it pointed down a hall telling her to move one.

"Oh, youíre no fun!" the Redguard said as she walked on, getting stopped by every Daedra/pile of crap she saw along the way.

"Why are all of these lights broken? What are those clanky noises?"

It was as if the Redguard had never lived a day in Morrowind. All of the Daedra eyed her as she passed and snickered under their breath. This was great; she wasnít trying to kill them. She eventually made it to the door of the service tunnel.

Vash looked up from a draft of a dental plan at her visitor.

"Can I help you?" she asked, surprised that she didnít have to get Chika to stop her from wrecking her home.

"Ooooooh, pointy!" the Redguard said as she ran over to Chika began the process of reaching up to prod Chikaís spike goatee. At this, Chika raised a fist and took a step back.

"Hey, pay attention!" Vash said trying to stop the Redguard from bugging Chika.


"No! Leave Chika alone; heís got space issues. Who are you?"

"Oh, that. My nameís Adida."

Vash nodded and dug out some blank papers and an ink well, "You know, I archive stories that people may have. Wanna give it a shot?"

Adida stopped attempting to prod Chikaís many spikes and looked at Vash, "Iím pretty new here; I donít know much."

"Not a problem. We can use this as a newcomerís perspective..."

Vash: Youíre new obviously. Whatís your earliest memory of Vvardenfell?

Adida: It was beautiful. Not many would say that, but they werenít leaving Cyrodiil. Iím not one for staying in one place unless thereís money involved. I left for the greater good and the fattening of my wallet. Then, I tripped. Flat on my face...

Vash: Iíve fallen quite a few times myself... off of mountains. Even though youíre new, is there any food that you like in particular?

Adida: Food. I love it. Eat so much of it I forget to metagame-eat.

Vash: O... kay. Who was the most interesting person youíve met so far?

Adida: Barman, I SWEAR he was there, taking a smoke break.

Vash: *blank stare* How do you feel about Imperial law?

Adida: Imperial pisses me off. But, as long as thereís one guy with his own theme music and a trademark evil laugh, Iíll have fun whoopiní their asses. The guards are pussies. They never have anything good...

Vash: I concur. Who wants to wear a mini skirt? What area in Morrowind has left an impression on you?

Adida: Oblivion.

Vash: ... Whatís your favorite holiday spot?

Adida: The one where Strong Bad draws "Teen Girl Squad"!

Vash: I liked that too! I think that was somewhere up in the Sheogorad area... What do you know about Red Mountain?

Adida: Itís red. Hence the name...

Vash: Yes, the red. What do you think happened to the Dwemer? Why did they just go *poof*?

Adida: Their bodies melted from raving too much in those neon lights.

Vash: *pouts* Whatís wrong with the neon lights...? I like the lights... What are your thoughts on the Tribunal Temple?

Adida: Iíd like to blow it up sometime. Otherwise, I donít give a damn.

Vash: They ARE annoying. You wonít get to meet the head guy though; I killed him. Youíll get to meet all of the angry followers though!

Adida: ... Fantastic.

Vash: Have you ever been to Mournhold?

Adida: Yeah, I learned how to hijack a car there...

Vash: Cars donít exist anymore...

Adida: So? Just because it isnít there doesnít mean I canít do it...

Vash: Yeah, no one wanted to believe me when I said that I had Wraithguard activated without Vivec.

Adida: What now?

Vash: Never mind... How do you feel about Vampires/Werewolves?

Adida: Iím pro Werewolf, though I donít really give a damn about either. Vampires are the weakest viruses ever. It doesnít WORK efficiently with the host. They suck. Literally. But Iíd want to find a cure for Vampires first. Werewolves can wait, they just berserk; Iím fine with that.

Vash: Um, hello? *big Emo tear*

Adida: *pats arm*

Vash: DONíT TOUCH ME!!!!!!!! *sniff* Anyway, what was your last journal entry?

Adida: I miss Dunkiní Donuts...

Vash: Anything else?

Adida: Always carry a bottle of Fabreeze...

Vash: O_O!!! You need to leave. Now. Chika!

The Dremora picked up the chair Adida was sitting in and began to walk out with her.

"Hey, I never did touch all of your spikes!" Adida said turning in her chair still trying to see what that elusive goatee was made of.

With a laugh, Vash tucked away the interview and got back to work on the dental plan.

Adida's Details

Name: Christina
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Location: Texus, USA
Background: St. Gregoryís Catholic School.
Platform: Xbox

Name: Adida
Sex: Female
Race: Redguard
Class: Cus-to-mized (Like Dy-no-mite!)!
Location NA
Factions: NA
Highest Faction Rank: NA
Favourite Weapon: Enchanted steel claymore with invisibility (Constant effect)
Favourite Spell: Ion wave (Cus-to-mized!)
Favourite Book: The Axe Man
Favourite Item: $$$ Bling-bling (Septims, gold)



There are too many issues here for specific notes.

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