Today’s forecast: Low in the high 200’s, strong chance of blight, red skys into the next decade.

Citadel Dagoth is the same as it has ever been. Same freaky neon lights, same rusted cogs, an occasional ash creature. Except that now piles of what could be classified as "crap" are messily scattered about the floors in neat piles. Armors, weapons, clothing, artifacts and rot gut of all kinds can be found in every room. All of the doors are open, and walking through them are various types of the more powerful lesser Daedra. A winged twilight walks past a wanderer staring, but never attacking. This holds true for all of the halls in the ruins. Signs are posted in every hall reading: "Please do not harm my workers." Nearby are posts giving information about workers’ compensation, health care plans, and whatnot.

If a traveler was smart enough not to take any of the clutter they could eventually claw their way down to the service tunnel where a golden saint stands as a doorman. After a skeptical look the golden saint would open the door and allow the traveler into what appeared to be a sixth house shrine complete with ash statues, large steaming blue head, corprus meat hunks and bells.

"Hey there!" a Dumner woman in nix-skins would say from an old desk that had been moved into the cavern from another part of the ruin. "Sit, get comfortable. I won’t bite. My name is Vash." The person would eventually get a good look at her face and notice that she was a vampire.

"I can tell by your look that you noticed my condition. Relax, I’m not going to hurt you. Why do you think I used the biting metaphor? Anyway, what’s the deal?" she would ask. "Oh, and by the way: Don’t attack me. Chika over here isn’t exactly your average push-over Dremora." She would say, pointing to the Daedra standing right behind the visitor.

Not much to say about Vash. She’s your typical vampire belonging to the Berne Clan. A while back she went through the whole Nerevarine ordeal, but then decided to retire to a life of slumming with priceless artifacts, drugs and Daedra unions. Before that even she became Knight of the Imperial Dragon of the Order of Ebonheart, Archmagister of Great House Telvanni, and Grandmaster of the Morag Tong. But, after an *incident* involving the murder of Lord Vivec she had to flee to Red Mountain. Damn that Tribunal...


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