The Morrowind Appendices Staff

Name: Josh
Location: Australia
Age: 21
Web Site:
Email: [email protected]
ICQ: 11444305
Assignments: Site Editor, Cheese's Corner, Faction Overviews, Guild Overviews, Clan Overviews, Skill Overviews, Race Overviews, First Steps In Seyda Neen.
Oddity: A fetish for playing female characters in RPGs.

Name: Natalie
Location: America
Age: 16
Web Site: NA
Email: [email protected]
Assignments: Voluptuous Vash, Morrowind Etiquette Overview.
Oddity: I like Dremora...

Name: Jonathan
Location: USA, East Coast
Age: 14
Web Site: None YET!
Email: [email protected]
Assignments: Dar-Tak's Den, Morrowind Appendices Forum Manager.
Oddity: ... Too many to list.

Vacant Positions

Interviewer: Interviewers required to perform in character interviews for the Morrowind Appendices. Must have decent linguistic skills, and be willing to take and follow up interview leads both independantly and as a part of the Morrowind Appendices Team.
Must have a level of integrity and respect for other members of the Morrowind Appendices Team, the interviewees and viewers of the site/plug-in in regards to language, offensive material and spoilers (in other words: be sensible and take it easy).
Overview Writer: Overview writers required to maintain site features. Must have a moderate to high level of familiarity with the outter and inner workings of Morrowind and it's features (at least enough to be able to give informed and reliable advice on complex aspects of gameplay with can overwhelm newbies).

Currently undeveloped overview sections are Item Overviews and Magic Overviews.
Walk-In Writer: Walk-in writers required to write beginners' tutorials on main quests, factions quests and other aspects of Morrowind. Must have a high familiarity with the storyline and gameplay aspects of Morrowind and an understanding of the boundaries between a Walk-In and a Walk-Through (point players in the right direction and keep the spoilers down).
Plug-In Author: Plug-in author required to construct the plug-in version of the Morrowind Appendices. Must have experience with scripting for Morrowind, and some modelling skills.

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