Can't choose between the races? Here's a run down on the pros and cons.

In Morrowind, there are ten different playable races, Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Cryodiils, Dunmer, Khajjit, Nord, Orc, Redguard


The golden skinned High Elves, or Altmer, from the Summerset Isles are a proud race, who are almost child-like in their arrogance. They are naturally gifted mages, and have a high resistance to disease.

Abilities: Resist Disease 75%
Weakness to Shock 25%
Weakness to Frost 25%
Weakness to Fire 50%
Weakness to Magicka 50%
Fortify Max Magicka 15 points
Skill Bonuses: Alchemy 10
Alteration 5
Conjuration 5
Destruction 10
Enchant 10
Illusion 5


The Argonians are an amphibious race from Black Marsh who have natural resistances to poison and disease. These reptiles are both intelligent and strong, being capable as both magicians and warriors. As slavery is legal within Morrowind, Argonians can often be found in slave pens.

Spells: Argonian Breathing (Water Breathing for two minutes)
Abilities: Immune to Poison
Resist Disease 75%.
Skill Bonuses: Alchemy 5
Athletics 15
Illusion 5
Medium Armour 5
Mysticism 5
Spear 5
Unarmoured 5


The natives of Cryodiil, who forged the Empire of Tamriel are civilised, educated, well spoken, and homogenised, each one resembling Hugh Grant more than the next. The Imperials, as they are known, are gifted traders and diplomats in addition to being excellent infantry.

Powers: Voice Of The Emperor (Charm 25 to 50 points for fifteen seconds on target)
Star of the West (Absorb Fatigue 200 points on target)
Skill Bonuses: Blunt Weapon 5
Hand To Hand 5
Light Armour 5
Long Blade 10
Mercantile 10
Speechcraft 10


The Wood Elves, or Bosmer, are shorter than any of their elven cousins, but are far more agile. They make very good (depending upon your viewpoint) thieves, and are excellent marksmen. Bosmer have a natural kinship with plants and animals.

Powers: Beast Tongue (Command Creature 5 points for ten minutes)
Abilities: Resist Disease
Skill Bonuses: Acrobatics 5
Alchemy 5
Light Armour 10
Marksman 15
Sneak 10


Bretons, originally from High Rock, have flair and personality that overshadows their short stature. They are natural mages and have a high resistance to magicka.

Powers: Dragon Skin (Shield 50 points for one minute)
Abilities: Resist Magicka 50%
Fortify Maximum Magicka 5 points
Skill Bonuses: Alchemy 5
Alteration 5
Conjuration 10
Illusion 5
Mysticism 10
Restoration 10


The Dark Elves, or Dunmer are the native peoples of Vvardenfell. Their dark skin and glowing red eyes are a legacy of the ancient legends and myths surrounding Nerevar and the Tribunal of living gods. Dunmer make for good warriors and sorcerers, with will rounded attributes aided by their natural resistance to fire.

Powers: Ancestor Guardian (Sanctuary 50 points for one minute)
Abilities: Resist Fire 75%
Skill Bonuses: Athletics 5
Destruction 10
Light Armour 5
Long Blade 5
Marksman 5
Mysticism 5
Short Blade 10


The Khajjit, who come from Elsweyr, are a cat-like people with unmatched agility and acrobatic abilities. Khajjit make excellent thieves, but are the subject of much discrimination, and can often be found, along with Argonians, in slave pens across Vvardenfell.

Spells: Eye of Night (Night Eye 50 points for thirty seconds)
Powers: Eye of Fear (Demoralise Humanoid 100 points for thirty seconds on target)
Skill Bonuses: Acrobatics 15
Atheletics 5
Hand to hand 5
Light Armour 5
Security 5
Short Blade 5
Sneak 5


The Nords, of snow blown Skyrim, are a tough and hardy race. Nords are warriors and adventurers, with their natural resistance to cold and their hunting abilities, Nords are comfortable living out in the open, which is lucky for them as they often find themselves lost in the wilderness without any clothes.

Powers: Thunder Fist (Frost Damage 25 points on touch)
Woad (Shield 30 points for one minute)
Abilities: Resist Shock 50%
Immune to Frost
Skill Bonuses: Axe 10
Blunt Weapon 10
Heavy Armour 5
Long Blade 5
Medium Armour 10
Speak 5


Though their looks suggest otherwise, Orcs of the Dragontail and Wrothgarian Mountains are sophisticated, civilised and talented. Much like the Argonians and Khajjit, the Orcs have often been the subject of discrimination brought on by fear and hatered, but unlike the Khajjit and Argonians, the Orc's natural endurance, courage and intellect have managed to keep them from slavery and ultimately win them respect in the Empire.

Powers: Orc Beserk (Fortify Health 20 points, Fortify Fatigue 200 points, Fortify Attack 100 points, and Drain Agility 100 points for one minute)
Abilities: Resist Shock 50%
Immune to Frost
Skill Bonuses: Armourer 10
Axe 5
Block 10
Heavy Armour 10
Med Armour 10


The natives of Hammerfell are known to be the best warriors in Tamriel. They are naturally gifted with all forms of weaponry and are athletically inclined to say the least. The independant Redguard spirit inspires a wanderlust that makes a Redguard adventurer more common, and their natural resistance to disease and poison makes them last longer than most.

Powers: Adrenaline Rush (Fortify Agility 50 points, Fortify Strength 50 points, Fortify Speed 50 points, Fortify Endurance 50 points, and Fortify Health 25 points for one minute)
Abilities: Resist Poison 75%
Resist Disease 75%
Skill Bonuses: Atheletics 5
Axe 5
Blunt Weapon 5
Heavy Armour 5
Long Blade 15
Med Armoour 5
Short Blade 5

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