Unsure about what skills you should be choosing, or what star sign suits you? Here's the low down on skills and a crash course in Tamrielic astrology.

If you're worried about missing out on some skills, rest at ease. In Morrowind, you can still use every skill, but the ones you specialise in advance faster and put experience points towards leveling up. You also get a few bonus points to the skills you specialise in.

When you level up, depending upon the skills you've been practicing, you'll have a certain amount of points to spend on your attributes, so for every skill there is a parent, or governing attribute. A skill can not ever go higher than the attribute that it is derived from (hence: "You cannot train a skill above its governing attribute"). Your health, fatigue, magicka and encumberance (how much you can carry) are all calculated from your attributes.

The eight attributes are as follows:

Skills & Attributes
Strength: Armourer - Ability to repair items.
Blunt Weapon - Ability to use hammers, clubs, etc.
Long Blade - Ability to use longswords, katanas, etc.
Axe - Ability to use war axes and battleaxes.
Acrobatics - Ability to jump and fall safely.
Intelligence: Enchant - Ability to bind spells to items with souls.
Alchemy - Ability to create potions from ingredients.
Security - Ability to pick locks and disarm traps.
Willpower: Destruction - Ability to cast Destruction spells.
Alteration - Ability to cast Alteration spells.
Illusion - Ability to cast Illusion spells.
Conjuration - Ability to cast Conjuration spells.
Mysticism - Ability to cast Mysticism spells.
Restoration - Ability to cast Restoration spells.
Agility: Block - Ability to use shields.
Sneak - Ability to avoid being seen and pick pockets.
Light Armour - Ability to use light armour.
Marksman - Ability to use bows, crossbows, darts, etc.
Speed: Athletics - Ability to run and swim.
Unarmoured - Ability to avoid damage without armour.
Short Blade - Ability to use knives, daggers, tantos, etc.
Hand to Hand - Ability to fight without weapons.
Endurance: Medium Armour - Ability to use medium armour.
Heavy Armour - Ability to use heavy armour.
Spear - Ability to use spears and polearm weapons.
Personality: Mercantile - Ability to barter and trade.
Luck: Luck governs no attributes.

Star Signs

Along with your skills, you will need to select your star sign. Each of the thirteen signs gift players with different spells, powers or abilities. The choice often compliments similar bonuses set by race.

The Tower
Spells: Beggar's Nose (Detect Animal 200 points, Detect Enchantment 200 points, and Detect Key 200 points for one minute)
Powers: Tower Key (Open 50 points on touch)

The Ritual
Spells: Blessed Word (Turn Undead 100 points for thirty seconds on target)
Blessed Touch (Turn Undead 100 points for thirty seconds on touch)
Powers: Mara's Gift (Restore Health 100 points for one second)

The Steed
Abilities: Charioteer Ability (Fortify Speed 25 points)

The Apprentice
Abilities: Elfborn Ability (Fortify Maximum Magicka 15 points, Weakness to Magicka 50 points on self)

The Mage
Abilities: Fay Ability (Fortify Maximum Magicka 5 points)

The Thief
Abilities: Akaviri Danger Sense (Sanctuary 10 points on self)

The Lady
Abilities: Lady's Favour (Fortify Personality 25 points)
Lady's Grace (Fortify Endurance 25 points)

The Lover
Abilities: Mooncalf Ability (Fortify Agility 25 points)
Powers: Lover's Kiss (Paralyse on target, Damage Fatigue 200 points on self for one second)

The Shadow
Powers: Moonshadow (Invisibility for one minute)

The Serpent
Spells: Star-Curse (Poison 3 points on touch, Damage Health 1 point on self for thirty seconds)

The Lord
Spells: Blood of the North (Restore Health 2 points for thirty seconds)
Abilities: Trollkin Ability (Weakness to Fire 100 points)

The Warrior
Abilities: Warywrd Ability (Fortify Attack 10 points)

The Atronach
Abilities: Wombburn (Spell Absorption 50 points on self, Fortify Maximum Magicka 20 points on self, Stunted Magicka on self (prevents magicka regeneration))

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