The Morrowind Appendices were started in April 2003 by Josh. After many conversations about books, plug ins, journals, and morrowind characters with many people, he decided that starting a plug-in with a journal of his advetures in Morrowind would be a lot more effort and work than he was willing to put in, given that he had finished the main quests in Morrowind and Tribunal as well as all the quests for four of the different factions. And so the idea passed into obscurity until he happened to read an 'in-character' interview with Bethesda's Mark Whatsisname by none other than Withershyn, operator of Withershyn's Journal. After a bit of conversing with Withershyn, the basic concept behind the Morrowind Appendices was born.

So you interview people, what happens from there? Well, for starters, this interview process gives people a chance to see Morrowind through someone else's eyes. Eventually the will be put into a plug-in as a collection of books, where they will have purposes ranging from light reading to a bit of a helping hand for someone who's stuck. These books will be numbered and categorised (and scattered throughout Vvardenfell) to allow players to limit the amount of spoilers they are exposed to.

We're also putting in some basic 'walk-ins' (we're not going all the way through) to Morrowind to give those who're completely lost and overwhelmed by the game some pointers and paths to follow.

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