Just like choosing your home, picking your house can be a big thing. Here's a look at the three great Dunmer houses found in Vvardenfell, House Hlaalu, House Telvanni, and House Redoran.

To advance in a House, you must have first completed enough quests to earn your new position, and then have the skills that that house favours at a high enough level. Each house has its own personality and characteristics roughly corresponding to the three generic character types. Hlaalu's favoured skills are similar to those that a thief might need, Telvanni's favoured skills revolve around magic, and the Redoran favoured skills are combat oriented. These similarities do not define each House's role, so don't avoid Hlaalu because they might have similar characteristics to thieves (the Hlaalu call themselves respectable businessmen, and for the most part, they are).

Similar to the many Factions and Guilds, in a house, you will recieve quests from several different quest-givers, each becoming available to you as you advance in rank. Within the Houses, politics plays a larger role than in most Guilds or factions, and there is often quite a bit of double and tripple crossing and spying involved in some of the House quests. As you rise higher, you will eventually be able to build a stronghold (for those of you who aren't using any mods, this is the first chance you'll have to get a house of your own), which can serve as a base of operations, a good place to rest, and somewhere to store all of the junk you've collected throughout the game. At your stronghold, once it's built, you can find merchants and people to train you, but that's for you to explore later.

House Hlaalu

The enterprising Hlaalu spirit is more than evident in their every action. Hlaalu is the most 'modern' house, accepting many Imperial cutsoms that Dunmer traditionalists (namely Redoran) do not admire. That is not to say that House Hlaalu does not respect the ancient Dunmer spirits that form the grounds for Dark Elf culture, House Hlaalu has just seen that more profit can be gained by welcoming the Empire than resisting it. Once you get high enough, you'll need a patron. Crassius Curio is the only one likely to sponsor you, and although his methods are not the most appealing, he will help you more than any other member of House Hlaalu. Return to him whenever you're stuck and he will give you advice, or perhaps another quest.

Favoured Skills: Light Armour, Marksman, Mercantile, Security, Short Blade, and Speechcraft.

Quest Givers:
Nileno Dorvayn - Hlaalu Council Mannor, Balmora
Edryno Arethi - Edryno Arethi's House, Hlaalu Waistworks, Vivec
Crassius Curio - Curio Mannor, Hlaalu Plaza, Vivec
Odral Helvi - Governer's Hall, Caldera
Ilmeni Dren - St. Delyn Canal South-One, Vivec
Duke Vedam Dren - Grand Council Chamber, Ebonheart

House Telvanni

House Telvanni is the most twisted of the three Houses, with 10% more backstabbing, lunatics in power, and rogue members than any other house. They do grow some neat looking 'shroom tower to live in though, so if you're up for an exciting bumpy ride with lots of magic and special effects, then Telvanni may be the House for you. House Telvanni, as is made obvious by the set of favoured skills, is a mage based group, whose aims are to achieve wisdom and inner harmony through solitude and peace, something which has made a few of them a bit funny in the head. Along the way, you'll meet some very interesting characters such as Baladas Demnevanni, Divayth Fyr and Edd Theman.

Favoured Skills:Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchant, Illusion, and Mysticism.

Quest Givers:
Raven Omayn - Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora
Arara Uvulas - Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora
Felisa Ulessen - Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora
Mallam Ryon - Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora
Galos Mathendis - Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora
Baladas Demnevanni - Arvs-Drelen, Gnisis
Therana - Tel Branora Upper Tower
Dratha - Tel Mora Upper Tower
Neloth - Tel Naga, Sadrth Mora
Aryon - Tel Vos (East of Tel Mora)
Fast Eddie - Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora

House Redoran

Members of House Redoran are honour bound to protect their housemates, and Vvardenfell in general. They have a feel of ancient codes and tradition that neither of the other two Houses have kept, with Hlaalu sucking up to the Empire, and the Telvanni wizards all being a bit loopy. Redorans have a deep and solem respect for their ancestors and their honour codes, which make them seem at home in the Ashlands and sandstorms of Vvardenfell. Advancement in House Redoran is only gained through hard work, and can often seem a slow, grueling process. But once you've got your own stronghold made out of those neat crabshells, you'll realise it's been worth every drop of sweat.

Favoured Skills: Armourer, Athletics, Heavy Armour, Long Blade, Medium Armour, and Spear.

Quest Givers:
Neminda - Redoran Council Entrance, Mannor District, Ald'ruhn
Theldyn Virith - Outpost, Ald Velothi
Athyn Sarethi - Sarethi Mannor, Mannor District, Ald'ruhn
Lloros Sarano - Ald'ruhn Temple, Ald'ruhn
Brara Morvayn - Morvayn Quarters, Redoran Council Hall, Mannor District, Ald'ruhn
Hlaren Ramoran - Ramoran Private Quarters, Ramoran Mannor, Redoran Council Hall, Mannor District, Ald'ruhn
Garisa Llethri - Llethri Private Quarters, Llethri Mannor, Redoran Council Hall, Mannor District, Ald'ruhn
Miner Arobar - Arobar Private Quarters, Arobar Guard Quarters, Arobar Mannor, Redoran Council Hall, Mannor District, Ald'ruhn
Bolvyn Venim - Venim Private Quarters, Venim Mannor, Redoran Council Hall, Mannor District, Ald'ruhn
Faral Retheran - Redoran Treasury, Redoran Waistworks, Vivec
Tuveso Beleth - Tuveso Beleth: Smith, Redoran Council Hall, Mannor District, Ald'ruhn

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