Dar-Tak: What is your First memory of morrowind?

Fenix: Well....I'd say my first memory was freeing my brethren...at the hands of Dunmer Slavers....No offense.

Dar-Tak: None Taken. I often find my own race to be quite bothersome.. Oh, don't answer the door. Its another bloody assassin..

Dar-Tak: What was your most challenging moment?

Fenix: Well...My most challenging moment is to overcome my vampirism so far I've stopped it but the feeling keeps getting strong and harder to resist....I haven't had blood for two weeks now....you...look..quite tasty... *grins*

Dar-Tak: I'd advise you not to try anything. My daedric spear is right..within..reach.

Dar-Tak: Who was the most interesting person you met in your adventures?

Fenix: Well...that's a toughie I've met many I'll list them from best to worst. Fist, there's Jobasha. Jobasha's a nice guy with the Twin Lamps and he and I both share a love for books.....but for some reason when I ask him about Morrowind he either tells me "Go look it up Jobasha is busy right now.." or... "How do you like it here?" Next up, there's Percius Mercius. He's an ok guy but a bit weird. I wonder why he won't challenge Sjoring-Hard Heart if he knows he's inked with the Cammona Tong. And finally, Gaenor. The fool was stupid enough to fight me while I was very, very, drunk.

Dar-Tak: Yes.. Gaenor was a tad bit annoying. Then I started throwing fireballs and... Lets just say, The cleaning crew had a lot of work to do..

Dar-Tak: What are your Opinions Conserning the Abolitionists?

Fenix: I think it's a great idea and I support them with everything I got. No one should be able to own a life.

Dar-Tak: How do you feel about the Tribunal Temple?

Fenix: Hmmm...The Temple eh? Well their alright I guess but all those Ordinators...damn I wish they would take a break or find a girl anything to stop them from being grumpy fools.

Dar-Tak: What do you think about the Dwemer?

Fenix: The Dwemer.... technological geniuses in my opinion...but all great powers fall and all things pass away in time.

Dar-Tak: What do you think about the Nerevar incident on Red mountain?

Fenix: The Nerevar incident? That's a hard one I rarely read books about those..I heard he was murdered by the Three. Or he died because of his wounds...I don't really know.

Dar-Tak: A lighter topic, Where do you go to.. Get away from it all?

Fenix: Hmmm... I really can't go anywhere because of my vampirism usually if I really lose control I lock up and isolate myself in a cave. Or my house.

Dar-Tak: What are some of your Favorite Factions?

Fenix: Well... The Fighter's Guild is alright I suppose they leave me be with missions and everybody is happy. I joined the Legion when I was bored It's alright I suppose now that I'm a high ranking officer.

Dar-Tak: Now, Morrowind is missing quite a few things, but what are some of the things you'd like to see there?

Fenix: I'd like to see children. Where do they all go? All the houses, villages, towns, cities, where are they? Are these people in Morrowind the last of their generation?

Fenix's Details

Name: NA
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Location: NA
Background: NA
Platform: NA

Name: Fenix
Sex: Male
Race: Argonian
Class: Crusader
Location NA
Factions: NA
Highest Faction Rank: NA
Favourite Weapon: NA
Favourite Spell: NA
Favourite Book: NA
Favourite Item: NA



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