Once again, night descends on the Rethan Mannor. This time, however, the night insects of the Ascadian Isles region have not begun their nightly chorus. If they had, the orchestra of vibrating chitin and croaking air sacs would have more than been drouned out by the din created by Fjorgeir arguing with an Argonian visitor.

"We are not fangless, Nord," says the Argonian.

"Listen mate," says Fjorgeir defensively. "The mistress has rules, and one of them is no mud on the rugs."

"How can Bij take off his boots?" Asks the Argonian in a deathly slow voice. "Where are Bij's boots, stupid Nord?"

Fjorgeir falters. "Oh," he says. "Well, just wash your feet in the bushes or something."

Clearly offended now, the Argonian begins hissing and muttering expletives in his native tongue.

"Now there's no need to get like that," says the Nord as he spits in the garden.

The Argonian's eyes open wide and a scuffle soon breaks out.

Inside, Cheese rolls her eyes and rises from her chair. Stepping over to the door, she yells out to Fjorgeir, "It's okay Fjorgeir, let him in."

Within moments, Bij is seated inside the Mannor and begins eyeing Cheese's collection of full suits of armour.

Cheese: At any rate, Bij, what is your first memory of Vvardenfell?

Bij: Bij remembers that he arrived by human boat. Silly humans asking Bij where he came from. But Bij does not understand why humans asking this. Bij has scales. Wich race does not have scales? Bij found weird ring in barrel by a door. Bij was foolish in this time. He thought that ring was an artifact. He was really proud. But a small human came to him and asked him if Bij had the ring. Bij didn't say that he had the ring. Bij did not wanted small human to steal his treasure.

Cheese: Bij, what was the first real challenge that you came up against in your travels throughout Morrowind?

Bij: He remembers that he entered his first tomb. In the tomb, he found a blade glowing in dark room. Bij had some eye trouble in this time, he did not saw the translucent figure guarding the blade. Bij dodged translucent figure, took the blade and escaped the tomb. Bij was really proud back then because he found more and more useless magical things.

Cheese: Who is the most interesting person you have met so far?

Bij: Bij does not talk a lot to people. He only talks to those of his race and the human cats. He remembers a fellow named Hides-His-Eyes. He helps him escaping a human slaver. Hides-His-Eyes is Bij's friend. He likes to play Hide and Seek with him.

Cheese: How do you feel about slavery in Vvardenfell? What do you think of the abolitionist movement?

Bij: The Treasure Hunter feels sad whenever someone mention "Slavery". Pardon him... *sniff*. His family were slaves. He managed to escape slavers. When Bij finds slaves in dungeons, he talks with them and release them. Bij likes to hang out with friends of the past at The Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. Bij thinks that it is good that some of the dark, pointy ears people want to stop slavery. Any friend of the abolitionist movement is Bij's friend. Bij even had to slay slavers to free slaves. One day, he will be the chieftain of slaves and will lead them to their destiny. BIJ is the Warchief.

Cheese: What are your opinions on Morrowind's Tribunal of Living Gods? Are they doing a good job?

Bij: Bij thinks that those Gods are doing good job. Bij knows two of them. Bij likes them because they gave him treasures. Bij received a Wraithguard and a Blessed Spear. These are now lying somewhere in Bij's house. Bij does not touch artifacts. He collects them.....

Cheese: What do you think happened to the Dwemer people?

Bij: Bij does not know. That is why he explore ruins. He wants to know what happened to the Not-So-Tall-Pointy-Ear civilisation. Bij also has books talking of them but he does not have a lot of knowledge so it is difficult for him to really understand what is written. Oh! It is written in their tongue. Please excuse Bij, he is so foolish.

Cheese: What did you end up doing with all of your magical items?

Bij: Ohhhh... Bij has sold only the useless ones, yes? He sold them to people who were foolish enough to buy them. Bij can finance his expeditions with this money. For the ''useful'' items, they are displayed in Bij's house.

Cheese: Is there anybody that you specifically don't like in Vvardenfell?

Bij: Let Bij thinks...... Oh, yes. Bij does not like Nalcarya of White Haven, the Balmora alchemist. Bij only went there once. It was the last time too. When Bij went to see this tall, ugly yellow skin person, she said : ''I suppose it is my duty to help those less fortunate than myself.'' Bij was really offended. Bij tried to convince the guard to arrest her because she was racist, but he did not wanted to listen to Bij. If the guard was not there, Bij would have certainly hurt her.

Cheese: What are your opinions on Morrowind's Tribunal of Living Gods? Are they doing a good job?

Bij: Bij does not touch artifacts. He collects them.....

Cheese: Would you rather find a treasure, or be given it?

Bij: Bij does love to find treasures by himself. But Bij is lazy. Sometimes, he must take treasures by force. This make him remembers of something.. Bij was using an artifact that could make him levitate and he flew around Suran with it. He found a mean green-skin. The green-skin wanted Bij to kill him! That is really weird. Bij saw the sword he had : The famous Umbra! Bij gladly accepted to kill him. Oh yes. I forgot I must answer the question. Please. Excuse Bij, sometimes he goes on and on. So. Bij thinks that finding treasures is better because it makes you proud.

Cheese: You say you explore a lot of ruins. What is the most interesting place you have explored so far?

Bij: Hmm.. He remembers of an old sunken dwemer cave. South of Ebonheart. He found something special there! Bij will certainly not tell it's exact location, it's a secret! Even if Bij wuold tell you where it is, what interesting stuff can you find there? He took everything!

Cheese: What do you know of the events on Red Mountain after the battle between the Dwemer and the Dunmer?

Bij: He knows that the Dwemer disapeared and a man with a golden mask tried to take some power from big big heart. But the Three killed him. Sad story. Bij would have love to be there, to steal all the Dwemer artifacts..

Cheese: What do you think of the Daedra lords?

Bij: Like the Tribunal, Bij likes the Daedra lords because they give him artifacts. Bij especially loves Mister Sheogorath, the Daedra lord of MADNESS!!HARHARHAR!. Excuse Bij, Sheogorath has taken some of Bij. Not only he is good looking, but he gave Bij this beautiful spear! Bij sees dead people!

Bij holds out his Spear of Bitter Mercy for inspection

Cheese: Very nice. If you needed a place to go to rest for a while, where would you go?

Bij: Hmm... he does not like to rest in inns. He does not like the company of other people. Bij loves to stay in the wilderness. He prefers the Bitter Coast. Hmm.. Bij remembers of a Vivec tavern called The Lizard's head where he--

Cheese: Yes, well, moooooooving right along. What do you think about the various factions in Morrowind? Do you have a favourite?

Bij: Bij only joined one faction, the Imperial Legion, where he is the head of them now. He joined it because they help poor slaves to escape. He also needed guards for his manor, where he displayed all his artifacts.

Cheese: If you could bring one thing to the land of Morrowind, what would it be?

Bij: No more slavery!! If you wish, Bij must deliver a message to all his fellow brothers who are slaves "One day my brothers! One day, Bij will save you all! Bij will stop your misery! He will rally the Argonian Mission and we shall break free! All the Argonians whom he saved, gather your weapons! Bij will train you! And when dying in your beds, many years from now, you'll want to come back and give ourselves one chance! Just one chance! To return to the enemy, and tell them that they may take our lives, but they'll never take, OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!"

Cheese: Good to see a little bit of racial pride. What is your last journal entry?

Bij: He does not remembers well. Let Bij see if his journal is still there. Hmm... it is covered with water and he cannot read what is written. Bad Bij! Let him try remember now... No, Bij has taken too much skooma and moon sugar with his friend Ra'Virr yesterday... Hey dude, where's my guar?(1) Wait a moment.. Yes! Bij remembers now! He had nothing to do, so he searched for treasures! Oh.. that's what Bij always do. Oh well...

Cheese: Do you have any final advice for other adventurers in Morrowind?

Bij: All Bij asked for, is a pair of boots. How hard could it be? Oh yes... an advice hmm? If you find treasures, please do not sell or donate them to Mournhold's museum, donate it to Bij's Museum of Great Artifacts of Vvardenfell! Come see Bij's collection of dead slavers, rare boots for Argonians and Khajiits, and a beautiful steel plate from Arrile's Tradehouse! Keep on searching!

Bij's Details

Name: Benjamin Legault
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Location: Canada
Background: I'm just a student. :)
Platform: PC

Name: Bij
Sex: Male
Race: Argonian
Class: Treasure Hunter
Location Bij has been searching in Morrowind recently...
Factions: Imperial Legion
Highest Faction Rank: Knight of The Imperial Dragon
Favourite Weapon: Spears
Favourite Spell: Detect Enchantments
Favourite Book: Tamerielic Lore
Favourite Item: Torches


Marksman Mod
Great Artifacts(plugin that contains artifacts from the other Elder Scrolls games)
Furniture mod(The one of the UESP)


(1) Dude, Where's My Guar?

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