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Tuesday 31 December 2002.

Friday 27 December 2002
Peter Walrath loses to Jay W. in 3 games. Jay moves to #5 spot and Pete to 6th.

Dixon gets yet another chance at Scotty Shinn for the 3rd spot. Not only does he lose in 2 straightgames...Dixon loses a $5 bill to Scotty. his drunken stupor...Dixon agrees to a match with Pete...Pete beats Dixon's drunk ass and they switch ranking positions. Pete moves to #4 and Dixon to #6.

Tuesday 24 December 2002.
Merry Christmas to all. May all your foosin dreams and wishes come true...unless one of them is beating ...Jonny August in a challenge match. In which case...BAH HUMBUGGGGGG!!!!

Sunday 22 December 2002
Dixon challenges The Kid for the 3rd spot and wins. But, in true drunken fashion...Dixon agrees to a same day rematch. And, to his dismay...Dixon's reign as the 3rd Best lasted but a few short hours. Scotty Shinn regains his position in a lackluster performance by Brian Dixon. Maybe next time, Dixon will at least wait a week before allowing such a travesty. That is...if he is able to regain his composure and actually beat Shinn. The odd's makers in Vegas are spinning their wheels now.

Saturday 21 December 2002
The commissioner, Chris DeGoeas, came in and made some revisions to the Top 16 Rankings. The need to insert Tony Miller in the listwas that he is actually showing up to play. Tony slides into the 11th spot while others drop. Federman falls to the 12th spot...Staci to the 13th sport...B. Lee in the 14th...Eric Frame to the 15th and Smoky rounds out the list in the 16th spot. Falling completely off the list is Alex...His downward spiral continues to baffle us all.

Friday 20 December 2002
All three of tonight's rankings matches saw the challengers moving up. That's right...the only losers were those with something actually to lose.
The first bout of the night saw Justin -Rightfully So- taking back the 8th spot from Ian. As you may recall, Ian jumped into 8th with the controversial mid-week win over lower ranked Eric Frame. Justice was served on this night.

Next...Scott Greenwood gave up all bragging rights to Staci Moss. Staci whips up on the rantings and ravings of the Federman rally. With this win she moves back up into the 11th spot. Well done.

the final match earned Smoky the 15th spot. Alex is dropping spots so rapidly...we wonder if he'll ever be able to recover.

Friday 20 December 2002.
**Schmoke & A Pancake?**
Unlike most Friday Foos nights, the party lasted til past 4am!!! With the absence of Mrs. Commish...we continued our drunken banter til nearly daylight. Was a good night, T'was a really good night.
It was a crowded house tonight...Lovely Ladies, new faces and good friends...not to mention happy juice. As the liquid libations flowed, several inhibitions were tucked away. And, in good Friday Foos fashion, we saw three kissing girlies, hip hugging and dancing...wonderful dancing.
I know at least two of us who'd like to thank some lovely ladies for a session worthy of an R rating. Too bad the camera wasn't readily available or we would have been able to share that wonderful moment with everyone.

There was good video taken by Steve Miller and Eric Frame. Memorable interviews caught on film were given by Eric "For the Record" Frame and Scott "No Crazy Chicks" Shinn.
As the night went on and champions were crowned...the group got a little careless. We won't mention any names...but, two people managed to dump the table and it's contents twice. I guess we'll have to tread a little lighter next time.

Champions crowned tonight were James & Tony for the 2nd time in as many weeks....Steve and Todd Finney...surpise showing by Todd. And third, was a team that didn't lose a match in their march to the top...Jonny August & James.
James wins two tourneys with two different partners.

Friday 13 December 2002.
First, we have to acknowledge a challenge match between Ian Barnette and Eric Frame. Apparently, Eric challenged Ian and lost. This being said, Ian moves up a position and Justin drops to 9th...leaving Eric Idle in the #14 spot. Question on the minds of higher intelligence is***How does a player move up in ranking by beating one of lower rank? Shouldn't it work the other way around? Mind-boggling isn't it?

Next, Smoky and Andy fought it out for the 16th spot. Smoky returns to the TOP 16 list while relocating Andy to oblivion.

The 3rd challenge was imposed by the Commish...Mr. August challenged Miss Staci for the #11 spot. Staci put up a valant effort...but, in the end, was unable to put the numbers up to pull off the victory...Jonny moves up.
And, last but not least, B. Lee finally got his match with Jonny. Three games and B. Lee became the 2nd victim of the night to fall at the hands of Jonny August!!!
Making a bold statement...the youngest Miller takes the stage and puts in a good showing. Teamed up with Chris, Randall Miller proved that he'd been paying attention and taking notes for this night. Nice Job.

Despite the absence of several people...the night's festivities went on without a hitch. Staci got into the holiday spirit...showing up with gifts for all. What a thoughtful and beautifully wonderful woman she is. Made all of us smile...and a little more inebriated.

The tournaments were played on time tonight. We were able to get two in before the cut-off time and still work in the challenge matches.
The first tourney saw the pairing of Eric Frame and Jonny August get their names on the championship board. After an opening loss to Jay and Smoky, Frame & August won the rest of their games to meet up with them again in the finals. Needing two games to take the tourney, Frame & August pulled off the unthinkable and swept the finals.
The second tourney brought on another first. Stephanie finally got her name on the championship board. Doubled up with Chris DeGoeas...she plays her heart out wanting glory. Bringing pure determination...not to mention, Chris, they took the tournament and all it's grandeur. Congrats to deserve it.

***In lighter notes: Grateful, was this writer that the garage door was cracked all night to let the air in and the smoke out. The lungs felt much better this Saturday than the last. Thanks.

Saturday 07 December 2002.
Tournament Time!!! That was the cry of #1 and #2. In addition, Jonny August & Eric Frame went along for the challenge. Picture this, six Foostables in a pool hall...New Castle on tap...$1500 in prize money & no shortage of testosterone. To our dismay, the games were played all on Toronado Tables. Unlike the much faster Harvard tables we use at Degoeas Foos...these little demons require a great deal more finesse and let's face it...Patience. Thinking we actually had a chance against these "ROOKIES"...we forked out our 15 BUX and played the tournament none-the-less. In the final games Chris and Steve had to play a team that had the scary Ivan Drago on it. And, the team of August and Frame had to play a guy named DUCK! The outcome left the bitter taste of defeat on our tongues. You live and you learn. Let those boys come to Dreiser Street and see if they can handle the SPEED. I think NOT! Thanks to Stu Higa and the lovely Stefi Freeman for showing up and cheering us on.

Friday 06 December 2002.
To the surprise of all, Terry Cox (commish of SoCal Streethockey) showed up for Friday's Festivities. It has been said, "beware those bearing gifts." Well, there should be a disclaimer stating, "unless those gifts are 12 packs of New Castle."

***A Special Note***
Big wuss of the Night: Jonny August!!! Let's put it this way. The lovely Staci invites some of her friends over. And, to Jonny's surprise...he sees a vision of beauty. A gorgeous woman in a blue top. What does he do about it??? Absolutely NOTHING. Wussed out and didn't even attempt to talk to her. Doesn't even know her name. NOTE to all you reading this...Life is too short...Always bring your damn "A" game people.
In lighter notes..
We need some sort of real ventilation in that garage. Breathing is a good thing and all that smoke in the air hinders that process essential to living.
Suggestion: a fan of some sort sending air out of the room?

There was only one challenge match completed tonight. B. Lee took it to Eric Frame in this rankings challenge. Eric moves down while B. Lee takes over the #13 spot.
Shortly after his win, B. Lee challenged Jonny August for his ranking. As the hour approached twilight for the night's gaming, the commish decided it was quits. We don't want to push the limits of Mrs. Degoeas' generosity.

Wednesday 04 December 2002.
Ranking challenge match of the night was Ian Barnette defending against Justin. Justin wins and takes the 8th spot while Ian drops to the 9th position. Jonny Andres challenges Eric to move up and wins. Despite his victory, Jonny does not move up in rank due to Justin sliding into the rankings and sending all below him down a spot. Eric moves to the 13th position in the order.


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