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Many consider "Chapel Of Dreams" to be the best effort by The Dubs.  A beautiful ballad led by Richard Blandon, it was recorded in the Fall of 1958, and released on Gone 5046.  The song didn't catch on until the Summer of 1959, so Gone, now using the multicolored label shown here, re-released it as Gone 5069.

Gone, End, Mark, and Mark-X were all labels owned by George Goldner, who operated out of New York City.
The Du Droppers have the distinction of being the first act to record on the RCA subsidiary, Groove.  A label which RCA used to release its' R&B artists in the mid-50s.

"Talk That Talk" was released in April, 1955.

The Du Droppers were, Willie Ray, Harvey Ray, Bob Kornegay and J.C. Ginyard.
The El Dorados third release on Vee-Jay was to become a classic!!  "At My Front Door", a song about a "crazy little mama", climbed to the #17 spot on the "Billboard Pop Chart", and all the way to #1 on the R&B chart in the Fall of 1955.

Pirkle Lee Moses was the lead singer for this group.

The Vee-Jay label was operated out of Chicago, and owned by Vivian Carter and James Bracken.
In late 1957 Danny And The Juniors had a huge hit with "At The Hop".  The followup was the record shown here.  "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay", was written by group member Dave White in response to all the negative press that rock'n'roll was getting at the time.

ABC-Paramount was a New York based label.
The Cues were created by Atlantic Records' Jesse Stone in order to do backup work for other artists.

Originally Ollie Jones, Robie Kirk, Eddie Barnes, Abel DeCosta and later, Jimmy Breedlove, the group did their backup work using different names, such as The Gliders, when backing up LaVern Baker on her "Tweedlee Dee".  (
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Later, Capitol Records out of Hollywood, gave them a chance to record on their own, as shown here from 1955.
There were many groups who called themselves The Embers.  This group shown here recorded four singles for the Empress label.

The single pictured here, "Solitaire" is the first of the four and is on Empress 101.

This record was pressed by Columbia, and has their control number "ZTSP 68565", which dates this release to the later part of 1961.
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