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Even though released in January, 1953, this was not the first time that The Orioles', "I Miss You So" was released by Jubilee.   It also came out on Jubilee 5051, in January of 1951, with a different flip.

Jubilee changed its label design in the Summer of 1952, from "Jubilee" written in script, without the underline, to what you see here.

Except for the red wax "Crying In The Chapel", of which only one is known to exist, the record pictured here is the rarest of the Orioles' "new design" releases.
The Four Tops' first release on Chicago's Chess label came in 1956.  The record went nowhere, and it would be another 4 years before their next release on Columbia, which also went nowhere.  It wasn't until signing with Berry Gordy's Motown label, in the early 60's that the Tops hit the big time.

Since this was their first record, and no one could have predicted their rise to fame, the record pictured here is both rare, and desirable to soul collectors and vocal group collectors alike.  It has the added benefit of being a DJ copy.  Early Chess promos are themselves scarce.
"I Never Knew" by The Victory Five, is one of the rarest vocal group 45's known.  It has been written that there are only two copies of this record known to exist.

Nothing is known about this group, except that they are a gospel group, and the flip side of this record is sung in a straight gospel style.

The side shown, however, is pure vocal group harmony at its best.
While always taking a back seat to The Drifters on the great Atlantic label, The Cardinals were a top notch group!!

The record pictured here, "The Door Is Still Open", is perhaps their prettiest ballad, and one of the best of the decade.

Released in early 1955 on the yellow and black Atlantic label.  This was before the change to the red and black with the issue of The Clovers' "Devil Or Angel" in February of 1956.
Most of us, old enough to remember, had a couple of Coasters 45's, but they didn't look like the one pictured here!!

The Atco label, a subsidiary of Atlantic, began in late 1955.  The first 41 releases, including three by The Coasters, were, like their first record shown here, on the maroon label.  The Coasters hit it big on the pop charts at about the same time Atco was switching to the yellow and black label.
No discussion of R&B vocal groups would be complete without mention of The Five Keys.  Among those of us who admire the vocal group sound, this group is highly revered.

Aladdin Records, out of LA, started in 1945, and through the late 40's and early 50's, gave us some truely great Rhythm and Blues, including this one.

"My Saddest Hour" by The Five Keys, was released in late 1953, and was issued with both a flat and a glossy label.  This is the glossy label variety.
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