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The hit version of "Little Darlin'" by The Diamonds, was actually a cover version of the record shown here by The Gladiolas from 1957.

The song was written by Gladiolas' leader Maurice Williams, who later, with the Zodiacs, would have a huge hit with "Stay".

Excello was out of Nashville, and was part of the Nashboro label.
Hannibal was actually James Shaw, who recorded two singles for Pan World.  This one was his first from 1960.

The label lists the backing group as The Angels, but this
is not the same group by that name who would become
famous a few years later.

Shaw would record for a number of labels for the next decade, either as Hannibal, King Hannibal, or Mighty Hannibal.

The Pan World label was out of Hollywood, Ca.
The Harptones will always be remembered for "Sunday Kind Of Love", but they had many other fine releases, including this one from the Summer of 1960.

"No Greater Miracle" is a very nice ballad from this group that featured Willie Winfield, Bill Dempsey, Toni Brown, Curtis Cherebin and Milton Love.

The Warwick label was owned by Morty Craft, and would later become the Trans-Atlas label.
The group backing Thurston Harris on his Top 10 hit from 1957, is The Sharps.  This group would have releases of their own and later, as The Rivingtons, record the classic "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow".

The group consisted of Carl White, Joe Green, Al Frazier, and Turner Wilson.

The Aladdin label was out of Los Angeles, and owned by Leo and Eddie Mesner.
The Hollywood Flames had so many name and personnel changes, I doubt that even the members of the various groups could sort them out, but by the time "Chains Of Love" was released, the group had come together as, Bobby Byrd (Day), Earl Nelson, Curtis Williams, David Ford, and Clyde Tillis.

If you look at the writer credits, you will note that Nugetre had a hand in writing this song (originally for Joe Turner).  Nugetre was Ertegun spelled backwards.  Ahmet Ertegun was the co-owner of
Atlantic Records.

The Ebb label was out of Los Angeles, and was owned by Lenora Rupe, wife of Specialty Records owner Art Rupe.
The Danleers had their one moment in the sun with their first record, "One Summer Night", but this, the follow-up to that Top 10 hit, didn't make the charts at all.

The group, managed by Danny Webb, who gave them their name based on his own name, consisted of Jimmy Weston (lead), Johnny Lee, Willie Ephraim, Nat McCune, and Roosevelt Mays.

These Brooklyn boys ended up on Chicago's Mercury label due to their first record being initially issued on the Amp-3 label which was distributed by Mercury.
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