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The El Torros recorded this, their first of five singles for the Duke label, in 1957.  They would record four more singles for Duke over the course of the next five years, including a re-
release of "Dance With Me" in 1960.

Lloyd Lockett was the lead on this release.

The Duke label was part of the Peacock group out of Houston Texas.
Even by 1959, when this record was released, The Falcons had been through its' share of personnel changes, but they would see many more in the years to come.

The group on this followup to the very popular "You're So Fine" was, Joe Stubbs, Eddie Floyd, Mack Rice,Lance Finnie, and Willie Schofield.

Joe Stubbs was the brother of The Four Tops' Levi Stubbs.

Unart was part of the United Artists label.
"So Fine" was a big hit for this Newark, New Jersey group in the early months of 1959, making it all the way to #11 on the charts.

The Fiestas were, Tommy Bullock, Eddie Morris, Sam Ingalls, and Preston Lane.

The Old Town label was owned by Hy Weiss, and operated out of New York City.
The Fireflies had a moderate hit with "You Were Mine" in the Fall of 1959, getting to #21 on the charts.  The lead singer for this group was Ritchie Adams.

This record was reissued several times, but the original is pictured here, although the scan made the label appear too bright.  Actually it is a dark red colored label.

Ribbon was owned by Alan Kallman, and operated out of New York City.
The Fi-Tones Quintette give us a very nice ballad on "I Belong To You" from 1956.  The label leaves little doubt as to who's doing the lead on this, by printing Lowe Murray's name on the right side.  The flip side, a song called "Silly & Sappy" has Gene Redd doing the lead.

The Atlas label was located in New York City and owned by Tom Robinson.  Many of the Atlas releases, including this one, were later reissued on the Angle Tone label using the same record number.
The backing group on this, and many other LaVern Baker releases for Atlantic, is shown on the label as The Gliders.  Actually the group is The Cues.  A group that Jesse Stone put together at Atlantic for just such duties.  (See previous page)

"Tweedlee Dee" was a big hit for LaVern in early 1955, getting to #14 on the pop charts, and all the way to #4 on the R&B charts.
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