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As vocal groups go, The Channels had a quite unique sound, with the whole group singing lead much of the time, while Earl Lewis rises above their voices in a floating falsetto.

This release was from the Summer of 1957 on Bobby Robinson's "Whirlin Disc" label, out of New York.
Although not credited on the label, there is certainly a group backing Cathy Ryan on her "24 Hours A Day (365 A Year)" release on King from 1955.  The group is The Admirals.  The same group who did the cover of The Five Keys' "Close Your Eyes", pictured on the previous page.

The King stable included the Federal and DeLuxe labels, and operated out of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Really, the only claim to fame for the small A.F.O. label, was the hit "I Know" by Barbara George.

The label did have one vocal group release though, and it was a good one!  The very rare, "It Takes Time" by The Blenders.

A.F.O., which stands for "All For One" was located in New Orleans, and by the accent of the lead singer, my guess is that so was this group.
The Universals were a group out of Philadelphia, and were made up of members who had connections with the Sensations, the Dreamers, the Turbans, and the Quandrells, prior to this record.

"Again" is a killer ballad by this group from 1957.

The Mark-X label started out as the Mark label, and was owned by George Goldner, who also owned the Gone and End labels.
One of my favorite songs of all time is this one by The Checkers.  I have heard quite a few versions of "White Cliffs Of Dover", but this one stands alone, and is one of the highlights of the 1950s.

Bill Brown, formerly of The Dominoes, and the bass lead on their classic "Sixty Minute Man", is the lead on this 1953 release.

King Records was located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and owned by Sid Nathan.
This record is very late for the sound.  By the time this was released in 1962, the first doo-wop revival period was coming to a close.  Despite two great efforts by this white group from the Bronx, this record sold poorly, and is hard to come by today.

There are copies of this record on the Cousins label, but they are not official releases, and the labels were just glued on top of the Apt label as a lark, by members of the group.

The Apt label, out of New York City, was best known for the #1 hit, "Little Star" by The Elegants.
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