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The Del-Satins were the backup group on some of Dion's biggest hits, including "Runaround Sue", "The Wanderer", and "Ruby Baby".

Unfortunately, they didn't fare quite as well without Dion, and their own releases, like "Teardrops Follow Me", are not too easy to find.

One of the more colorful labels of the time, note the "Advance Release" written in the red parts of this promo record.  Compare this label design from 1962 with the first Laurie label from 1958 on
page 2.
By the time RCA released this single in 1952, the Delta Rhythm Boys had already been recording for 12 years, and had been together longer than that.

They appeared in movies, and backed such singers as Ruth Brown and Ella Fitzgerald.

This group recorded a "must hear" version of the W.C. Handy classic, "St. Louis Blues" in 1947.

During much of the 1950's the group performed in Europe, where they were much appreciated.
There has been a persistent rumor that Eugene Pitt of the Jive Five was a member of The Genies, but he says he was not, at least not in the Genies that recorded this song.  The lead singer for this group was Roy Hammond.

First released in 1958 on the pink label shown here, and later released on the blue label.  It became a minor hit (#71 Pop) in early 1959.

The Shad label out of New York City was owned by Bob Shad, who also owned the Time and Brent labels.
There were actually two completely different sets of Drifters.  The early group, featured here with "Honey Love", was a group put together to  back up Clyde McPhatter after he left the Dominoes.

After releasing some classic R&B sides with the Drifters, including the wonderful "White Christmas", Clyde left the group for a solo career in mid-1955.

Later, in 1958, the remaining members of this group would be fired, and a whole new group brought in, but that's another story...
There were a few different sets of Cordials.  This group has a female lead on the ballad, "I'm Not Crying Anymore", shown here, and a male lead on the uptempo flip side, "What's The Matter With Me".

The Bethlehem label, by the time this record was pressed in 1962, was owned by King Records, who also owned the DeLuxe and Federal labels.
Perhaps the definitive "one hit wonder" group, The Elegants struck it big with "Little Star", a song that rose to the #1 spot on Billboard's pop charts in the late Summer of 1958.  They never again had another song reach the Top 100.

This group was fronted by Vito Picone.

This record was reissued on a solid black Apt label, but the original is pictured here.  Apt was part of the ABC-Paramount label.
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