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What a great ballad by another group that I know nothing about.  Is this the same Troopers that later recorded for Lummtone?  I don't know, but I do know that this is one terrific song!!  It's a shame they didn't record more!!

Released in the Summer of 1957 on the Lamp label out of Los Angeles, which was a subsidiary of Aladdin.
Jerry Butler has spanned the decades with his smooth as silk voice, but this was the song that started it all!!  In "For Your Precious Love", Jerry and the Impressions gave us one of the most unforgetable songs of all time.

The Falcon label, shown here, was started by Ewart Abner, who worked for Vee Jay Records.  There are a few copies of this song that were pressed on the Vee Jay label, but are very rare.

Not long after the release of this record, in the spring of 1957,  the label name was changed to Abner, but it kept the same design.

Although not credited on the label, this is a vocal group effort.

This song, "Love Came To Me" was a hit for Dion in the Fall of 1962, making it to #10 on the pop charts.

I don't know anything about Bill Baron, or who the group was backing him up on this song.

The Yes label was out of Newark, NJ.
"Rang Tang Ding Dong" is a novelty song, and once you hear it, it's hard to forget!!

The record shown is actually a second press, as the first pressing of this does not have "(I Am The Japanese Sandman)" as part of the title.

As a novelty song, this is pretty good, but as a lover of ballads, I like the flip, "You Took My Love", better.

Recorded in January, 1957, and released in Arpil, this song actually charted on the pop charts.
Otis Williams And His Charms were quite successful for an R&B group in the mid-50's.  They had a total of 6 songs break into the Top 100 on the Billboard Pop Chart.

"Ivory Tower" was their biggest hit, rising to #11 on the charts in early 1956.

DeLuxe, as well as their sister label, Federal, and the parent company, King,  sent out these Bio-DJ copies to the radio stations for a short period of time.

Although Much of what is written on the labels is pure propaganda, sometime it is all that is known about the artists.
This North Carolina group has been around for a very long time, and has earned respect from everyone into the "Beach Music" scene in the Carolinas.

This release on the Zebra label, out of Charlotte, NC, is a song written by Maurice Williams ("Stay"), called "Hey Little Girl" and was issued in 1961.
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