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The Four Knights were a North Carolina group who came together in the early 1940s.

Although more Pop than R & B, the Knights made the transition from the '40s to the '50s easily enough, and backed up Nat King Cole on some of his recordings in the 1950s.

The song pictured here, "Oh, Happy Day" is not the same song that the Edwin Hawkin's Singers had a hit with in the late '60s, but a different song that the Knights took to the Top 10 on the pop charts in January of 1953.
Ok, granted most people like the uptempo "Pickin' On The Wrong Chicken" flip side better, but while this is not a strong ballad, I tend to favor the ballad sides of group records over the jump sides.

This pairing was originally issued on Note 10011, and then on the label pictured here in early 1958.

The Hunt label was from Cincinnati, Ohio.
Johnny Maestro, later of the Brooklyn Bridge ("Worst That Could Happen") was the lead singer on The Crests' famous "16 Candles", as well as this follow-up to that hit, "Six Nights A Week" from early 1959.

The Coed label was out of New York City and owned by George Paxton.
The Gainors were a group fronted by Garnet Mimms, who would later have a big hit with "Cry Baby".  The group also included Sam Bell and Howard Tate.

"The Secret", shown here, was a local hit for this group in the Summer of 1958.

The next single put out by Cameo was a reissue of a song they recorded for the Red Top label in Philadelphia, called "You Must Be An Angel", and is the rarest group record on the Cameo label.

Cameo was out of Philadelphia and, along with Parkway, was owned by Bernie Lowe.
By the time this record was released in 1959, Steve Gibson was in his mid-40s.  Gibson was the bass singer and guitarist for this group that included Jimmy Springs, Dave Patillo, Emmitt Matthews, and Romain(e) Brown.

"I Miss You So" was this group's go at the the Orioles song shown on
page 1.  The flip side of this record, "Bless You", was reissued on the Hunt label in 1960.
The Halos had two releases on the 7 Arts label.  The one pictured here, a Coasters-like song, was the first from 1961.

Group member Arthur Crier wrote "Nag".

The 7 Arts label was from New York City.
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