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If The Velours had only recorded one song, their "Can I Come Over Tonight" would have set their place among the great vocal groups of the 50's!!

The lead vocalist for this group was "Romeo" Ramos, and he really shows his stuff on the record pictured here, the beautiful ballad, "This Could Be The Night", from the Fall of 1957.

The Onyx label was owned by Jerry Winston and operated out of New York City.
The "Harvey" label was started by Harvey Fuqua of The Moonglows, who is said to be singing on this song.

Released in 1961, this wonderful ballad has an earlier sound.

This record was later re-released as by The Quails on the same label.
This is the first of only two records released by The Jivers on the Aladdin label in 1956.  The second is a song called "Ray Pearl".  Both are fine efforts.

This is another group I know nothing about!!

The Aladdin label produced some great R&B in the 1950's, including this one!!
The Swallows had two guys who could carry the lead vocals, and each took a side of this one.

Eddie Rich is the lead on "You Left Me", and Junior Denby is the lead of the flip, "Beside You".

This record, while obviously not in mint condition, is an original 1952 release, with the "A's" after the record number.  All original Swallows 45's are very rare!!
"So Tough" by The Casuals was released by Back Beat Records in late 1957.

When originally released, it was as you see here, with the group name as "The Casuals".  The name on the label was soon changed to "The Original Casuals", and that is the way most are found today.

Back Beat was out of Houston, Texas, and was part of the Peacock label.
Here is a classic, raw, street corner song by The Charts from the Summer of 1957.

This record was reissued several times, but this is a true first pressing on Danny Robinson's Everlast label.

"Deserie" is a true classic New York, street corner sound.
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