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One of the most beloved songs of The Five Keys is "Close Your Eyes", a Chuck Willis penned tune that climbed to #5 on the R&B charts in early 1955.

King Records quickly released a cover of this song by their group, The Admirals.

While the Keys' version of this is a classic, sold well, and isn't very hard to find today, the Admirals record, pictured here, sold poorly, and is very hard to find.
The Dominoes were a hot selling act in the very early fifties, but the 45rpm record was still a novelty when this classic song was released.  So, while "Sixty Minute Man" was a good seller for them, it sold mostly in the 78rpm format.

Of course, this classic song has remained very popular through the years since its 1951 release, and reissues abound.  The most common is the solid green label, but the silver top label is also a reissue, as is the gold top without the "AA" after the record number.  If you want to get an original 1951 release of this one, make sure it looks just like this.
The Turbans' "Tick Tock A-Woo" was released with two different flips.  The one pictured here has "No No Cherry" as the flip side.  Both variations are rare!!

These are not the same Turbans who recorded for the Herald label, but a totally different group from the west coast.  This group would later change their name to the Sharptones.

The Money label, out of Los Angeles, was owned by John Dolphin, who also owned the Cash label.
After a couple of releases on the Mohawk label, and some disagreements with the people there, Dion and the Belmonts signed with Gene Schwartz' new Laurie label.

Released in the Spring of 1958, "I Wonder Why" was the first release on Laurie.

Although most often found as a reissue on the
multicolored label, the original label is shown here.
The lead singer of The Blue Dots was Eddie Harris, who would later join a reformed Checkers group in the later part of 1954.

The DeLuxe label, out of Linden, NJ, was already established in 1951, when they became a subsidiary of King Records.  Federal was also a subsidiary of King.

The record shown here is from the Fall of 1954.
Wini Brown and her Boyfriends,  along with The Ravens, were the earliest R&B vocal groups to be released on Chicago's Mercury label.

Wini's "Boyfriends" on this record are:  Warren Suttles, Percy Green, Fred Francis, and Harriet Calendar.

"Here In My Heart" was released in early Summer of 1952.
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