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Crescent Alliance Self Help For Sickle Cell 

Walk Away Moratorium

"Walk Away" Moratorium

"Ever notice how
the cops always show up
 at harvest time?"

The first project on our agenda is that of campaigning for the adoption of a statewide "Walk Away"-Moratorium on the seizure and arrests of medical marijuana plants and patients in compliance with the California Health and Safety Code 11362.5. 

Los Angeles City and County government and law enforcement officials, have failed to implement a plan for safe and affordable access to marijuana to be distributed to people compliant with Proposition 215.

California medical marijuana patient/activists, as well as medical marijuana growers and suppliers, continue to keep their doors open to dispense medical marijuana to the people who possess physician's letters.

Clarification has been handed down by the California State Supreme Court, as well as the Federal 9th Circuit Court, stating patients are exempt from prosecution, doctors are exempt from losing their license, and medical marijuana is given the same status as any other prescription drug.

Still, out of all the court orders and findings, people in compliance with California Health and Safety Code 11362.5 are still being arrested, and their plants and medical marijuana properties are still being seized.

People are still facing prosecution by local law enforcement despite the clear orders from the Court. Yet, there is still one order that HAS NOT BEEN MADE. That order is to all law enforcement throughout the State of California to STOP ARRESTING SICK PEOPLE for Marijuana!

The notorious L.A.P.D. are losing their respect and credibility in terms of why they are continuously raiding the same medical marijuana patients repeatedly, even after they know that these patients are compliant with the medical marijuana initiative.  WHY?

The option to ignore the rights of medical marijuana patients must be closed at every angle. There must not be a stone left unturned in respect to resolving the immediate needs of medical marijuana patients, here in California, ultimately throughout this Nation.

*Walk Away compassionate use Moratorium in Los Angeles

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Sister Somayah is a Sickle Cell Survivor

If you have any information to share
about being either a sickle cell survivor,
how you use medical marijuana
as part of your health therapy
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Donations can be sent to
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Sister Somayah Kambui
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