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  Crescent Alliance Self Help For Sickle Cell 

Sickle Cell Research


Sister Somayah Kambui

Sickle Cell Survivor

The Healing Work Continues


I am Sister Somayah Kambui and my profession is "Hempologist - one who studies and promotes the benefits of hemp " I have been studying and working on the situation for a quarter of a century, and am preparing a book on what I've learned.

Medical marijuana (hemp) has helped me manage my sickle cell anemia.  I remember my father, Haraway Arvil Agouche Moore, coming home one day and finding me on his living room floor balled up and rolling around, yelling and squinting in pain.  I had been working on a job that required field work walking.  Aside from the exhaustion of walking door to door, I was stressed from convincing elders to relinquish their MediCal stickers to be under the medical care of HMO's.

I had been out on my own for a couple of years after the Air Force and the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.  But, it was not until then, did I really know what a Sickle Cell 'crisis' was really all about...pain pain and more pain!!!

But, far more than I did, my father realized what I was going through.  You see, my father suffered from Sickle Cell crises, as well. He was a wise man and knew exactly what to do.

My father filled up the bathtub with hot water and told me to get into it.  He fixed me a hot drink of tea and far as I remember, laid me out some warm pajamas to put on.

When I came out of the bath, my father made me another cup of that tea. The next thing I knew, it was morning.

My mom, Louise 'Candy' Perry Moore, was babysitting and I was feeling much stronger.  When I got ready to leave to go get my children and go to my own place, my father sent me out the door with a big shopping bag, you know, the kind with the handles?

Well he smiled at me with the protective vibe of my Daddy, gave me a big hug and some nose.  Then looked at me concerned.

"Daddy's tea fixed his baby right on up, huh?"

Then he laughed.

I said, "yep, I guess I was just tired, that tea really put me to sleep."

I answered with a playful suspicion in my voice.  He laughed.

"Here, take this home with you and if you need to relax or get out of pain or sleep, make you some of this tea."

Well, that is what I did.

When I arrived at my Mommy's house to pick up my children, my mother peeped the shopping bag and immediately picked up the phone and called my father.  I could hear her ask, "why did you send her with all that stuff?".

I could hear my father's voice through the phone passionately replying,  "If that 'stuff' keeps my baby off that "shit" then I will grow acres of it!"

See, I my Daddy knew all the time how the pain shots and pain pills were affecting me. I made a pact with him to stay off the 'shit' as long as I can keep some decent herb around. In his honor, I carry on his work and wisdom.

Hemp Oil Nutrutional Profile, MaryBeth Augustine, RD,CDN


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I recently explained to the magazine High Times "The disease causes normal, donut-shaped red blood cells to change their shape into something like sickles, or paisleys, when their oxygen is depleted. Those sickle-shaped cells catch on one another at joints and in organ tissue, causing unbearably painful capillary blockages and preventing oxygen delivery to vital organs. Those blockages can produce severe joint swelling, with debilitating pain that can last for weeks. In extreme cases, it can result in blindness, stunted growth, severe infections, and even stroke. Unfortunately, there is no cure, so medical science simply seeks to eliminate the pain. In many cases the pain reliever provided is oral-dose morphine."

We've gotten a wrong reputation in society.  Those old men and women you see sitting on the stoop in poor black neighborhoods looking like junkies?  Well, they are junkies. US government morphine junkies.

Not only is cannabis a vasodilator-which opens up your blood vessels and allows those cells to become unblocked-but it is a fantastic analgesic as well, reducing pain to a bearable level.

Cannabis and hempseed oil are excellent dietary supplements to keep red-blood-cell counts high. The seeds and oil are a major part of the healing of sickle cell, because of the nutrients they contain and globin they produce. The essential fatty acids in hemp oil are vital to the health of someone with sickle cell. When divers get the bends, they have sickle cells. All you need to do is re-oxygenate the blood, and the sickle cell returns to its normal configuration.

Frances Gallman wrote:

Dear Sister Somayah:

I met you at the Haze meeting last week & you are correct in what you say.

There are undiscovered conditions that medical marijuana has helped people with, such as my true story.

 High blood pressure claimed the life of my identical twin sister at the tender age of 16 & is after me with a vengeance.

I am two months away from 65 & God knows if it were not for medical marijuana I would be with my twin by now.

I had to be airlifted off Catalina Island by medical chopper & into Long Beach memorial ICU where they worked to bring the pressure down.

After many IV's & many pill, they sent me home a few days later. Upon reaching home the pressure was back up as high as before.

My daughter brought me some medical marijuana & after smoking only half, the headache was gone so subtle that I wasn't aware of it.

I could walk across the floor now instead of tipping, even run.

 No pain.

I wish that together we could have shared God's creation. He will see to it that we will live.

Beelzebub is busy, but GOD is busier. We know who has the last word & it is not the system.

They cannot stop us.

More power to God's creation & the people who benefit from it.

Thank you for being you, & together we will keep up the fight.

With the creator in front of us we can't lose.


N I G R I T I A N   K I E F   L E A F   N O T E S

Nigritian Kief - medicinal hemp, is a natural plant from nature. To legislate against a plant is brainless. Worse, for a government to legislate against a plant is self negating.

Nigtritian People - Ancestors of Nigritian decent - Melonated people, are indigenously designed to consume Nigritian Kief so as to retain, replenish and rejuvenate cellular memory and functions of the brain and pineal gland, too often neglected or negatively affected from the nutritional deficiency that can only be resolved in consuming the properties of the hemp/cannabis Nigritian Kief plant.

ORIGINAL - use and cultivation of Nigritian Kief, dates back to the first boat to float on earth, floated on the Niger River. Thus, Nigritian Kief.!

If you or anyone you know suffers from Sickle Cell Disease and wishes to know more about the CRESCENT ALLIANCE SELF HELP FOR SICKLE CELL/project HEMP IS HEP... please contact:  Sister Somayah Kambui: 323 232 0935 [email protected]


Remedies and Prevention of pain and complications of sickle cell disease

Learn how to prepare the most nutritious foods in the world!! End Mal-nutrition world over! Stop the unnecessary suffering due to lack of nutrition! Essential Fatty Acids can heal and prevent the complications of Sickle Cell Disease!!

Sister Somayah Kambui!

She is in her 50's and she can tell you how to live and get a new lease on life with her life essential recipes!!

Home phone # 323 232 0935 or email her at [email protected]

Sister Somayah is a Sickle Cell Survivor

If you have any information to share
about being either a sickle cell survivor,
how you use medical marijuana
as part of your health therapy
e-mail your story to be part of the research
[email protected]

Donations can be sent to
into the account of
[email protected]

For More Information Contact: Sister Somayah:
Sister Somayah Kambui
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