Sesungguhnya nasib orang-orang  Melayu Patani tidak harus diletak dalam tangan pemerintah Siam-Thai tetapi langkah memperbaiki nasib kedudukan mereka adalah terletak di dalam tangan mereka sendirii .....แท้จริงชะตากรรมของชาวมลายูปัตตานีไม่ควรถูกวางในมือของรัฐบาลสยาม-ไทย. แต่มาตรการที่ทำให้ชะตากรรมของพวกเขาดีขึ้นและปรับปรุงขึ้น  ถูกวางอยู่ในมือของพวกเขาเอง....In truth the fate of Patani Malay people should not be placed in the hands of the Siam-Thai government. Rather, measures to improve their fate and condition should be placed in their own hands

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Reseach Matters:

Palaeodepositional Environment Study of the Pattani Basin, Gulf of Thailand; using Organic Geochemistry, Palynology, Wireline Log and Seismic Signatures


Kruawun Jankaew, Dr. Michael J. Pearson

and Dr. Michael D. Simmons

The Pattani Basin is the largest Tertiary basin in the Gulf of Thailand, about 400 km long, 70 km wide and contains more than 1000 m thickness of the Tertiary sediments in the deepest part. It is the most prolific basin in Thailand, accounting for more than 80% of a present day hydrocarbon production in the country.

The Pattani Basin is a fault-bounded half-graben. Sedimentary section in the basin is predominantly composed of Neogene sediments consisting almost entirely of continental and paralic facies. Marine influence is sporadically present, but scarcity of planktonic foraminifera suggests open marine conditions never developed.

Tertiary basins in Thailand have striking geological similarities in origin and tectonic setting. Improved understanding of palaeodepositional environments and the evolution of the Pattani Basin can thus provide a general model for other basins in the area.

Purposes of study

This research involves stratigraphic analysis of well logs and seismic data complemented with palynology and organic geochemistry of cuttings samples with a view to understanding the Tertiary depositional history of the basin and its regional hydrocarbon distribution pattern. It is expected that the study results will help understanding of the variation in hydrocarbon source rocks of this and similar rift-basins of the region.


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