Unleashing the Power of Network Marketing!

Warning: Don't mistaken it as a flower bed full of colorful roses!!!

But, in the words of Mark Yarnell,
It is indeed the greatest opportunity
in the history of Capitalism

Rest Assured: You can Create Massive Monthly Income and Free Time For Yourself Starting on a Shoestring Budget.
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Optimism: Are there reasons?

First, we have the only enterpreneurial home business with literally no downside risk. You see, most businesses require significant capital before you can even hang up a sign. Not network marketing! Thus, in the competitive world of home businesses and franchises, we have no equal!

Second, there is literally no ceiling, no limits on earnings. A lawyer can only bill so many hours in a day and a doctor can only perform a handful of surgeries a day. Some great people working in traditional business haven't had a raise in ten years. But, in our case, we can create a raise for our family every day if we choose...We absolutely love the fact that it's possible to earn one million dollars a month.

Third, and most exhilarating of all, in network marketing, time freedom is directly commensurate with wealth and prosperity.

Fourth, there need not be any stress at all in MLM.

Fifth, the Four-Year Plan. The Forty-Year Plan is the best that folks can hope for in the traditional businesses. So, what is the forty-year plan, you ask? By age 25, most people have an idea of what profession they'll enter, anything from a fishing guide to a surgeon. But 40 years later at age 65, out of a typical 100 people, 36 are dead, 54 are dead broke (or at least earning far less than when they were employed), 5 are still working, 4 are well off and 1 person is wealthy. Thus, the forty-year plan means that for four decades most of us go back and forth from home to work, back and forth, back and forth, like a silly, sick, caged lion...and yet at the end of that time only 1 out of 100 persons has something to show for it! In stark contrast is the Four-Year Plan. Work diligently for one MLM company for 4 years, build an income based on the honest movement of products or services, and you're set for life.

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Mark Yarnell, co-author of the book
"Your First Year in Network Marketing",

is an accomplished author, speaker, and international businessman, and serves as a key field leader in Legacy USA. He has 12 years of applied network marketing experience and has built a successful network marketing organization of more than 200,000 representatives worldwide together with his wife, Rene Reid Yarnell.

From $179 to $ Millions "I started with $179 of borrowed capital, no college education, and a financial emergency on my hands. I worked longer and harder hours than I would imagined possible, but it paid off: in 1990, 4 years later, my net worth was in the millions. And I was not alone. The top 50 distributors at my company had a median income of $74,000 per month in 1991, according to the company records. These earners were the elite, but the point is that the opportunity is there. I was privileged to donate $150,000 to the Reno United Way without putting a hitch in my annual retirement savings, which that year totaled more then $250,000."

"I believe, along with many noted economists, that unless the 76 million baby boomers begin to plan seriously for retirement immediately, we could become a nation of impoverished old people by 2020."

"As MLM leaders, we have the opportunity of immunizing our country and ourselves against disaster simply by educating as many Americans as possible to build their futures now."

By Mark Yarnell.

Robert Kiyosaki
Why the network marketing business will continue to grow?
By the year 2010, which is not that far away, the first of 75 million baby-boomers in America reach the age of 65. Many will come to network marketing as a means of building that lifetime of security their job did not provide.

On top of that, a person who successfully builds a network marketing business has the potential of joining the ranks of the ultra-rich of the world...far richer than highly educated professional people such as doctors, lawyers, engineers...and far richer than many sports stars, movie stars and rock stars. As the year 2010 approaches, many people who are already in a network marketing business will do exceptionally well as millions of baby-boomers come their way.

"Success in Network Marketing is critically dependent on awareness, from the very beginning, of what these hazards are and how to overcome them" - Mark Yarnell in Your First Year in Network Marketing.

On Network Marketing

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) Network marketing is big business played on an international stage offering staggering income potential, enormous amounts of free time, travel, power and prestige.

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) In network marketing, you persevere or you perish. Quitting is the one sure way to fail. Surviving the first year establishes a new distributor with a good basis for success.

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) There is nothing to hold you back but the limits imposed by your own mind-sets.

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) Don't talk about this business with friends or relatives until after you have made a commitment and have been trained. (Make it a point to teach your new associates.)

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) Failure in network marketing often results from two problems:
1) The new distributor's argumentative approach in recruiting frontline people who have already made it obvious that the timing isn't right in their lives.
2) The mistaken belief that the goal is to overcome objections, sign up people at all cost, then drag them across the finish line through motivation and management systems.

On Rejection

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) Persistence, coupled with absolute belief, can never be defeated.

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) Accepting no is merely part of the process of finding those who say yes.

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) Rejection is your ally, not your adversary, and if handled properly it will expedite your recruiting activities and actually set up for a positive outcome.

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) The deeper your belief level, the greater your chance of success.

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) Remember: It is the sheer magnitude of the numbers of prospects we approach that keeps us from overreacting to those who do reject our approaches.

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) As you begin talking to prospects, you have the choice of creating one of two mind-sets:
1) You can strive to be well received by those you approach by setting yourself up for a friendly callback.
2) You can try to avoid the pain of rejection by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) Rejection can be redirected to become a force for good in building your business.

On Sponsorship

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) "New blood is the lifeblood of any organization." Continually sponsoring new associates adds vitality to an entire business.

x_sm.gif (919 bytes) Don't ever allow yourself to be duped into believing that you can "buy" your way to the top of a company. If a leader and his troops do that, in a short time, you've got a bunch of people with garages full of dust-gathering products, and then it's just a matter of time until they become disgusted and quit.

Simple Ideas to make more $$$
in Network Marketing

Let Your Enthusiasm Show

The most important belief for you to cultivate is belief in the possibilities of network marketing, your company, product and opportunity - and most important of all, your belief in the possibility of success for yourself and all the people you talk to. When you're discussing your program with others, make sure you let your enthusiasm show - BIG TIME! Remember, what you say isn't nearly as important as how you say it!

Do The Right Thing, Not Just Do Things Right

Do the right thing and not just do things right. Don't confuse activity with productivity. There are three things that will build your network marketing business: developing consumer base, sponsoring distributors, and helping your people duplicate your efforts.

Books on Network Marketing:

1) Your First Year In Network Marketing -
Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarnell
2) Being The Best You Can Be In MLM - John Kalench
3) Street Smart Networking - Robert Butwin
4) The Business School For People Who Like Helping People - Robert Kiyosaki
5) The New Professionals - Charles W King and James W Robinson
6) Network Marketing, Action Guide For Success - David Stewart
7) How To Build A Multi-Level Money Machine - Randy Gage
8) How To Make Big Money In Multi-Level Marketing - David Roller
9) Make Your First Million In Network Marketing - Mary Christensen
10) Ultimate Guide To Network Marketing - Russ Paley
11) The New Professionals - Charles W King and James W Robinson
12) Conversations With The Greatest Networker In The World - John Milton Fogg
13) Network Marketing For The New Millennium - Dr Joe Rubino
14) Inside Network Marketing - Leonard W Clements
15) 17 Secrets Of The Master Prospectors - John Kalench

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