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People’s Franchise Network’s Vision


“Helping people to relive their dreams in Network Marketing.”





1. To develop and to equip leaders in all  

 aspects of this business from building to 

 managing a network.


2. To provide strategies and directions as the  

    industry continues to evolve.





This manual is dedicated to help all those people who want to improve their lifestyle through Network Marketing. As such, this manual is designed to help you identify why and how you can get started.


The key to this business is DUPLICATION.

The key to duplication is SIMPLICITY.


This manual has to be simple enough for you to follow and for your new partner to train his new Distributor and so on and so forth.




Knowing Why you do What you are doing.


Only successful people will keep on doing what they are doing because they know the “why” they do what they are doing.


Most people make an emotional decision in joining a Network Marketing business rather than a firm business decision. Therefore we designed the following questions to help launch you into the business world.


Q1. Can you write just ONE compelling reason why you are involved in Network Marketing?





Q2. How long can you see yourself doing this business before you quit?





Q3. IF you failed in your Neways business, would you

1. Give up the industry altogether?

2. Give up Neways but may try another company.

3. Will make another attempt at Neways opportunity again.


Q4. What is your vision and mission statement in this business?







Q5. How much do you want to earn in the first 3 months _________, one year __________ and ultimately ___________?


TIP: You must commit yourself to the business for at least a year. Don’t quit before “pay-day”. This business is not easy but it’s simple and worth your hard work. You can succeed if you are willing to learn the know how.

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How to get started


Become a “product of the product”.

Unless product is purchased, you and your distributors are not serious about the business. Remember, this is part of your Neways story. Most of your new recruits and customers will ask you what, when, why and how you started using the products.

You must use the products before you begin the business.


Sharing is easier and more effective than selling.                                                                                              

What will you do if you have been told by God that a great flood will come to destroy your entire village tomorrow? Will you quietly sneaked out of the village without telling anyone or will you rush to tell everybody?


Similarly, once you are convinced of the Neways’ safe product philosophy, you will rush to tell all your loved ones, relatives, and friends. Would you allow your children or your parents, and friends use personal care products which are potential cancer causing?


Convert Your Bathroom

1.   Silken Mild Family/NEWAYS Shampoo

2.   Exuberance Conditioner

3.   NEWAYS Facial Cleanser

4.   NEWAYS Toothpaste

5.   Eliminator Mouthwash

6.   NEWAYS Bath/shower gel or NEWAYS Bubble bath

7.   Barrier Cream

8.   Subdue Roll-on Deodorant

9.   Retention Plus*

10. Bio-Mist Activator*

11. Wrinkle Garde*

12. Skin Enhancer*

13. Close Shaving Gel #                                      


Convert Your Life Pack

1.   Convert your bathroom pack (the above mentioned)

2.   Revenol

3.   VMM

4.   Life Enhancer

5.   Roil Oil/Fuel Treatment

6.   Leslie DeeAnn Color Cosmetics*                     # For men * For women.

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You can choose from either the Convert Your Bathroom Pack or the Convert Your Life Pack.


TIP: Selling is using the Neways’ safe philosophy as your marketing edge in order to make a profit. Selling is using your skills to convert the product features into benefits for the customers.

Sharing is telling your conviction of the Neways’ safe philosophy even if you do not profit from it. Sharing is education.


Neways has a wonderful range of products to choose from.

Purification Pack                            Weight Loss

1.   Purge                                            Chitosorb

2.   Feelin’ Good                                 Curb

3.   Maximol or Mineral Solution        Thinyu/Citrate


Balance/Stamina and Energy         Bone & Muscle Supplements

1.   Ming Gold                                    Renu

2.   Life Enhancer                               Revenol      

3.   Emperor’s formula

4.   Youthinol


Others                                               Slimming/Body Contouring

1.   Einstein                                                 Skinny Dip

2.   Megatonin                                    “S” Cream

3.   Orachel                                        Firm Up

4.   Orachel for Kids                           Bio-Mist Activator


Hair Enhancements                         Lustrous Nail System

1.   2nd Chance Shampoo

2.   2nd Chance Conditioner               Leslie DeeAnn Color Cosmetics

3.   NEWAYS Hair Booster

4.   Life Enhancer                               Roil Car Care















Page 3

TIP: Product knowledge is vital but it is not a necessity to be technical. Don’t be the product expert, just be the benefit expert. The followings are recommended for further information about products. Use these tools to leverage your time in training your downlines while you are learning at the same time.


1.     Product Usage Manual

2.     Why Neways/Product Training by Dr. Tom Mower and Margie Alliprandi (Audio)

3.     Death By Default by Dr. E. Jackson Stockwell (Audio)

4.   Pycnogenol by Dr. Bob Martin (Audio)

5.   Products Interview with Dr. Tom Mower (a series of 7 audio tapes)

6.     Silk Road To Optimum Health by Dr. Joel Singer/Cathy Lok (Audio)

7.     Home Brewed Cancer Booklet

8.     Technical Information Packs, Chitosan, Colloidal Mineral etc.


Neways International has a very comprehensive web sites of 4,000 pages. You can know more about the business, the company, the vision, what the company stands for, the safe product philosophy and a library of products information, and monthly Inside Neways for the latest update.


Neways International website:


While these materials are plenty and great for education, they are excellent for prospecting or educating the public. Don’t wait for materials to come to you, take initiatives to look for them instead.


Please attend all product trainings.
















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Plan your work and work your plan


The worst thing that could happen to a person who worked this business for 10 years is, still not be able to turn their dream into reality. Instead of planning their work and working their plan, they repeat their failures from one company to another.


Planning your work involves setting goals and working your plan is taking action towards the direction of your goals. We have made a template to help you fill out your goals for your Neways business.


Your first 3 months in Neways - Go Executive.

Majority of the people that come into this business will begin at the entry level, which is Consultant. As such, you should qualify as an Executive within your first 3 months, preferably in the first month itself so that you can over-ride the differences spelled out in the Marketing Plan.

Number of direct downlines:- 12 to 15

Number of organisation downlines:- 80 to 100

Organisational Volume:- 30,000 GBV a month by the 3rd month.


Your roles: Prospecting, Approaching and Sponsoring.


Go Master Executive in the next 6 months!

In the next 6 months, your goal is to develop your 4 active legs to become Executives. Your aim is to qualify for car fund program and the affinity bonuses. We bypassed the Senior Executive position because there is no significant benefits except for a lower monthly PGBV required.


Your roles: Teach and show your downlines how to prospect, approach and sponsor.


Go Diamond in the next 9 to 12 months!

Built the other 8 active legs to become Executives. This is the highest level as far as the bonus is concerned. It is important to go Diamond as your larger network is looking at you as their role model. This is a business of duplication.


Your roles: The first cycle of duplication is complete when your first levels have learn how to teach their first levels. Your role is to train them how to teach. In short, you are training, modeling and managing.




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Crown Diamond Ambassador - Your ultimate goal in Neways.

This is the ultimate goal of every Neways Distributor. You should focus your next 3 to 5 years in building your 9 Executives to become Diamond Ambassador. This is where you truly enjoy the taste of having residual income and leveraging. Imagine having 9 Diamonds who earn somewhere between US$5,000 to USD$10,000 a month.


If you can earn, say somewhere between US$3,000 to US$8,000 a month from each Diamond leg, you will have a rock solid US$27,000 to US$72,000 monthly residual income!


It is not easy to qualify as a Crown Diamond Ambassador in 3 to 5 years but it’s worth the effort. Can you think of another career where you can earn a residual income of this much after working for 5 years or even 10 years?


Relive your dreams and make it happen.

1. Date joined Neways   __/__/____ (DD/MM/YY)


2. Go for Executive within the first 3 months       __/__/____


Month         No of Direct Downlines  No of Organisational      Volume


1st month

2nd month

3rd month


5.   Go for Master Executive in the next 6 months. Date: __/__/____

6.   Go Diamond Ambassador in the next 9 to 12 months.

     Date: __/__/____


Tip: You must write down the names of your potential candidates and plan your work with them. However, do not make them work around your time table but rather you should plan your goal around theirs. Your job is to bring out the greatness in each of your downline in order to help them achieve what they want.






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Don’t start talking to anyone about Neways until you have written down at least 25 names. Get organized and jog through your memory. Do not exclude anyone from your list because you can’t second-guess people’s desire levels. In this business, you are sponsoring the person as well as his/her network of friends.


·        Devote ample time

·        Must complete 100 names in your first month.

·        Use the “People in our life” (page 8) as a guide

·        Always keep index cards with you. Whenever you think of a name, write it on the index card and transfer that name to your master list.


Prospecting is NOT selling your products or the business. Prospecting is getting people interested in what your are doing. Prospecting is educating people about the harmful ingredients used in our daily personal care products and insinuating the right perspectives of Network Marketing.


Here are some great prospecting tools you can use.

·        Mission Possible video tape.

·        Money, Money, Money, Money, Money (Audio and booklet)

·        The Greatest Opportunity in the history of the World (Audio Tape)

·        The Blinding Paradigm (Audio Tape)

·        Escape the rat race (Audio Tape) and more.


TIP: Be prepared to face rejections. Some prospects may criticize what you are sharing and promoting. Some might even discourage you from doing the business. You need to guard your enthusiasm. When you are new, enthusiasm is the only thing you have. Your knowledge is insufficient, therefore we strongly suggest you read and listen to the audio tapes. However, as you increase your knowledge, do NOT neglect or decrease your enthusiasm which is the driving force in you.


More audio tapes to encourage, motivate and re-affirm your beliefs in Network Marketing and especially Neways International.

·        Why I joined Neways and never another MLM company by Rick Bazzill

·        From Dust to Diamond by Joe Hornsey

·        How I built a US$60 Million business from home by Rick Bazzill

·        Wave 3 Network Marketing by Richard Poe (book)

·        Streetsmart Networking by Butwin (book)

·        MLM Basics by Don Faila (book)                                                              Page 7

People in our life





Sister in Law

Brother in Law




Father in Law

Mother in Law



Former Boss


Class mates

Room Mates

House mates





Best man

Flower Girls



Pen Pals

NetMeeting -Pals

Children’s classmates parents

Tuition- teacher

Music teacher


Hair Stylist


Club members



Insurance -agent





Church- member





E-mail list



Cable TV

Baby sitter

Tennis partner

Sports Friends

Office -neighbors


Health Spa

Ballroom dancing friends



Grocery -owners

Video rental

Tire Shop




Avon Saleslady




Lion’s Club




Radio DJ


Piano teacher







Travel agent

Kid’s teacher

Kid’s Coach

Kid’s Principal


Golf partners

Fishing friends



Notary Public

Stocks broker

Real Estate -agent

HMOs agent

Voice Mails






Bank tellers

Photo shop-owners

Bridal shop

Cat lover

Dog lover

Animal trainer



Tax collector


Restaurant -owners

Cellular Phone




House buyer



Car buyer




Office Manager


Dry Cleaner

Office Owner

Office tenant

Direct Sales




Social worker






























Page 8


The Approach


The goal of approach is to get the appointment for the meeting. If you tell them anything about the opportunity, you must tell them everything. Very few people are qualified to give a presentation during their first few days or weeks in the business.


The meeting can be

·        An opportunity meeting

·        Watching a video

·        One-on-one or Two-on-one

·        Home Party

·        Listening to the audio tapes

·        Reading the booklet


There are several ways you can approach your prospects. You can approach them on

·        the Neways’ safe product philosophy (best used in sharing your concern in having harmful ingredients in our personal care products.)

·        the business plan (best used in sharing with seasoned Distributors).

·        the Network Marketing industry

·        their criteria in selecting a company (best used on seasoned Distributors)

·        probing to find their “hot button” (find out what your prospect has wanted for a long time or something he/she is yearning to have like a better lifestyle).

·        their perspectives towards the industry (best used on businessman and professionals).



1.   You have to learn how to ease yourself into this new environment of prospecting. Begin by starting “small” talks about any of the subject mentioned above. The purpose is to make approaching a second nature to you. Something you can do naturally without giving any impressions to your prospects that you are trying to sell them products or recruit them into the business.





Page 9


2.   Stay focused in what you are looking for.

2.1 Prospects who share the same concerns on the harmful ingredients used in the personal care products. They are your loyal consumers and they care enough to share with their friends.

2.2 People like you who believe in Network Marketing and are committed to built the business.

3.   Never waste time with people who have intention to do but no action.

4.   Always accept “NO” as “Not yet” because of timing. Maintain your communication in order to enhance relationship because you never know when is the right timing. Do a periodical follow up on them.


SW, SW, SW, SW, N stands for Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Some Waiting, Next.


Telephone Approach

Again, remember you are not trying to sell neither the opportunity nor the products over the telephone - just the appointment/meeting. You should anticipate some questions from your prospect. Here are few examples.


Q1. Can you tell me what is this all about?

“I’ll love to tell you more now,______(name), but I would be doing both you and the business a disservice. You’ll get a much clearer picture of the entire business when you attend our business presentation. Would _____(time) or ______(time) be more convenient for you?”


Q2. Can’t you tell me more?

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the time necessary to effectively explain the program; besides, you deserve the best explanation. When can we get together, ______(time) or ______(time).”


Q3. Is this selling?

“Do you enjoy selling? (regardless of answer): fine, the you’ll like this. When can we get together, ________(time) or ________(time).”


Q4. Is this Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM)?

“How do you feel about MLM? (regardless of the answer): fine, then you’ll like this. When can we get together, ________(time) or _________(time)”


Q5. Any question

“I think it is safe to assume that since you are already asking questions you are interested in learning more about this. I am new and relatively inexperienced. I know someone who knows this and can explain well. I will you up at ______(time).”                                                         Page 10


The Close


What to say during the meeting?

1.   Probe by asking questions in order to “open up” your prospect’s mind by creating a need for your products and/or the business opportunity. Do not present blindly without finding out what he/she would like to know about your products and business.


2.   Listen and stay attentive to what your prospect is saying. Ask close ended (their answer to you should be “yes” or “no”) questions in order to have their agreement or disagreement with you. Ask open ended questions when you want to probe for more informations.


3.   You need to take control of the meeting by asking questions rather than answering your prospect’s objections or questions. Answer a question with a question, if at all possible.


4.   Be sensitive. Know when to stop your presentation. Do not talk too much otherwise your prospect will not have sufficient time to think or make decision.


What to say after the presentation/meeting.

Sponsoring/Enrolling a person is helping him/her to start the business. To enroll your prospect, ask closing questions like;

1.   “Where do you want to start? Consultant or Executive?”

2.   “How do you prefer to start, at the top or bottom?”

3.   “Which pack do you prefer? The convert your bathroom or convert your life pack?”

4.   “When would you like to start the purification program? This week or next week?”


TIP: Closing is easy if you have satisfy his/her needs. A prospect will be more anxious to start the products or opportunity if you have done a good meeting.


You should go through this manual with your new Distributor within 48 hours of enrolling. If possible, start this manual upon signing up.


“Can you get the lifestyle you want if you keep on doing what you are doing?”


“If your friends has to know about Neways, it might as well be from you.”

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