August 30, 2002
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LDA Workshop
Date: 22nd September 2002 (Sunday)
Venue: Fort Canning Lodge, Sophia Cooke Ballroom
Address: 6, Fort Canning Road, Singapore 179494
Tel: 02-63384222 Fax: 02-63374222
Time: 1:00pm to 9:00pm
Admission: S$30, inclusive of 1 coffee break and 1 dinner
Note: Attendees must bring their own LDA cosmetics, mirror, Eliminator, cotton pads, tissues and cosmetic brushes etc. Ladies please come along without make-up. Males are welcome!
Click HERE for registration form

Slender Care Clinic
Date: 23rd September (Monday)
Venue: Neways International Singapore Corporate Office
Address: #09-24, International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, 079903 Singapore.
Tel: 02-62977072 Fax: 02-62970232
Time: 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Note: Attendees must bring their own Skinny Dip, "S" Cream, Bio-Mist, Firm Up & Body Wrap Film

Skin Care Talk
Date: 23rd September (Monday)
Venue: Neways International Singapore Corporate Office
Address: #09-24, International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, 079903 Singapore.
Tel: 02-62977072 Fax: 02-62970232
Time: 7:15pm to 9:15pm

Workshops & Clinics Are For Distributors Only.
For details, please call Christopher at 02-62977072 or email at [email protected]

August Product Promotions Continue!
Exciting Promotions To A Healthier You!
and take advantage of these great promotions before it goes away.

number_11.jpgD-Zyme/FloraZymes PROMOTION


You may not be getting the full benefit from the foods you eat. As we age, our digestive enzymes are reduced both in quality and quantity. This results in incomplete digestion. Incomplete digestion results in poor absorption.

Neways has formulated D-Zyme, a balanced enzyme formula that covers the widest range of foods normally consumed. Included with these digestive enzymes are natural herbs that support the functioning of these enzymes and the health of the digestive tract.

If your intestine were examined under an electron microscope you may be surprised what is found in there. There are 400 different varieties of bacteria in your intestines. Now don't be alarmed, it's perfectly normal. Bacteria help to digest the foods you eat and support the health of your intestinal tract. A digestive system loaded with these "healthy bacteria" has the ammunition it needs to support the immune system, cholesterol metabolism, and the maintenance of healthy cells.

Neways FloraZymes is a probiotic providing two of the most essential friendly bacteria, Lactobacillus Sporogenes and Lactobacillus Acidophilus along with one of the best fiber supplements known (Arabinogalactan).

Reach greater levels of health with a well-functioning digestive system supplemented with D-Zyme and FloraZymes.

Available for ordering in Singapore & Brunei!
Item Code 1040P Buy 1 D-Zyme get 1 FloraZymes at 50% Off
BV 74.50 / PV 49.60 / APBV 81.90 / APPV 54.50
DP (S$) 113.05 / CP (S$) 158.30
DP (B$) 113.05 / CP (B$) 158.30

number_22.jpgMaximol Pack PROMOTION

MAXIMISE your lifestyle with MAXIMOL

Maximol is an organic fulvate complex, microcolloidal solution with a complete lineup of 67 essential trace minerals, 17 essential vitamins and 21 amino acids. Packed with ionized, polarized electrolytes and organic fulvates, Maximol aids the body as it converts nutrients to life force energy fuel and rejuvenates your biosystems after physical exertion.

Available for ordering in Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei!
Item Code 1840PR Maximol Pack
BV 500.50 / PV 333.50 / APBV 550.50 / APPV 366.50
WMDP (RM) 560.00 / WMCP (RM) 784.00 / EMDP (RM) 594.00 / EMCP (RM) 831.50
DP (S$) 266.50 / CP (S$) 373.00
DP (B$) 296.00 / CP (B$) 414.50

These incredible August Promotions are valid through October 2002 or while stock lasts!

V - Plan By Jeff Yeo On September 4
Training Conducted in Mandarin. Don't miss this opportunity!

Date: 4th September 2002 (Wednesday)
Time : 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Venue : Vistana Hotel Kuantan - Meeting Room 1
Address : Jalan Telok Sisek, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang.
Tel : 09- 5688000

Financial Year End Stock-Take

Due to the Company's Financial Year End Stock-Take, the Singapore Office shall be closed on Saturday, 31st August 2002.

The month-end sales closing date for August Volume Month in Singapore shall be on 2nd September, and the Top-Up Date shall be on 3rd September from 2 pm to 7.00 pm.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Happy Selling!

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