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-   Building your business in network marketing and the journey of a networker.


24.3 million of people in network marketing have no diploma or degree yet they are multi-billionaires.

90% enthusiasm            10% knowledge/skills/attitude = KSA

After  5 months/1 month/2 weeks – dropout – WHY?

Remember :  You need to run the business based on KSA and not just enthusiasm (does not last long).  Borrow enthusiasm from new downlines.




Things you should know before you begin your journey in network marketing.


Why people dropout ?

1)         They make an emotional decision – wrong.
            It’s not how many people you sign up, but leaders!

2)         Pressure them to sign up immediately.

3)         Good products are important but they are not the real reason.

4)         Greed (Get-rich-quick scheme).

5)         Don’t entice people into the business but interview – Do you need me to give you quality time?

6)         Out of obligation.

7)         Wrong ideas of business/fail to show the prospectus of network marketing.

8)         The blind leading the blind – no leadership.

9)         High expectations – You can’t win heavy weight title when doing light weight exercises.

10)       When they become business-minded.







What Network Marketing is NOT

1)         Not get-rich-quick scheme.

2)         Need no selling  No need to know a lot of people.

3)         Not Pyramid/Scam:-

a)      High investment & entry fees

b)      High pay-out which is from the products

c)      Make $ on recruitment

d)      The last person will stand to lose.  Business always appear to be easier but not viable, must be FEASIBLE.

There are people who run pyramid in a legitimate company.

Anyone who does/collects investment must get licence from SES.

The only way to do network marketing is to tell the TRUTH and not ½ truth and worse wrong ½.


People do WRONG things- must do it RIGHT.

1)         People do wrong things just to get people from other Network.
2)         People do selling.


***What is Network business?

a)         Create a network of loyal consumers – residual $ (don’t you think the products are highly consumable?).

b)         Build a team of leaders – Financial independence & Personal freedom. 


1)         Strategy of distributing goods to consumers

2)         This is the only business you have captured market; existing consumers.  Nuture and take care of your own consumers.


***What can Network marketing do for me? (* Leave these Questions in his mind).


1)                  What can your current job do for you?

2)                  Do you see yourself doing this for the rest of your life?

3)                  Can you get what you want in life if you continue doing what you are doing today?

4)                  Are you so busy that you have no time making $ for yourself or family?

5)                  Are you so busy working to make your boss rich and how long are you going to stay that way?


6)                  Are you saying that you have no time, but you have a lot of money already?  I used to be in your position, but now this network marketing can give me time to spend with my family as well as money.

7)                  Are you happy with where you are working today?

8)                  How long can you last after your last pay cheque?

9)                  What would you do if you are financially free?

10)              If you have friends as pharmacist,  how are you doing to work with these people?

11)              What makes you think they will accept your products?


What are the criteria in choosing Network Marketing company

Remember: If you have the knowledge, you have control.  When you are asking questions, you are in control.  When they cannot answer, they respect you.


1)                  How did you arrive at the decision in joining the company?

2)                  Have you done your homework before you sign up with the company?

3)                  What do you really want from this business?


Criteria of choosing the RIGHT network marketing company


1)                  Products must be highly consumable – repeat orders.

2)                  Products are unique – nobody can copy,

3)                  Prices must be affordable – reachable to all income groups.

4)                  Company must be stable – manufacture their own products

5)                  Must be unilevel – in maintenance, no status, no breakaway. Higher – lower maintenance, concentrate on network.

6)                  Plan – accumulative feature and not back to zero.


Becoming a man of integrity – what becomes of you that matters.

Do not learn the tricks of the business, learn the business, do not use short-cut.

Business is simple but not easy; allow yourself condition to this type of business.

Stop complaining and start networking.

You cannot fail; you can only quit.

If you keep doing, you will definitely make it.

Think of how to make $ work for you – rich people; Poor people – work for $.

Principles of leveraging and duplicating.

Your in                   do not cancel your responsibility and once you the upline, be serious and do it right.


Upline: Sponsor can be a tremendous asset on a tremendous nightmare.




Blueprint of a business


Make decision for consumers – take out products until they say something.

1)                  100% user

2)                  Use Wave 3  Book/Tapes.

3)                  Smart consumer programme – Since I’m here, can I share with you Smart consumer programme.


Finding partnership (Qualify & disqualify your business partner)

Tape -  ** Brilliant compensation tape

Books - “1st year in network marketiing – Mark Yarnell.

           - “Wave 3 in network marketing – Richard Poe.

How to look for leaders, lead them and build them


Definition of a leader:-

1)         Someone who wants to improve his/her lifestyle and is willing to achieve.
2)         Someone who grasps the business of network marketing and is serious to make it work for themselves.
3)         Never assume they know networking marketing eg. If one sells (lasts only 90 months)
4)         Spend quantity time with your network leader = partnership = work with him every week.
5)         As a sponsor (with integrity), influence right values, right principles and right strategies to downlines.
6)         Ensure healthy personal development.
7)         You can get what you want in life when you have helped enough people to get what they want.

a)      Find out what they want?

b)      Enough – how much volume?

Young (health) ----- chase for $
Old (health) --------- comes to you $

Eg. $10,000  - 40 hours – value lifestyle


      $10,000 – 200 hours – lousy lifestyle

Earn & lavish – retire $0

                                                            Definition of wealth

                  Earn & save – retire $$$


Paradym shift

1)         The prosects need the business more than you need them.

2)         Don’t just recruit.  Interview and be very selective – give time to people who needs your time. Eg. A leader can recruit & train 10,000 people rather than yourself recruiting 10,000 whom you cannot manage.

3)         Build leaders, not leavers – you cannot lose what you don’t have.  There are leaders elsewhere.

4)         Do not convince people to join, just sow enough – planting seeds.

5)         You can make a whole world of difference – vision.

6)         You can go beyond partnership – be a family; relationship is essential.  If you take relationship for $ sake, they will do the same.

7)         Meet people at the right place, right time.  Preferably take 5 years to build your network.



Steven Covey quotes : Your productivity, business tactic, your success mirrors your own.

Comparison between home, office and hotel.


Don’t build business in office, hotels.

The cause of diminishing returns = 1st satisfaction, 2nd, 3rd & 4th – worse.

Limited to geographical  area.  Not reaching to highest level of communication.


Home-based – no geographical restriction.

** Multiplication – no time restriction; very informed.


*** Relationship with downline

Talk any issues except hot topic (Neways network marketing),


4th        Personal level – Do you see yourself doing this for the rest of your life? (Buring

3rd        Opinion – What do you like/dislike about your job?  Do you like working for your boss? (Disturbing questions)


2nd        Fact finding – What do you work as?


1st        CLICHÉ – How are you?/How’s your health/family?



Note : Never present business.  Don’t present Neways, just sharing information.  Your business must be a SOLUTION and not an alternative.  A lot of people today always want to do something which they have no courage to do.


Q: What do you think is the secret of success in business?  What are the principles in making a business successful?  Do you believe in LEVERAGING?

Inexperienced network marketeers – teachable, coachable.


Experienced network marketers – not so teachable, no coachable.


Q:  How can I become a diamond?

A: That is your problem, you should know how to become one (be independent).


Q: You can talk to me anything except network marketing.

A: That’s interesting, if you don’t mind, may I know why are you against network marketing?


Q: What do you like/dislike about your work? Or  What do you want in life?

Q: How much do you want to get from this business? Or What volume would you generate?


Q: Do you think we should diversify our network to other company for security sake?

A: What do you have in mind?


Q: If I join another network company, I can bring along my network.

A: What kind of time frame and what is the network?


Q: 5 years and network is about 10,000 people.

A: After 5 years, do you think it is easy to move the 10,000 people?  It is the strategy you have built in them and not the products.  It’s your understanding of LEVERAGING in network marketing.  Do you have a structure to replace them if you are away to another company?  Remember:  You cannot lose what you don’t have!  Translate your principles into action.  Depth is security and not width.


Q:  How long have you been in networking marketing?  Is this your first company?  How big is your network?  What kind of volume do you have todate?  How many leaders do you have?  How much are you earning today?  Very interesting, I think I should sit down and discuss with you. (Disturbing questions).


Q:  Mr Prospect, between 2 weeks get 6 appts (To determine NATO or not)

      1st 3 appts -  I do

         4th appt – 75% (I do) 25% (You do)

         5th appt – 50% (I do) 50% (You do)

         6th appt – You do.


Why prospect asks questions?


1)                  Don’t want to make decision.

2)                  Not keen.


4 realities your prospect faces (once joined and outside faces these realities)


1)                  Rejection – people refuse

2)                  Deception – join but not active                    Spend quality time with them until

3)                  Objection – people object ideas                  they are matured.

4)                  Attrition – belief level dropout

Fear vs Greed – Short term pain; long term pain. Do a lot of things; compromises integrity.

Feed your downlines with these powerful information:-













Exponential growth








Ask yourself this question:-


Can the business grow if I am not involved?  Do I have a structure in place to accommodate growth?



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