The Real Secret of Success in Business

By Ridgely Goldsborough


As a businessman, I've founded a number of companies. Some succeeded and some did not. But after going through the process over the years, I've noticed some telling tale signs associated with both the successes and failures. The harsh reality is that it doesn't matter how hard, or even how smart, you work if you're in the wrong business vehicle.


††††††††††† So, what's the right vehicle - what is the secret of success in business? To be successful in any business, you need an edge, a real competitive advantage. And the biggest competitive advantage is leverage.


Leverage is a position of advantage that allows you to accomplish your purpose with less effort, greater results-or both. Leverage is the best way to get a job done. Yet what do most of us do in business lives?


††††††††††† Go to school. Get a degree. Create a resume and pass it around.


††††††††††† Even professionals-lawyers, doctors and accountants-interview, get hired and begin the process of exchanging units of time: i.e., hours for units of money (hourly fees). The problem is, there aren't enough units of time that can be exchanged for the units of money to create real wealth.


††††††††††† Where's the leverage?


††††††††††† The majority does even worse. You exchange even larger units of time for smaller units of money. And then you go back and do it again year after year for a five- percent raise (if you're lucky).


††††††††††† There is no way to attain wealth by trading time for money.

Why not?††††††††††††††††††† No leverage.

Who has leverage?†††† Business owners.

Why?††††††††††††††††††††††††† Business owners have something that the rest of us donít have: employees.


Now, let's suppose you own a business and I work for you. You work eight hours a day and I work eight hours, too. But you get paid on 16 hours! You take my productivity as your own income, and give me a salary that's less.


††††††††††† That's leverage.

††††††††††† Therefore, the more employees you have, the more leverage you have.

††††††††††† True, but there's a problem. No employee will work as hard as you will for your business.


It's not their business. They donít care. Why should they? They're all working for less than they are worth!


Here's the truth about leverage: To create true leverage, you have to create a situation in which everyone has the same amount of gain - win-win.


More powerful than employer-employee relationship is the scenario where you hire people and pay them for their performance. This great idea applies to commission based position.

Produce a result and you get money. No result - no money. This is even better than leverage-right?


Look at this example.

You are a real estate broker. I came to work for you as an agent. You only pay me if I sell houses, no matter how hard I work.


You leverage your income off my efforts and it costs you nothing. And you can hire multiple agents and leverage yourself off all their efforts as well. Your income is limited only by the number of agents that you hire and train.


Now, that's great leverage!

You train me. I work hard. I sell my first house. Excited and proud, I come to your office to pick up my first check. Because you are the broker, you have already deducted your 50% of the commission. You congratulate me and give me the other half.


Over the next couple of years I sell lots of houses. I learn all your techniques, because it's your job to teach them to me. You make lots of money from my sales.


One night, I sit bolt upright in my bed with an amazing realization: HALF.


I know everything you know. I work harder than you do. In fact, I do all the work, yet every time sell house, you take HALF my money!


This no longer works for me.

So what do I do? I go out and get me broker's license. Set up my own shop. Where? Right where all my clients are - across the street from you!


You lose two ways: you lose your top producer and you lose a whole bunch of clients that I take with me.


But you do gain one thing: You gain a new number one competitor, because I know everything you know.


Happens all the time. You train your competition. After they finish milking every ounce of knowledge from your brain, they leave and set up shop down the block with your customers and prospects!


††††††††††† In other words, leverage can be limited.

††††††††††† But remember, in order to create true leverage, you have to create a situation in which everyone has the same amount to gain.


††††††††††† What if there was a way that you could help me get into business for myself, so that I could have the same chance foe success that you have, without ever leaving the umbrella of your business?


††††††††††† What if I could go out and get myself a bunch of other business owners and leverage myself off their time, just as you did with me, and you get to keep a little piece of the action for setting me up, just like I get a little for setting all of them up?


††††††††††† You have a huge vested interest in my success-in all of our success.


You want me to become a business owner just like you. It looks like this. Now, my success is your success. Every time I make a sale, you still benefit. If I want to, I can go out and build a business bigger than yours, with even more business owners. Are you upset? Noooo. You're smiling all the way to the bank.


Now, I have the same amount to gain as you do. Both you and I can out and create as many new business owners as we want. It's a real win-win situation.


This is true LEVERAGE.


And what business vehicle has such true leverage? Only one I know of : Network Marketing.


Network Marketing is the only industry on the planet that provides true leverage to anyone-young or old, rich or poor, regardless of education, gender, geographic location, professional background, past success or failure. In Network Marketing, everybody wins. That's why 50,000 people a week are joining the business in the United States alone. Worldwide sales volume growing at more than 10 % per year.


This is staggering growth!

A $100 billion global industry!

Impossible to argue with!


In the early '60s, franchising was frowned upon and almost legislated out of the existence. Now, its and almost a common and accepted form of business. In the next five years or less, Network Marketing will come out of age as well. The only question is who's going to benefit from it?


Can you imagine being the guy or gal who bought the McDonald's franchise for your town 15 years ago? Where would you be today?


As you consider your future, make sure you do your homework before drawing any conclusions. Network Marketing may or may not be for you, but it is absolutely THE way of the future.


Why am I so sure?


Because Network Marketing has the real secret of business success - true leverage. And you can bank on that.


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