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By Chris Gross

                Los Angeles – “I’ll do it right” is a statement made hundreds of times a year, though most people don’t have the goods or experience to back it up. The truth is, most ‘good ideas’ are easy prey for today’s mass-produced, bottom line consumerism.

            Still, every now and then, one idea outshines the rest. Thomas Mower had just such an idea. In September 1992, he and his wife Dee launched what has become one of the most unique “ground floor” opportunities around – Neways Incorporated.

            Headquartered in Salem, Utah, Neways has emerged with an unparalleled product line that not only contributes to better health through scientifically superior, environmentally safe products, but also is a company that extends its passion for abundance to every corner of the globe.

            The visionaries at Neways are dedicated to building an organization that actually puts people ahead of profits, creating a dynamic win-win situation, and improving the lives of people throughout the world. From core management to the newest distributor, Neways actually walks the walk!


A very rude awakening

            “I ran an industrial chemical company for 25 years and designed about four hundred different formulations,” says Mower. “What stunned me was the cosmetic industry is built around products that don’t work, though they’ve tricked people into thinking they do.”

            “The products people were using every day were unacceptable – in fact, most of them were terrible. Some of the ingredients were the same ones I used in my industrial cleaning formulas! And these products were loaded with them – loaded with toxins, loaded with carcinogens that shouldn’t be used on the human body. So even a bubble bath could be considered dangerous in the long-term.” That realization was the catalyst that pushed Mower into action. “I decided to create a line of products called Commercial Cleaning Products for the home, and I was going to be Tom the Soap Man. Every Saturday I would go to the supermarket and explain to housewives how to solve every single cleaning problem they had in their home.

            “I started to develop that line when I found a company that would break the hormone down that was responsible for male pattern baldness. When topically applied, most people could start to generate some, to large amounts of hair growth.

            “I got really excited. Then, lo and behold I found out I could not say that if you used this product you had a chance of growing your hair back, even though clinical studies proved exactly that. Whether a product is safe or dangerous, or whether it works or not, is irrelevant, as long as it is approved.

            “I manufactured this product for another company that turned out to be an illegal pyramid, which I didn’t want to be associated with. I stopped supplying them and people started asking me to start my own Network Marketing company. By then I had found out there were no active ingredients in many of the products on supermarket shelves. And the chemicals they used might actually make the skin age faster.”


Doing the right thing

            “I knew I could make better products than those. Besides, there was an opportunity to do a lot of good. The world didn’t need another cosmetic company – in fact, in my opinion, it didn’t need any of them. But we still have to shampoo our hair, though there are safe ways to do it. Effective ways.” With his ‘Jack-the-Giant-killer’ attitude, Mower pushed forward.

            “My wife has always been my partner,” he says. Their desire to ‘do the right thing’ coupled with Tom’s background in chemical engineering gave Neways an advantage most companies only dream of.

            Today, Mower, president and CEO, has grown his simple idea of making products that actually benefit people, into more than an ordinary company with a better face cream. With over US$60 million in assets, and an international presence in 38 countries (with current plans to expand into seven others), Neways has emerged as a powerful leader in the health and personal care industries.

            “I like people and I like truth and honesty,” Mower revealed. “I like marketing and I had something valuable to offer. I’d done the research and found ingredients that would remove wrinkles. And I found other products that would keep the skin from aging, make it healthier and make it regenerate faster. And even cellulite – we were the first company in the United States to introduce a cellulite cream.”

            At their state-of-the-art facility in Auckland, New Zealand, Neways uses natural, top quality ingredients in their formulations. Manufacturing their products “in-house” allows them to use more expensive ingredients than the competition, while keeping the costs low.

            With their tradition of manufacturing top-quality products – many of which are leading edge breakthroughs in the field of nutrition and health – Neways leads the fight against consumer mis-information. For Neways, consumer education is as important as the products themselves.

            “Our foundation is built on products that work and have no harmful ingredients,” Mower says. “I’m distressed that companies would take advantage of people the way they have. When you look at their formulations, the active ingredients are in such minuscule amounts or in such a crude form that they are nor effective. I want to expose them for what they really are. Our competitors don’t like us because we tell the truth about their ingredients.”


Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

            “I am virtually obsessed with a few things,” Mower continues. “one is helping people become free and happy. At Neways, we want to see our distributors prosper – although not at someone else’s expense – so our compensation plan is dynamic, fair, and designed so that everyone succeeds.” He proudly points to the Neways free car program, health and accident insurance, and notes that the company is currently developing a home mortgage reduction program.

            Is financial freedom the real product at Neways?

            “Our bottom line is happiness,” Mower says. “When people are happy, the world is a much better place. We’ve helped people get out of economic slavery and achieve freedom and financial independence. And that is success to me –helping people reach their highest potential. That is what’s driving me.

            “I want to grow the company so that we prosper worldwide as one economic community, helping break barriers. We can not only make money, or great products that make people live longer, feel better, look good and that kind of thing – we can also take the resources of the company and the distributors to another level.

            “Together, we can do great things for the earth, for mankind – like helping children throughout the world, or doing things on a massive scale to influence the world ecologically. For instance, saving the forest. Not just the rain forest, but forests throughout the world. In the future we’ll find places that are being threatened, and buy the land so that it can’t be damaged and destroyed.

            “If we can inspire a mass of people, then we can do many of the things other companies can’t, and government won’t – and we will do it without a selfish purpose. We will do it because it is the right thing to do.

            “We have the best products in the world; there is nothing that even begins to stand with them. We help people become financially secure. But the end road is what Neways does to people,” Mower concludes. “Making them free. Making them happy.”

            Happiness is helping others.

            Healthy: “the healthful synergy of science and nature;”

            Wealthy: “un limited potential of enterprise and innovation;”

            Wise: “the transformative power of creativity and knowledge.”

            It was Victor Hugo who said, “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

            The idea is Neways. It’s time.

We did our homework

            In an industry where good ideas are tried and fail too often, it is indeed a privilege o be the first to accurately profile successful and reputable companies. As CEO of Consolidated Publishing Group, a publicly traded company which owns Upline magazine, the Global Networker and many other publications, my job is to make sure that we hold ourselves to the highest and strictest standards when choosing a person or company to feature in any of our publications.

            Our selection of Neways as a company to be featured in the Global Networker means that Neways have been scrutinized in great detail by our Executive Committee, and has met all the criteria of a leading, visionary company in the Network Marketing industry. The criteria include a detailed analysis of the compensation plan, the products, management, field distributors and all other aspects of the company’s operations.

Neways clearly meets our strictest standards and we are pleased and honored to feature Neways in the Global Networker.

            We hope that the Global Networker will serve as a valuable profile of the company, to be used by both the corporate team and the distributors as they continue to build their respective businesses. The global Networker is an accurate, independent portrayal of Neways, a company that is truly an industry leader.

            Congratulations and best of luck to all of you,

Ridgely Goldsborough

Chief Operating Officer

Consolidated Publishing Group.































By Gale Fue

Neways: The Right Choice in

Personal Care



A pound of prevention is certainly better than a pound of cure -right? Or at least that's what we've been taught to believe. That's why we're concerned about what goes into our bodies, our food, our air and our water. We all want to feel good. Not only that - we want to look good as well. The result is that we spend millions of dollars on products every year trying to beat the clock.

            Are we beating ourselves instead?

            Consider this: your shampoo could actually be the cause of your hair loss. Your moisturizer may be damaging your skin or your soap a breeding ground for bacteria.

            No, this isn't the X-Files. You probably won't wake up tomorrow with an extra appendage growing under tongue because of your mouthwash. However, the facts is that today, one out of every four persons will develop some type of cancer. That is no joke - unwanted side-effects are a reality.

            Too far fetched to be true? The products you use to look and feel good may indeed be hurting you. Who is supposed to be paying attention to all of this? You are.

            Take a look at the label on the products you use every day. Read the back of your fluoridated toothpaste

Carton. You'll find a strongly worded FDA mandated poison warning. Can you be sure your kids aren't swallowing something that can be harmful - indeed poisonous - to them?

            So much for prevention.

            Man-made chemicals often clash with our bodies' natural functions. There is increased evidence that toxic exposure causes many of the health related problems rampant today. Though many companies claim awareness of the dangerous situations they help create, few commit any resources to reverse the trend - with one exception. Neways International was founded on the premise that people deserve safe, effective products, and that science and nature can indeed work hand in hand.

            Neways strives to insure that their products contain the safest, environmentally friendly ingredients available. Their team of international biochemists and herbologists review thousands of scientific reports every year, searching for the best of both Eastern and Western traditions. Then, using the state-of-the-art technology, they formulate unique products that are safer and more effective than anything currently on the market - without animal testing. The result: all of their products come with the assurance that they will enhance, not impair, people's health.

            From personal care, to household cleaners, to automotive treatments - Neways combines the best quality ingredients into a product portfolio that outshines the competition. When compared to other products, thousands of loyal customers will assure you, there is a difference!

            The average person doesn't get all the nutrients they need from their diet because modern production methods strip food of many essential nutrients. Equally important is bioavailability - how much of what you take is absorbed and used by your system.

            Two popular Neways mineral formulations, Mineral Solutions and Maximol Solutions, are specially designed to help replace essential and trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. These unique solutions provide maximum bioavailability - for Baby Boomers and Xers alike - of the nutrients we need for a healthy, active lifestyle.

            And, thanks to Neways, Boomers no longer have to succumb to those pesky aches, recurrent pains, or lack of energy. Neways' revolutionary powerhouse of antioxidants, Revenol destroys free radicals - a major cause of aging symptoms. No matter how old you are, you don’t have to feel it!

            These products are safe for both the 'fast lane' and 'easy-living' lifestyle. Children and adults benefit every day from the formulations. On top of that, over 200 athletes used Neways products to help them compete in the 1996 Olympic games.

            Who says the winning edge is just for athletes? Anyone with an active lifestyle will appreciate Ming Gold, Neways herbal strength and endurance formula. Using recently discovered secrets from the Ming Dynasty, Ming Gold gives a natural energy boost without that 'edgely' feeling. Whether training for a competition or challenging another active day, this super-charged revitalizer can help you reach your goal.

            Obviously, for the people at Neways, 'good enough isn't. Their commitment to quality, to the best that tradition plus cutting edge science can offer, and to creating products that truly deliver what they promise, without harmful side effects, makes Neways' products superior to the others. It's no wonder customers and distributors are so loyal.

            Neways stand poised in the vanguard of a new era, with a commitment to making a difference in people's lives. "Experience the healthful synergy of science and nature" - that's Neways difference.J








Master Networker Success Stories, by Gale Fue





I never have a bad day. Ever.


"Over the past six years I've certainly experienced a lot of personal growth," Michael says.

            "Prior to Network Marketing I owned a real estate development company and I was always in an adversarial position. The Neways approach is totally different. It's more about sharing, caring and helping other people along - a kind of social interaction that I wasn't used to.

            "To tell the truth, I didn't have a clue of how to talk to people. I could make million dollar deals, but when it come to Network Marketing I couldn't handle objection. I couldn't even answer the phone if someone asked me to tell them what it was all about.

            "In fact, I once ran an ad in the Boston Globe. It cost me $200. Even though I could sense that the people on my voice mail were decent, successful people, I was so afraid I wouldn't know how to answer their questions that I didn't call any of them back. Not one! I laugh at that today because I'll talk to anyone, from any economic or social status. But back then, there was no way.

            "Now, my daily interactions with people are much more positive. And I certainly prefer this business to real estate development. I don't take any bad phone calls. Before, every time the phone rang it was because someone didn't want to pay the rent, a window was broken, a toilet plugged up, a contractor delayed, or someone was screaming at me from the bank. Now, I never, ever, have a bad day at work. Ever.

            "What helps is that I truly understand I don’t know everything, so every day becomes a learning experience. That's very exciting. My business and personal life are interwoven, which is pretty neat. And I don't have all the things that normally stress people out - no deadlines, no running to meetings, no getting through so many calls because the boss is over my shoulder, no rushing through lunch to get back to work. That rat race is what creates most bad days.

            "I don’t have many appointments outside my home, so I can afford to have a pretty loose schedule each day. No deadlines, no stress, no corporate demands.

            "I don't consider this work, not at all. I used to get up at 6 a.m., rush to my office, stay there until 11 at night. Late dinners, political functions, grabbing food, wolfing it down - I had a very fast paced life and I made a lot of money, but it wearing me out.

            "My life is totally different now. I've made friendships that I would have never imagined. I get up when I want. I take my kid to school in the morning, bring him lunch every day, then pick him up. I'm home all day. The freedom this business creates allows me to give so much to my family  - I wouldn't have time for any of this if I were in a typical job.

            "What turns me on it being able to nuture someone along and know that within a year or so their situation will be entirely different, they'll feel much better about themselves, and that I had little bit to do with it. We have the ability to help people change their lives for the better, undeniably. We create freedom. Helping another person get to that level is enough to turn anyone on!"J


Now I'm having fun!

"My  husband and I have a very successful business that took us 20 years to build," Rita says. "My husband really enjoys it and we make good money. I worked at the office every day, but you know, my heart wasn't really into it.

            "The day I listened to a Neways cassette marked the beginning of an incredible journey for me, although I didn't know it at the time.

            "I told my sponsor I wasn't looking for any opportunities. I was already using all 24 hours of my day, but I was interested in buying the products wholesale. When my family started seeing amazing results, it really got my attention.

            "I'm glad I gave Neways a try because Network Marketing has changed me a lot. I come from a very large family, and I always had a dream. Even as a little girl, I wanted to stand out, to be better, to have more, do more. I wanted to be that special little girl, you know? And I was a very private person prior to getting into Network Marketing.

            "At one time I handled the hiring for our company. When people would interview for a job with me they would say things like, 'I really like working with people.' And I would think, 'You must not know the same people I do!' Yes, we had a lot of wonderful people working with us, but we had also been disappointed a lot of times by people we loved and trusted.

            "When I started my Neways business I had to work with a lot of people. I saw their pain. I could see why they did things a certain way. By seeing the big picture, The whole spectrum of what I couldn't see before, it has really changed me. I'm breaking through that shell I had built around myself. I'm really starting to love people, and that has made me a better person. I don't quite have a 'servant's heart' yet, but I'm working on it!

            "My dreams are so much bigger than they used to be because I know anything is possible with this business. Network Marketing is color blind, gender blind, and education blind. There are no outside restrictions, and that's the beauty of Network Marketing - everyone's dreams can come true. Anyone can be anything they want, if they want it bad enough to do what it takes.

            "In order to make a change in your life, and be more than you are right now, you really need to focus on your dreams. Know where you where you want to go and watch out for the 'dream stealers' - there are a lot of people that have forgotten how to dream, and they want to make sure you don't achieve yours either. They say things like, 'you can't do that,' when what they really mean is they don't think they can change their lives. Watch out for them. Stay away from them. They will pull you down.

            "If you don't change what you're doing right now, you'll be at this same point at this time next year. I've had a pretty good life, but do you know why? Because I have always worked hard. I'm not lucky. The harder I work the luckier I get.

            "I love our other business. We have totally awesome employees - we're truly blessed. But Neways is fun. I'm having fun, and I love it! J


We want to carry on this mission.

"What excited me about Neways was seeing such wonderful results from people who were taking the products," Cathy says.

            "We still continue our original professions," her partner, Joel says. "But Network Marketing has enabled us to do a lot of things we wouldn't have been able to do. First of all, we've met a lot of terrific, positive people. And we've have achieved financial goals that we otherwise would not have been able to achieve."

            "Let me give you an example," adds Cathy. "My husband and I have an acupuncture business. Money would come in, and it would go out - we had nothing to saved. With Neways, we can do 'extra' things. Last year, I renovated my entire house. I replaced everything in sight, except my family members! And it was paid for with bonus checks. On top of that, I drive a luxury car paid for by Neways. And I paid the tuition for my two daughters to go to college, in one lump sum. I never thought I'dbe able to do that.

            "And this is very exciting - you know, Dr. Singer is very humble. He doesn't talk much about his good deeds. For two years in a row he has taken two weeks out of his busy schedule - and even pays for a group of people to go with him to South America and contribute free medical operations. To him, it's not out of the ordinary because we really should give back to people.

            "This year, in fact, he wanted to bring a team to China, and last month we were able o go there and do good work for a lot of people. I have to say, the joy we felt was overwhelming. I don't think any money could buy that kind of joy. Because of Neways we can not only spare the time, but also use the resources to do the work we love. I can't tell you enough how excited I am about all this."

            "The passive income generated by our business partnership allows me to take time off that I normally wouldn't be able to take," Joel adds. "I can give something back, which is what I've always wanted to do.

            "I've been talking to other doctors who have recently joined Neways and everyone of us feels the medical profession is wonderful - there are a lot of really good things about it. The problem is that many medical doctors have become very frustrated by what's happening to our profession, especially with managed care. It can be a very draining experience. On the other hand, Network Marketing is a very positive, very enlightening, enjoyable, experience. It offsets the unpleasantness that we have to deal with."

            "I really enjoy what I'm doing now," Cathy says. "I could retire, but my mind would never stop. I think I'll be working until I sit in my rocking chair!"

            Joel quickly adds, "Cathy won't be sitting in her rocking chair until she's 120! I really get a tremendous joy of being able to help people, aside from surgery. By combining it with my Neways business, I can certainly slow down. I'm pleased at what we're doing right now.

            "We want to carry on this mission as long as we can." J


"We have all the ingredients for success"

You can't put a price on freedom - Margie Alliprandi, Salt Lake City, Utah.

            "I started looking at Neways in 1989 when I was going through a divorce, wit three small children. I never wanted to take a serious look at Network Marketing, but I loved the Neways nail products. It was fun having something that people sought you out for, literally. I really believed in the products, so on a wing and a prayer I canceled my teaching job and started building my Neways business.

            "I didn't begin with dreams of making millions right away - I just wanted to save my house and provide for my children. It wasn't long before I was making more in one month than I made in a whole year teaching school! For all my initial reluctance, now I can say that having my own business is so entirely satisfying.

            "Now, I have time for those special moments with my family. I can take time off in the middle of the day and read my 5-year old daughter a story, or take a month off to vacation with my family - you just can't put a price on that.

            "Security is something everyone wants, and Network Marketing certainly provides that. Neways has been such a gift."


We don't pinch pennies now - Dyanne & Jim Ratliff, Chapin, SC

            "Two years after signing up with Neways, I walked away from my job as a veterinarian," Jim says. "I had been working 60 to 80 hours, seven days a week.

            "This summer, for the first time, I didn't miss any of my kid's ball games. Before. I either had to arrive late or leave early. To be able to stay for the entire game and walk back to the car with the boys carrying their bat bags, or to be the one who picks them all up and brings them home - that has really been a wonderful change."

            "We recently took our children skiing for a week," Dyanne adds. "We didn't blow a lot of money, but we didn't have to pinch pennies, either. We stayed at nice resorts and ate at the best restaurants. I went shopping. We were on our way home and my son leaned over and said, "Mom, I really appreciate this. I had a wonderful time." He's at that age where boys don’t think it's cool to show any emotions, but he certainly did. I had to bite my lip - it brought tears o my eyes.

            "It's so nice to able to share things with our children, and give them things we couldn't give before."


No worries about my pension - Frank & Loraine Armstrong, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

            "When I went to my first Network Marketing meeting, someone said something that really got my attention. He talked about Jean Paul Getty, who said, "I would rather depend on one percent of the efforts of 100 people than to have to depend 100% of my own effort." At that time, I had a successful business, but that quote really hit home because, like most people, I didn't have anything to fall back on.

            "As it happened, the next month I injured my back. Then I came down with double pneumonia. I had already sponsored a few people who were busy building their business which, in turn, was helping my business - even though I was lying in a hospital bed!

            "Now, I don't worry about my pension. Most people retire so they can stop doing what they don’t want to do, and instead, do the things they love. Unfortunately, they settle for the half the income. My income keeps growing, I already enjoy what I do, and I never have to quit. It's and incredible concept!

            "And Neways is a great company. We have all of the ingredients for success."


They don’t think I'm nuts anymore - Greg Weigel, Fremont, CA

            "As a banker, I got to look at the books of a lot of companies. I could see that the only way to make money is to own your own business. I purchased a restaurant and learned about overhead, employees, and all the other things that go along with a traditional business. Even embezzlement. I was successful, but I was at the restaurant 18 hours a day. It was no way to live.

            "Now I get up when I want. I can casually take a bowl of cereal and sit out on my desk, no hustle bustle, no suits, no traffic. Someone else doesn't control when I take a vacation, or where I can go, what I can afford. My lifestyle and my income are dictated only by how hard I want to work. I wanted that kind of freedom so badly that I just jumped in and started my Neways business right away!

            "My friends all thought I was nuts - but not any more. It's been less than a year and I'm searching for a brand new convertible that I qualified for through Neways. They see me looking at the BMW, Mercedes and Porsche brochures, and they see my lifestyle changing. Now, they're starting to ask questions…"


From Russia with Love - Faina Balk, Moscow, Russia.

            Faina brings a vast array of business experience to her Network Marketing organization, which stretches the globe from Russia into the United States. Couple her business acumen with vibrant charisma and a dynamic personality, and Faina has continued to attract top caliber professionals into her business.

            In Russia, Network Marketers run the gamut from doctors and dentists, to lawyers and accountants, businessmen and engineers - the list goes on. After the demise of the cold war, professional men and women were forced to look elsewhere to support the lifestyle previuosly backrolled by the government regime. Where better to look than Network Marketing - a self motivated, no limitations business with infinite expansions possibilities. Faina has done a masterful job of sharing Neways vision with countless professionals seeking a better way for themselves and their families - which is why she and her team have growwn so quickly to become the leading organization in Russia.

            Faina's unbridled enthusiasm is contagious, spawning tightly knit distributor groups from Vladivostok to Moscow to New York. Wow! And still growing…


We feel like we're 20 years old! - Debbie & Harry Wicker, Irmo, SC.

            "Network Marketing enables people to realize their dreams," Harry says. "People have quit dreaming in today's society. Most people work five days a week, drawing a pay check, then do it again - just like I did. That’s basically what happens in corporate America.

            "I was stuck, but Neways has meant a new sense of freedom for me. The first things I noticed was I didn't have to get up at 5.a.m. anymore!

            "This business is so much bigger than we ever dreamt in the beginning," Debbie adds. "No one has to settle for mediocrity. Yes building your own business requires hard work but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

            "Network Marketing provides for a different way of life, especially for families. We home school our daughter. We have the freedom to enjoy our marriage. Plus we get to contribute daily to someone's life. That opportunity is out there for everyone who decides to put their hands to the plow and build their business.

            "Neways has created a freshness, a newness in our life. The last three years have been an incredible journey for us - we feel like we're 20 years old!"


Is Neways the Opportunity for You?

            In this fast paced age where 'I'll-get-mine-and-forget-about-you' is the norm, and deals are made without the slightest consideration for the people who will be affected, it is refreshing to find a company actually tries to do the right thing. Because they value people first, "healthy, wealthy, and wise" are not just buzz words at Neways Incorporated - they are a way of ilfe.

            The Neways mission: "…to establish a new ideal," sounds airy-fairy - until you put it in practice. Then it becomes the catalyst for a worldwide movement, creating an awareness that contributes not only to the health of an individual, but to the entire planet as well. With a presence in 40 countries, Neways has become a leader in the extraordinary growth of the US$100 billion dollar Network Marketing global phenomenon.

            Did you know that 150,000 men and women - most of whom are probably very much like you - are starting a home-based Network Marketing business somewhere in the world every week? Industry experts believe there are more than 20 million people involved in Network Marketing in the US alone. And the industry has grown at or above 10% each year for nearly a decade.


            One key reason is because the traditional world of work has been shaken to its very core. The way people have earned a living in the past may in fact no longer be working for you. If you:


·         Want to be paid what you truly worth…

·         Value having creative control over your life and work…

·         Feel having time freedom is one of your biggest dreams…

·         Want to use products that reflect environmental consciuousness and encourage others to do the same…

·         Care about others and want to make a positive difference, contributing to people's lives, their health and wealth…


If any of the above rings true, developing your own Neways business may have real value for  you. In fact, Neways maybe the very things you've been looking for.

When considering your involvement in starting your own Neways business, the single most important thing for you to know is: is there a fit between Neways and me?


Here's how you find out:

1.       Contact the person who gave you this copy of The Global Networker™.

2.       Discuss what your goals, dreams and aspirations are for your life and work.

3.       Look together with them to see what resources of time, effort and support you'll need to succeed in this exciting health care business.

4.       See if there's a fit between you and Neways.


If there is a fit - of if there is not - make your choice.

The men and women of Neways know that decision to enter into a business partnership takes an educated choice. Their goal in talking with you isn't to 'get you into the business,' whether you want to or not. Their goal is to match the opportunity with the right people. Your task is to discover whether Neways is right for you, and whether this is the right time for you to get involved.

Get your questioned answered. Express all you concerns. Explore what Neways has to offer you - and, what you have to offer Neways.

If there is a 'fit', I can assure you, you've picked a great company, a leader committed to creating an abundance of health and wealth for its distributors through its offerings of great products that you'll be proud to represent anywhere, to anyone, anytime.

Thanks for reading The Global Networker™. And let us know if there's anything we can do for you.

      Great success to you all you do.




Chris Gross

Editor in Chief.


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