There is an unrest in the MLM market. Some so-called MLM leaders are jumping from one company to another. Distributors are “lost” like sheep. You may want to be the shepherd. However, if you are not careful, you may end with some who are actually wolves, disguised as sheep. Be selective and evaluate your “target” in terms of his values and his expectations. The market is full of schemes and deals and you don’t want him to see Neways as another short-term deal.





The purpose is to get him to switch over. It is unlikely that this can be done in one meeting unless he has already done some pre-assessment of Neways. The least that one should achieve out of a meeting with another MLMer is the ability to position Neways and yourself right next behind his present company. And if he should ever turn down you are there to bring him in. Remember recruiting is an issue of TIMING. Have the mentality that if you cannot get him today, you’ll get him one day. To do that, the art is in POSITIONING.







1)       Invite for open discussion. Just to share (“I’m with Neways and you’re with _____”) e.g. “I understand you are in XYZ company and I like to find out more. I also like to tell you about a company I’m with. Would you like to meet up…?


2)       Invite to find out more. E.g. “I like to know more about MLM” or “I like to know more about your company”.



3)       They invite you.

Rule: Agree to meet only if they will be agreeable to listen to your side as well.



B.      LISTEN


1)       Always let him tell you about his company first. If he doesn’t, ask. E.g. “Can you give me a quick overview of your company?”


2)       Ask him what criteria he used to choose his company. If he gives you a criteria, question how his company meet those criteria. E.g. a) Product. Ask what makes his product different? If he says, “It works well for him”. Tell him that most companies’ products work as well and ask questions to poke holes. Find out if his products are unique, highly consumable and consistent. If he’s selling water filter, ask him if he has to look for new customers all the time or do people normally buy more than one. E.g. b) Plan. Ask him what makes his plan different? If he says that it pays very well and gives you example of people making millions, question him on:



a)       Total pay-out.

b)       If the plan is top heavy, i.e. only the people at the top makes the money.

c)       High maintenance, i.e. total PGBV to maintain leadership position.

d)       Punishing. What happens when volume is not maintain. Do they lose their position?






NOTE: If he tells you that he choose the first company that he was exposed to and subsequently did not really thought about criterion, then you should start telling him what you think the criterion should be.




3)       Add to his/her criteria (those that would fit the Neways’ profile) E.g. Ask if his product is unique. If he says “No”. Ask him if think this is important and tell him why you think it is important.


KEY:  When you listen or ask… You build up his agreement to the basics. Then you use those basics to lead on to Neways.





1)       DO NOT PRESENT NEWAYS! PRESENT THE BASICS (i.e. the criteria) and get his agreement. E.g. “I’m looking for a company with the following basics. Firstly, it must be have unique products, i.e. formulate and manufacture because… Do you agree that this is important?”


2)       Cover all other points.


3)       Then present your case as to WHY NEWAYS fit those BASICS. E.g. Neways is one of the very few companies that formulate and manufacture its own products.


NOTE: Entry points to most MLM leaders “PAIN”.


a)      Having to SELL all the time.


Storyline: 90% of people don’t like to sell and would run away if they perceived that they have to. Emphasize consumption. But it would not work unless the product is unique (formulate and manufacture ourselves), Highly Consumable and Consistent (People will keep using it).


b)      Having high DROPOUTS


Storyline: Most MLM companies have high dropout rates. It is frustrating. You put “blood, sweat and tears” and they go away. In Neways, even if a distributor stops doing the business, they will continue to buy. WHY? Because the products are UNIQUE. In Australia, our activity rate is 80%. Ask, “If you stop doing the business, will you continue to use the company’s products?”


c)       Having NO SYSTEM to do the business


My up-line is ___________ and we belong to a group which is very focus. Our focus is to provide support and success system which will enable every distributor to make the business duplicable.





If there is none, it is bad. So, first thing you should do is to ask for it. Ask “What other things you might still want to find out about Neways?” Or “What concerns do you have about Neways?” Or “What is the one thing that will stop you from seriously considering Neways”.



NOTE:     The approach is to educate and not try to compare one company with another. If you meet

any difficulties, go back to the BASICS. CONCEPT WILL ALWAYS RULE.




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