Building your future in Network Marketing – The Journey of a ‘Networker.’


A new distributor normally has 90% enthusiasm and just 10% knowledge of the industry, company, plan and products. In the course of gaining knowledge, one becomes less enthusiastic as reality begins to sets in.  As such, distributors only last as far as their enthusiasm can bring them. Enthusiasm alone is not enough in making this business work. Just like any other profession, one has to gain knowledge and skills and of course, you pick up attitude as you begin to work with people.

While some network marketers earn millions of dollars per annum, there is no school or any education institution that teaches one on how to work this business. Unlike profession like accountants, doctors, engineers, lawyers or management, one has to go through a number of years of studies and experience before they are duly qualified and accepted by the general public.

In network marketing, a distributor has to go through the University of Hard Knocks. Therefore we strongly one who is serious about this business put himself or herself through a series of training on this business and continues to do so for as long as you are still in business.


1.     Things you should know before you begin your journey into Network Marketing

Failures are not fun but it happens

Almost without exception, one comes into this business with tons of enthusiasm and expectation. Oftentimes they see this business as the way out for the financial woes or light at the end of the tunnel for the stressed out life. For as many as 95 out of a 100 would give up this dream in less than 3 months. Can you imagine what has possibly gone so wrong that as many as 95 out of a 100 would quit this business? Some even becomes anti-MLM. For most of them, they failed to do their homework before making a decision.

Let’s take a quick look at the various reasons why dreams becomes nightmare for some distributors.

1.        Emotionally motivated in a highly hyped business opportunity meeting. They allow their emotion to do the thinking rather thinking with emotion. An emotional decision is never a sound decision. Can you think of a sound decision when you angry, stressed, depressed, or even highly motivated.

2.        Cheap registration – Since it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to come into this business, their attitude towards the business is as easy going.

3.        Products – while this is important but no one in this business will go on just because the products are good. Most of them will continue using the products but it is very unlikely that people stay on just because the products are good.

4.        Greed – the love for money will cut short their career in this business. This is a people business and if you put money ahead of friendship, you won’t go very far in this business.

5.        Get rich quick – the only time where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

6.        Obligation – no one in this business will continue to obliged to come for meeting after meeting, buying products after products, and so on and so forth.

7.        Wrong idea of the business – Selling and knowing a lot of people. This is perhaps the most common reason why people don’t make it big in this business.

8.        The blind leading the blind – it’s ok to join under an inexperienced distributor but you have to identify your active and experienced team leader.

9.        High expectation – you can’t win the heavyweight title by doing the lightweight exercises.

10.     One became business minded – constantly thinking of interesting way to market the products and business. They lost touch with their ‘original values’.

While there are many reasons why people fail in this business, these are the most common ones. Most people fail because they lack the understanding of this business and what it can and cannot do for you. This training is designed to help you understand and appreciate the business of network marketing.


What Network Marketing is NOT.

It is important that one has a clear perspective or an idea of what is network marketing and what it is not.

The lack of understanding of the nature of the business and how it works and what make it works will cause you to do the wrong things.

Network Marketing business is NOT;

1.        A get-rich-quick chain letter or ‘ponzi’ scheme.

2.        Making money and getting recognition precedes everything else. A business driven by greed.

3.        A business where you need to know a lot of people

4.        A business where you have to do a lot of selling.

Network marketing business is definitely NOT a pyramid or scam. Just like any other industries, unfortunately we do have our share of black sheep’s. Pyramid or scam network marketing companies can be easily detected. They work on the following nature;

1.        High ‘investment’ – or entry fees.

2.        High ‘pay-out’ by the company.

3.        You make money by mere recruitment or your business emphasis is only on recruitment.

4.        The last person in the network risk losing his/her investment.

5.        The business always appeared to be easy rather than feasible or viable.

However, one can still ‘run’ a pyramid program within a legitimate network marketing company. It usually takes two to tango. Such program worked because there are people who wanted the easy way out in life.

The consequences of ignorance or lack of understanding, the ‘drop-outs’ or attrition rate in this industry is extremely high. People often failed to do the right things right.


1.        The purpose of recruiting or sponsoring is to help themselves instead of helping people by sponsoring them.

2.        The idea of getting someone whom is either experienced in sales or someone who knows a lot of people or better still, someone who is an experienced ‘networker’ will help build a large organization.

3.        Presenting the business opportunity as an investment opportunity. Some even does it by trying to cover up the identity of the business.

4.        Over emphasis on personal sales.

5.        Recruiting a professional sales force – e.g. recruiting doctors to sell health care, or beautician to sell skin care, or mechanics to sell car care and the like.

6.        Cold calling or mass prospecting by leafleting for example gives the wrong impression of the business to the person you are prospecting.

7.        Leaking Bucket Syndrome - Over emphasis on recruitment and not on reducing attrition rate.


What is Network Marketing?

NM is a marketing strategy of distributing a range of products to the end users. In this case, the distributors are consumers too. Network Marketing is building a network of people and thus marketing your products to and through them.

·         Wholesaling has only a handful of distributors or agents.

·         In retail sales, products build brand loyalty and not the retail outlet’s consumers’ loyalty.

·         In niche marketing, you only have a small captured market.

·         Direct selling has only a direct level of captured market.

·         In network marketing, you have a mass yet captured multi level network of loyal consumers.

Therefore, instead of enriching a few companies, like wholesaler, agents, or even advertising companies, the business opportunity is thrown open to the network of consumers itself.


What is the business of Network Marketing?

The business of network marketing is to build a network of loyal consumers. While many try to do just that by themselves, you can leverage your time, skills and money by building a team of business builders or leaders and lead them into building their network of loyal consumers.

The ultimate objective of this business is to achieve a lifestyle of your choice and that is having financial independence and personal freedom.


What can Network Marketing business do for me?

Just before we answer that question, it would be more appropriate to ask yourself the following questions;

1.        What can my current job or business do for me?

2.        Do I see myself doing what I am doing for the rest of my life?

3.        Can I get what I want in life if I continue doing what I am doing today?

4.        How long can I last after my last paycheck?

5.        Are you happy with your lifestyle?

6.        What would you do if you were financially free?

These are just some questions one could ask about before they want to think about network marketing business.

Network Marketing business can offer you a world of benefits;

1.        Money - Residual income

2.        Time – Leverage

3.        Lifestyle

4.        Inter-personal skills

5.        Characters  - it either creates a new character in you or it exposes one.

6.        Business skills

7.        Personal development

8.        Relationship

9.        Charity

There are more benefits in this business than any other business you can think of.


What are your criteria in choosing a Network Marketing company?

One of the main reasons why people failed in this business is that they don’t make a business decision. People seldom do their homework as far as getting into this business is concerned. Without a set of criteria, one has no basis of making comparison between one company and another.

You need to define your objective before you set your criteria in choosing a company. You should not make an emotional decision or allow your emotion to do the thinking.

If your objective is to make a lot of money as quickly as you can, then your criteria should look like this;

1.        Highly priced products.

2.        ‘Heavy Top’ payout compensation plan.

3.        ‘Ground floor’ opportunity.

However if your objectives are financial independence and achieving personal freedom, then your criteria will be the followings;

A.      In order to attain financial independence, you would have to lay a ‘pipeline’ which can give you a strong residual income.

1.        Highly consumable products

2.        Highly unique range of products or services or philosophy.

3.        Affordable price.

4.        Unilevel marketing plan – low monthly maintenance, non-status and non-breakaway system.

5.        Stable company

6.        Manufacturing their own products.


B.       Achieving personal freedom means having a win-win leverage.

1.        Breakaway plan.

2.        Plan emphasizes on networking (active legs) rather than high monthly personal group maintenance.

3.        High payout at entry level.

4.        Accumulative volume

5.        No demotion.

6.        Maximum payout at low levels.


More questions you should ask before starting your network marketing business.

You want to check out the company as much as possible before you join.

·         How long have they been in business?

·         What does their headquarters look like?

·         Does it look like they could move out in an hour without a trace or have they set up in a permanent place of business?

·         Do the president's values and integrity hold up to outside scrutiny?

·         What is the company leadership's record?

The products will make or break your success in this business. Without a good product no one will want to buy it.

·         Can you buy the very same product at retail outlet for less money? A vast majority of network marketing companies sells normal everyday store bought items and tack on an extra percentage for distributor payout.

·         Would you buy the product if there weren’t a financial gain from doing so or when you quit the business?

·         Are you excited about the product?

·         Can you enthusiastically describe the product to a customer?

·         Does the product offer benefits to your customers that can't be found elsewhere?

Your sponsor can be a tremendous asset to your business or they can be leeches. I recommend you get to know your future sponsor before you sign under them. While having a sponsor that doesn't help you won't kill your business, one that does help can really boost it. Talk to them on the phone, get to know them a bit. If you do sign with them, it's very likely you'll have to keep speaking with this person for many years to come.

·         Can you stand to be around them?

Even if you'll never meet your sponsor face to face, can you talk to them on the phone for years? It's important that the two of you get along or it'll just be a burden.

·         Do they share the same values in life and towards this business as you?

·         Does your upline have integrity or have they been known to ‘cross-over’ from one company to another?


Network Marketing – A Viable Business Opportunity Indeed.

Facts and statistics of this industry;

1.        US$100 Billion industry worldwide.

2.        More than 24.3 million people involved.

3.        Estimated 21,400 people join this industry daily.

Features of this business.

1.        Non-capital intensive.

2.        Virtually no risk.

3.        No academic or experience needed.

4.        Home based.

5.        No debts, staff, or inventory holding.

6.        Recession proof.

7.        Cross –cultural

8.        Can be global.

9.        Unlimited income potential.

10.     Enormous amount of leverage in every way.


People’s Franchise – The Next Best Thing.

Franchising business is the best business opportunity. In a franchise business you are provided with the followings;

1.        The supplier of raw materials right to the contractor for the table.

2.        The business know-how.

3.        Consistency – giving the consumers confidence.

4.        A good name.

5.       Training – management and staff.

6.       Products publicity and awareness.

7.       Lower risk of failure.

However, franchising business has now been a business for the rich and wealthy.

Therefore, Network Marketing is the next best business opportunity for you. It has all the features of a franchise business.

2.     Route to Success (The blueprint of success).

The Blueprint of Your Business

There are only 2 main objectives of your Network Marketing business.

1.       Building a network of loyal consumers.

2.       Build a team of leaders and lead them.


1.       How to built a network of loyal consumers – Every distributor in your network is your consumer.

Step 1: Be a 100% user of Neways Products.


Step 2: Learn the Neways’ philosophy and the products.

You LISTEN/WATCH & READ the following;

·         The Neways Philosophy – A healthier way of living.

·         Why Neways/Product Training by Dr. Tom Mower and Margie Alliprandi (Audio)

·         Death By Default by Dr. E. Jackson Stockwell (Audio)

·         Pycnogenol by Dr. Bob Martin (Audio)

·         No die diet by Dr. E. Jackson Stockwell (Audio).

·         Home Brewed Cancer Booklet

·         Condensed Technical Information on Harmful Ingredients.


Step 3: Understand and learn to present the Smart Consumer Program.


Step 4: Attend all Product Information Talks and product seminars. Always share with your distributors what you have learnt. New information gives new enthusiasm and it helps to towards building consumer loyalty.


Step 5: Continue to find new product information. Assimilate periodical information to your network via mail or e-mail.


Step 6: Conduct home product training (with product demonstration).


Step 7: Keep a record of your consumer for consistent follow up.

Name: _________________       Tel: ___________ Best time to call: ________


Product Bought









“Customer becomes a consumer only if they know why they are using the products.”


“Consumer becomes loyal if they see results, gets new information (high recall and reinforcement) periodically and product accessibility (logistic).


2.       Build a team of leaders and lead them.

Step 1: Go through this entire manual.


Step 2: Sign up for the 6-months Auto Purchase System.


Step 3:

a.       Watch the video tape entitled Brilliant Compensation. This tape will teach and coach you on Network Marketing.

b.       Read Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell

c.       Read Wave 3 – The New Era in Network Marketing by Richard Poe.


Step 4: Organize 6 sets of prospecting kits. Each set should

1.       Home Brewed Cancer,

2.       Summarized Technical Pack on Harmful ingredient

3.       Brilliant Compensation

4.       Why Neways/Product Training

5.       Product Catalog (optional)


Step 5: Arrange your first 6 appointments (two-on-one) together with your upline Executive. He/she will provide you the hands on training.


Step 6: Organize a home training on “Mastering your plan” with your qualified Executive or Diamond Ambassador.


Step 7: Organize home meeting with your Qualified Executive (once you have 10 – 12 downlines).


Step 8: Attend the monthly leaders meeting with your Diamond Ambassadors.


“Leadership with Integrity – the ability to motivate his/her followers to be committed and faithful to their own vision and not yours!”


“The business of Network marketing is built on people to people relationship, thus the presence of constant communication is vital to the growth of the network.”



Knowing Why you do What you are doing.


Only successful people will keep on doing what they are doing because they know the “why” they do what they are doing.


Most people make an emotional decision in joining a Network Marketing business rather than a firm business decision. Therefore we designed the following questions to help launch you into the business world.


Q1. Can you write just ONE compelling reason why you are involved in Network Marketing?





Q2. How long can you see yourself doing this business before you quit?





Q3. In the event if you failed in your Neways business, would you

1. Give up the industry altogether?

2. Give up Neways but may try another company.

3. Will make another attempt at Neways opportunity again.


Q4. What is your vision and mission statement in this business?





Q5. How much do you want to earn in the first 3 months _________, one year __________ and ultimately ___________?


TIP: You must commit yourself to the business for at least a year. Don’t quit before “pay-day”. This business is not easy but it’s simple and worth your hard work. You can succeed if you are willing to learn the "know how".



How to get started


Become a “product of the product”.

Unless product is purchased, you and your distributors are not serious about the business. Remember, this is part of your Neways story. Most of your new recruits and customers will ask you what, when, why and how you started using the products.

You must use the products before you begin the business.


Sharing is easier and more effective than selling.                                                                                              

What will you do if you have been told by God that a great flood will come to destroy your entire village tomorrow? Will you quietly sneaked out of the village without telling anyone or will you rush to tell everybody?


Similarly, once you are convinced of the Neways’ safe product philosophy, you will rush to tell all your loved ones, relatives, and friends. Would you allow your children or your parents, and friends use personal care products which are potential cancer causing?


Basic Personal Care

1.   Silken Mild Family/Ultimate Shampoo

2.   Exuberance Conditioner

3.   Extra Gentle Cleanser

4.   Radiance Toothpaste

5.   Eliminator Mouthwash

6.   Indulge Bubble Bath/Refresh

7.   Barrier Cream

8.   Subdue Roll-on Deodorant

9.   Close Shaving Gel #               

Car Care

1.   Roil Oil/Fuel Treatment

Color Cosmetics

1.       Leslie DeeAnn Color Cosmetics

Skin Care

1.       Extra Gentle / Milky Cleanser

2.       Retention Plus

3.       Bio-Mist Activator

4.       Wrinkle Garde

5.       Skin Enhancer


Health Supplements.

2.   Revenol

3.   VMM

4.   Life Enhancer

5.   Maximol Solution

6.   Chitosorb

7.   Feelin Good

8.   Shangri-La

Home Care

1.       NewBrite Dish Soap

2.       All Purpose Cleaner

3.       Laundry Detergent

4.       Window Cleaner

5.       NewBrite Deodorizers




TIP: Selling is using the Neways’ safe philosophy as your marketing edge in order to make a profit. Selling is using your skills to convert the product features into benefits for the customers.

Sharing is telling your conviction of the Neways’ safe philosophy even if you do not profit from it. Sharing is education.


TIP: Product knowledge is vital but it is not a necessity to be technical. Don’t be the product expert, just be the benefit expert. Use these tools like audio tapes, video tapes, booklets, manual and the like to leverage your time in training your downlines while you are learning at the same time.


Neways International has a very comprehensive web sites of 4,000 pages. You can know more about the business, the company, the vision, what the company stands for, the safe product philosophy and a library of products information, and monthly Inside Neways for the latest update.


Neways International website: and


While these materials are plenty and great for education, they are excellent for prospecting or educating the public. Don’t wait for materials to come to you, take initiatives to look for them instead.


Please attend all product trainings.


Your ‘Lifeline’ to success.

Identify and get help from your next Qualified Executive and Diamond. You need to borrow their strength especially when dealing with your family or closed friends who may listen well to outsiders.


Qualified Executives

Name __________________________            Tel: ______________________________

Name __________________________            Tel: ______________________________

Name __________________________            Tel: ______________________________


Qualified Diamond Ambassador

Name __________________________            Tel: ______________________________




Plan your work and work your plan


The worst thing that could happen to a person who worked this business for 10 years is, still not be able to turn their dream into reality. Instead of planning their work and working their plan, they repeat their failures from one company to another.


Planning your work involves setting goals and working your plan is taking action towards the direction of your goals. We have made a template to help you fill out your goals for your Neways business.


Your first 3 months in Neways - Go Executive & 4 Active Legs.

Majority of the people that come into this business will begin at the entry level, which is Consultant. As such, you should qualify as an Executive within your first 3 months, preferably in the first month itself so that you can over-ride the differences spelled out in the Marketing Plan.

Number of direct downlines:- 12 to 15

Number of organization downlines: - 80 to 100

Organizational Volume: - 30,000 GBV a month by the 3rd month.


Your roles: Approaching, Prospecting, and Sponsoring.



Go Master Executive & 7 Active Legs in the next 6 months!

In the next 6 months, your goal is to develop your 4 active legs to become Executives. Your aim is to qualify for car fund program and the affinity bonuses. We bypassed the Senior Executive position because there is no significant benefits except for a lower monthly PGBV required.


Your roles: Teach and show your downlines how to prospect, approach and sponsor.


Go Diamond & 12 Active Legs in the next 9 to 12 months!

Built the other 8 active legs to become Executives. This is the highest level as far as the bonus is concerned. It is important to go Diamond as your larger network is looking at you as their role model. This is a business of duplication.


Your roles: The first cycle of duplication is complete when your first levels have learn how to teach their first levels. Your role is to train them how to teach. In short, you are training, modeling and managing.


Crown Diamond Ambassador - Your ultimate goal in Neways.

This is the ultimate goal of every Neways Distributor. You should focus your next 3 to 5 years in building your 9 Executives to become Diamond Ambassador. This is where you truly enjoy the taste of having residual income and leveraging. Imagine having 9 Diamonds who earn somewhere between US$5,000 to USD$10,000 a month.


If you can earn, say somewhere between US$3,000 to US$8,000 a month from each Diamond leg, you will have a rock solid US$27,000 to US$72,000 monthly residual income!


It is not easy to qualify as a Crown Diamond Ambassador in 3 to 5 years but it’s worth the effort. Can you think of another career where you can earn a residual income of this much after working for 5 years or even 10 years?


Relive your dreams and make it happen.

1. Date joined Neways            __/__/____ (DD/MM/YY)


2. Go for Executive within the first 3 months            __/__/____


No of Direct Downlines

No of Organizational Downlines


1st month




2nd month




3rd month





5.   Go for Master Executive in the next 6 months. Date: __/__/____

6.   Go Diamond Ambassador in the next 9 to 12 months.

     Date: __/__/____


Tip: You must write down the names of your potential candidates and plan your work with them. However, do not make them work around your time table but rather you should plan your goal around theirs. Your job is to bring out the greatness in each of your downline in order to help them achieve what they want.





Don’t start talking to anyone about Neways until you have written down at least 25 names. Get organized and jog through your memory. Do not exclude anyone from your list because you can’t second-guess people’s desire levels. In this business, you are sponsoring the person as well as his/her network of friends.


·        Devote ample time

·        Must complete 100 names in your first month.

·        Always keep index cards with you. Whenever you think of a name, write it on the index card and transfer that name to your master list.


Prospecting is NOT selling your products or the business. Prospecting is getting people interested in what your are doing. Prospecting is educating people about the harmful ingredients used in our daily personal care products and insinuating the right perspectives of Network Marketing.


Here are some great prospecting tools you can use.

·        Did You Know? By Michael D'Avolio.

·        Brilliant Compensation.

·        Mission Possible videotape.

·        Money, Money, Money, Money, Money (Audio and booklet)


TIP: Be prepared to face rejections. Some prospects may criticize what you are sharing and promoting. Some might even discourage you from doing the business. You need to guard your enthusiasm. When you are new, enthusiasm is the only thing you have. Your knowledge is insufficient, therefore we strongly suggest you read and listen to the audio tapes. However, as you increase your knowledge, do NOT neglect or decrease your enthusiasm which is the driving force in you.


More audio tapes to encourage, motivate and re-affirm your beliefs in Network Marketing and especially Neways International.

·        Why I joined Neways and never another MLM company by Rick Bazzill

·        From Dust to Diamond by Joe Hornsey

·        How I built a US$60 Million business from home by Rick Bazzill

·        Wave 3 Network Marketing by Richard Poe (book)

·        Streetsmart Networking by Butwin (book)

·        MLM Basics by Don Faila (book)                                                  



The Approach


The goal of approach is to get the appointment for the meeting. If you tell them anything about the opportunity, you must tell them everything. Very few people are qualified to give a presentation during their first few days or weeks in the business.


The meeting can be

·        An opportunity meeting

·        Watching a video

·        One-on-one or Two-on-one

·        Home Party

·        Listening to the audio tapes

·        Reading the booklet


There are several ways you can approach your prospects. You can approach them on

·        the Neways’ safe product philosophy (best used in sharing your concern in having harmful ingredients in our personal care products.)

·        the business plan (best used in sharing with seasoned Distributors).

·        the Network Marketing industry

1.       their criteria in selecting a company (best used on seasoned Distributors)

2.       probing to find their “hot button” (find out what your prospect has wanted for a long time or something he/she is yearning to have like a better lifestyle).

3.       their perspectives towards the industry (best used on businessman and professionals).



1.   You have to learn how to ease yourself into this new environment of prospecting. Begin by starting “small” talks about any of the subject mentioned above. The purpose is to make approaching a second nature to you. Something you can do naturally without giving any impressions to your prospects that you are trying to sell them products or recruit them into the business.


2.   Stay focused in what you are looking for.

2.1 Prospects who share the same concerns on the harmful ingredients used in the personal care products. They are your loyal consumers and they care enough to share with their friends.

2.2 People like you who believe in Network Marketing and are committed to built the business.


3.   Never waste time with people who have intention to do but never did.

4.   Always accept “NO” as “Not yet” because of timing. Maintain your communication in order to enhance relationship because you never know when is the right timing. Do a periodical follow up on them.


SW, SW, SW, SW, N stands for Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Some Waiting, Next.


Telephone Approach

Again, remember you are not trying to sell neither the opportunity nor the products over the telephone - just the appointment/meeting. You should anticipate some questions from your prospect. Here are few examples.


Q1. Can you tell me what is this all about?

“I’ll love to tell you more now,______(name), but I would be doing both you and the business a disservice. You’ll get a much clearer picture of the entire business when you attend our business presentation. Would _____(time) or ______(time) be more convenient for you?”


Q2. Can’t you tell me more?

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the time necessary to effectively explain the program; besides, you deserve the best explanation. When can we get together, ______(time) or ______(time).”


Q3. Is this selling?

“Do you enjoy selling? (regardless of answer): fine, the you’ll like this. When can we get together, ________(time) or ________(time).”


Q4. Is this Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM)?

“How do you feel about MLM? (regardless of the answer): fine, then you’ll like this. When can we get together, ________(time) or _________(time)”


Q5. Any question

“I think it is safe to assume that since you are already asking questions you are interested in learning more about this. I am new and relatively inexperienced. I know someone who knows this and can explain well. I will you up at ______(time).”                                      




The Close


What to say during the meeting?

1.   Probe by asking questions in order to “open up” your prospect’s mind by creating a need for your products and/or the business opportunity. Do not present blindly without finding out what he/she would like to know about your products and business.


2.   Listen and stay attentive to what your prospect is saying. Ask close ended (their answer to you should be “yes” or “no”) questions in order to have their agreement or disagreement with you. Ask open-ended questions when you want to probe for more information.


3.   You need to take control of the meeting by asking questions rather than answering your prospect’s objections or questions. Answer a question with a question, if at all possible.


4.   Be sensitive. Know when to stop your presentation. Do not talk too much otherwise your prospect will not have sufficient time to think or make decision.


What to say after the presentation/meeting.

Sponsoring/Enrolling a person is helping him/her to start the business. To enroll your prospect, ask closing questions like;

1.   “Where do you want to start? Consultant or Executive?”

2.   “How do you prefer to start, at the top or bottom?”

3.   “Which pack do you prefer? The convert your bathroom or convert your life pack?”

4.   “When would you like to start the purification program? This week or next week?”


TIP: Closing is easy if you have satisfied his/her needs. A prospect will be more anxious to start the products or opportunity if you have done a good meeting.


You should go through this manual with your new Distributor within 48 hours of enrolling. If possible, start this manual upon signing up.


“Can you get the lifestyle you want if you keep on doing what you are doing?”


“If your friends has to know about Neways, it might as well be from you.”


3.     How to start your Network Marketing business.

What makes this business work?

·         The Principle of Multiplication.

·         The Exponential Growth Factor.

·         The Power of Duplication.


Paradigm Shift

Paradigm shift 1- Addition Vs Multiplication.

The first force – Multiplication

If you are an employee, you don’t leverage or multiply your time, skills and efforts as much as a businessman do. However, most businesses multiply only on a horizontal basis. Only in the business of Network Marketing, you multiply enormously both horizontally and vertically.

If you work for someone, you are exchanging time for money. It is also known as linear income. If you are a businessman, you do leverage or multiply yourself by hiring or paying someone. Such arrangement seldom gives you true leverage for two reasons.

1.        Oftentimes, indirectly you are training and grooming a competitor.

2.        Very seldom, the staff will work as hard as they would as compared to working for themselves.

In Network Marketing, every time you sponsor a person, you are multiplying yourself many times over.

1.        You may spend 2 to 10 hours or even months trying to recruit a person. The amount of time and effort do not seems to correlate well with the returns at this point of time. This is where you need to have a paradigm shift because your reward may come later and it keeps coming for a long time.

2.     When you invest your time and effort in one person, you are actually creating a vertical multiplication and in return, this one person may multiply a hundred or even a thousand times. The old paradigm is ‘if it is going to be, it’s up to me”. This paradigm doesn’t hold water in this business.

Let’s look at the power of multiplication or the doubling effects even if you sponsor one person a month and each one does the same thing.

Month 1

You + 1 = 2

Month 2

2 + 2 = 4

Month 3

4 + 4 = 8

Month 4

8 + 8 = 16

Month 5

16 + 16 = 32

Month 6

32 + 32 = 64

Month 7

64 + 64 = 128

Month 8


Month 9


Month 10


Month 11


Month 12


The Principle of Multiplication/ The Doubling Effect




Day 01



Day 02



Day 03



Day 04



Day 05



Day 06



Day 07



Day 08



Day 09



Day 10



Day 11



Day 12



Day 13



Day 14



Day 15



Day 16



Day 17



Day 18



Day 19



Day 20



Day 21



Day 22



Day 23



Day 24



Day 25



Day 26



Day 27



Day 28



Day 29



Day 30







Basically, it works because everyone in the network has the same opportunity and nobody actually works for anybody. Everyone though connected yet independent.

Since, these are the nature of network marketing, it only makes sense if you work within these forces of nature. High recruitment and personal sales do not seem to have an impact compared to the principle of ‘me getting you and you getting him’ and so on and so forth.

The principle of Multiplication or duplication works well once the base on which it multiplies gets bigger. Story: Bucket Vs Pipeline.

You work best and achieve better results if you were to work within the forces of the nature of the business.


Paradigm shift 2 – ‘Bucket Vs Pipeline’

The second force - The exponential growth factor – it is also known as geometric progression. Well, how you call it is in material but you should understand how it works.

This is where the rubber meets the road. You have to understand that once you build a sizable base of people in your network, the doubling effects become evident and it gives the synergy and momentum. The basis of this force is powered or initiated by ONE person.

One man can make a world of difference. As a matter of fact, it is always one man that makes the difference especially in politics and business.

Let’s take a closer look at the power of ONE.


Network A


Network B


Network C





































We are normally influenced by what we see with our physical eyes. This is evident in most company or even networkers who do not invest in developing its people.  Going back to the story of bucket vs pipeline, very few people indeed are willing to invest for long term benefits. People fear risk and prefer to have a temporary security rather than managing risk and building a strong foundation. People today, generally wants luxury before its time. This is why credit cards company are doing so well.


Paradigm shift 3 – Age of Technology Vs Information Age.

The third force is the power of duplication.

We are not referring to the doubling effect but the dissemination of knowledge, skills and attitudes. How do you motivate and train an organization that grows rapidly. The only secret in this business is to reveal all secrets. Your ability to duplication your enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and attitudes will definitely fuels your multiplication process which is vital to hit the exponential growth factor.

Internet has removed boundaries and E-Commerce will be the trade of the future. It is surprising to know how many distributors are still building their network using the traditional way. To be ahead in this information age, one has to be able to duplicate as fast as the network grows. Your competitors’ information is easily available and information is constantly penetrating your network every moment of the day.

Time is precious in today’s society. Scheduling your people to come for training is not productive. They need the information fast and they need to have it NOW! You have to learn how to leverage when it comes to equipping and motivating your group. Use other people’s training and motivation. Leverage by using videotapes, audiotapes, books, VCD, websites and the like.

For example;

1.        Brilliant Compensation is the most detailed and precise training one can have on the business of network marketing. It saves you time and you are effective all the time.

2.        How to earn at least $100,000 a year in network marketing – this is a fantastic course made available to you in cheap and affordable audiotapes.

3.        Your first year in Network Marketing – a book by Mark Yarnell. A guru in Network Marketing. This book is available to you for less than a fraction of the opportunity you will attain from reading the book.

4.        Wave 3 – another book that challenges your mind to network marketing.

There are plenty of materials out there. We are not short of information and training. We are short of the initiative to look for them.

Materials like these are beneficial because they are;

1.        Easy to duplicate – it is easier to read and recommend a book than to be discipled by a guru.

2.        They are easily available and affordable – Gurus are expensive and they are not ‘duplicatable’.

3.        They are consistent – these materials don’t have mood swing like we do. They are consistent every time you read, listen or watch them.

4.        They are credible – They are the gurus and the expert in their own right. We can echo the same words, but the impact on our people are different.


What are you duplicating today?

Stephen Covey, the author of the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People says, “The productivity, ethics and success of your people mirror your own.”

In other words, how you build your network is an image you are projecting to your people and most likely they will follow the way you build it or failed to build it.

Many ‘networkers’ failed to understand the process of duplication. They often thought that they have to duplicate themselves or a system in their downlines. How the business has work for you may not necessary work for your people. This is because we have different circle of influence. We have different backgrounds and values. What we should duplicate is principles and values. Transforming our actions into principles and values and allowing them to use the same with their own actions.

In a nutshell, what do you want to duplicate?

1.        Your productivity – how you understand the business and how you build it.

2.        Your ethics

3.        Your success


The Objectives are 2 folds – building a network of loyal consumers and building a team of leaders.

You should not waste time and resources doing things or projects that do not contribute to these 2 objectives even if it is the best idea in the whole wide world.

A.      Building a network of loyal consumers.

Smart Consumer Program is designed to build a network of loyal consumers by allowing them to work their way to have their products ‘paid-off’ or even have a little extra income.



Your rewards



Stage 1





Stage 2




Free products

Stage 3




Very good side income indeed

Stage 4




Very Good Residual Income

The ultimate goal in this business is to build a large network of loyal consumers and even if you earn an average of $1 from each person’s consumption, your residual income would have been better than your pension.


B.       Building a team of leaders.

You can either build the network of loyal consumers all by yourself or you can share the opportunity with your potential business partners. It will serve you better if you concentrate on getting a group of business partners prior to building a network of consumers.

Leaders help to create enthusiasm and momentum and their commitment serves tremendous motivation to you as the upline. As a result of that, you will be able to serve them better.

Use the forces that empower the business.

Whatever you idea of building the business may be, it is important to translate them into principles so your people can duplicate your success in their own way.

Multiply your concepts and vision and duplicate your productivity, ethics and success. Reveal all your secrets. Unlike traditional business where you have to have a trade secret (that’s because they are training their own competitors), in network marketing, you share as much as you can because their success is your success. They have virtually no motivation or threat to become your competitor.


How the company builds the business is different from how you are going to build the business.

The company has a different set of priorities and as such their course of action will be different form yours.

Some of their priorities are;

1.        Promoting slow moving products.

2.        Promoting near expiry products.

3.        Promoting high profit margin products.

4.        Training programs are often done to oblige the distributors.

5.        Business opportunity meetings are conducted to increase recruitment.

6.        Training are scheduled in developed areas rather than untapped market.

The list can go and you will soon notice that there is very little similarity in objective.


Other ways of building a network.

1.        Tape pass out system.

2.        Advertisement.

3.        Hotel Business Opportunity meetings.


One-on-one and home based meetings

Office/Hotel Meetings

No geographical boundary

limited to geographical area

No time restrictions

time bounded




Law of diminishing returns.

Subjected to speaker’s ability

Encourages the people to duplicate

Easy but not effective



Results oriented

Hyped oriented


4.     Building a Team of Leaders and Lead them.

Definition of a Leader –

Someone who wants to improve their lifestyle and are willing to change. They are people who grasp the business of network marketing and are dead serious about making this business work for them.


‘Build People and people will build the business’

Once you have formed a business partnership with your people,

1.        Do not neglect them.  Do not assume that they know how to build the business.

2.        Spend quantity time with them.

3.        Influence them with all the right values, principles and strategies of this business.

4.        Ensure a healthy personal development growth.

You can get what you want in life when you have helped enough other people to get what they want in life.

There is no business or career more satisfying than investing the prime of your life in helping a team of people get what they want in life. Sounds simple but that’s really what this business is all about. If you can find 9 to 12 people who seriously want to change their life for the better, you too are set for life. Your job is to look for these 9 to 12 people and NOT going around trying to convince 9 to 12 people to change their life.

More paradigms shift.

1.        They need or want to do the business more than you need them.

Their responses are reflections of your intentions. Your body language speaks louder than your words. They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Once they see the sincerity in you wanting to help them, you have created a partnership that will make an impact in this business.

2.        Don’t just recruit but interview. You need to be very selective in choosing your first level downlines. Sponsoring them into this business also mean fostering a partnership with them. As you need to focus all your energy on building the business, you cannot afford to have poor partnership.

2.1     Your people must be grateful to you for sharing this business opportunity to them.

2.2     Your people must work with you and must not expect you to do all the works for them even if you are getting paid on their performance. You must not allow them to hold you ransom on this.

2.3     Their success belongs to them before it benefits you. You must not take a free ride on them.

The bottom line: Build leaders not leaners.

3.        “You can bring a horse to the water but you can’t force the horse to drink the water” says an old Chinese proverb. You will be more effective and relax when you know that you don’t have to convince your people to do the business. Let nature takes its own course. 

4.        You can’t lose what is not yours.

5.        Hold on to the vision that one person can make a huge difference to your business and be willing to invest in people.

6.        Go beyond business partnership. Be a family. Get to know his/her family and introduce yours too. Spend quantity time in order to build relationship.


Note: Play the card game.


Timing is everything

1.        First of all, meeting the right people in the right place at the right time is not something that happens all the time. Be patience, after all how many partnerships can you effectively work on at any point of time?

2.        Never give up on those who refuse you or the business – their time has not come.


The Financial Impact

Can you imagine your financial rewards for developing 9 to 12 people. First of all, you also have to challenge them to mentor or develop their own sets of leaders. Assuming each of them becomes Diamond Ambassador and are producing an average of $100,000.00 group volume every month. Assuming you an average of $5,000.00 per leader, your monthly cheque would have been $45,000.00 a month for investing your life in helping 9 to 12 people to succeed in life. Can you think of any other more edifying business or career than this?

Does it worth your effort even if you take 10 years to achieve this? It surely does. 10 years and you have helped 9 to 12 people to have a good lifestyle and you are paid handsomely for life.


How to fish for leaders?

This is easy when you care enough about how your friends are, really.  If you care for someone, you don’t have to sell. You can use sales techniques on someone who is in need. That’s exploitation.

Most of the time, you have to probe with open-ended questions. Think of it as you are giving them a wake up call. Sometime they don’t even know that they heading nowhere in life until you start asking.

Some of the important questions you can ask.

1.        What do you do for a living?

2.        How long have you been doing it?

3.        Make some interesting remarks about their job and look out for their expressions. They either agree or disagree.

4.        Proceed by asking if they see themselves doing this on a long-term basis.

5.        Try to find out from them if they are looking for a business opportunity?

Basically, you want to know if they are happy or not. Your communication level should go from Cliché to facts finding to giving opinion and ultimately personal level. Do not push Network Marketing to just anyone.

Key 1: They must see the business opportunity as a solution and not just an alternative. When they don’t see light at the end of the tunnel in whatever they are currently doing, your business opportunity becomes a new hope. You can see a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and gratitude towards what you are trying to do. You don’t sell hope, you give hope.

If they don’t see the need or simply don’t grasp the business of network marketing, don’t force it to them. Don’t convince, just share. Ask them about their life and listen. When they finally ask about yours, tell them what you have found.

Key 2: Help them achieve what they want.

Key 3: Go beyond business partnership.

If you don’t have a mentor, you are it!

On one hand, it will be good if you have a well equipped upline, on the other hand it is not the end of the road if you don’t have one. In the even if you don’t have an upline where you can draw guidance from, then you probably have to learn the responsibility. The buck stops here.

If you feel that you are no longer receiving from your upline, then it is time for you to take over the baton and lead. You will only know how to receive when you know how to give.

Failures accept no alibi, success needs no explanation.


Building a Network of Loyal consumers.

Paradigm shift – Every distributor is also a consumer and a potential consumer for life.

1.        Don’t sponsor ‘distributor’, recruit ‘distributor consumer’. For someone who looks at network marketing business merely as an opportunity to make money, they see products only as a vehicle in the business. There is no loyalty to the products. The products are in-material to them. They are only interested in the compensation plan.

2.        Once they are users, they are automatically a 100% user. Do not make such an assumption. It is your responsibility to continue to share to them the goodness of all the products.

3.        They are your captured market – you will be amazed at how much effort is put in to look for new customers when they don’t even tap on their existing captured market.


Build the product, and the product will build the business.

People will only be motivated to continue using the products if they appreciate and know why they are using them.

1.        Conduct Product Information Talks from time to time. You should such talks in a home setting. Make it as informal as you can. Teach your partners to do the same.

2.        Becoming the product of the products. Become the benefits expert and leave the rest to the products experts. It is good to learn up all your products but it will be a big task to become an expert.  Leverage through audiotapes, videotapes and even books.

3.        Research new independent information on your products. Information builds loyalty. Remember to disseminate such information.


5.     Reality (Facts and Fictions) of the business.

Reality Vs Expectation

Greed Vs Fear

Enthusiasm Vs Knowledge

Facts of NM – Rejection, Deception, Objection, Attrition.


6.     Your first 90 days.

Fanning a spark into fire.

Crossing the first barrier – 1st two weeks.

You can only duplicate what you have experienced and not what you have been told.


7.     Values and principles centered Leadership.

Becoming the man of integrity.

It is not what you have but what becomes of you that matter.

Becoming the ideal upline you always wanted.

Don’t learn the tricks of the business, learn the business.

Short term gains, long term loss – building your business with a program/scheme.

The business is simple but not easy.

Knowing and doing it with skill is what sets the amateur and professionals apart.

The conditioning takes time.

The business is not easy but worth it.

The choice is yours – Is NM the best choice?

Stop complaining and start networking.

Failure accepts no alibi, success needs no explanation.

You can’t fail, you can only quit.

Don’t quit before payday.

Don’t manage, lead.

They don’t work for you, thus don’t build them according to your expectations.

You can get what you want in life when you have helped enough other people get what they want.

You own the business, so run it.

Success or failure is your sole responsibility.


9. Metamorphosis – Changes in your roles and functions.

1.      Managing a group of 30-50, 50-100, 100 to a 1000 and finally 1000 above

2.      Public speaking & Training skills

3.      Learning how to communicate to all downlines

4.      Managing their finances.

5.      Looking beyond your nose – understanding the purpose of NM.

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