I had the privilege of being trained on these 10 simple success principles sometime back in the last quarter of 1996 when I joined Neways. Since I have been in this industry over 10 years prior to joining Neways, I actually allowed pride and ego to have the better of me. I resisted some of these principles and even went against it.


18 months later, after achieving the status of Diamond Ambassador and having a network of 8,000 downlines spread over Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and even Papua New Guinea, I have come face to face with these 10 success principles again.


This time only to realized how stupid I was in not following the path of those who have made it in this business.


Therefore, I would like to encourage you with these 10 simple success principles. I encourage you to have this duplicated and share it with as many Distributors as possible even if they are not from Neways.




Someone once said, "You can get what you want in life when you have helped enough other people to get what they want."


The problem is most of the time we do not know what we want and never bothered to find out what our downlines want or expect from this business. It is like the blind leading the blind. Set your goal; know what and when you want it, how and where to get it and plan to get your goal. Plan your work and work your plan.


Point to ponder: Only successful people will keep on doing what they are doing because they know what they want and why they want it.




Not all Distributors who attend meetings become leaders but every Distributor who became leaders attend meetings. We faced rejections from our spouse, family members, friends, office mates, and even downlines. We will get demotivated and demoralized by these rejections or negatives feedback towards our business.


Meetings are like filling stations where your battery are being charged up again for the next few days or weeks ahead.


Point to ponder: You will always learn in meetings if you really want to learn. Your time spent in attending meetings is better spent in front of the black box at home.





First, you attend meetings like a student. Then you participate in meetings (sharing your experiences with the products and business) like a good student would. Finally, you should conduct the meeting like a good example to your network.


In all my 11 years in this industry, I have not found anybody who can succeed well and long in this business without having to participate and conduct meetings.


Point to ponder: Do you make plans to attend meetings or do you attend meetings only at your convenience or when you have a prospect or downline coming along with you?


The day we stop growing and start dying is the day when we stop learning. We can and must never stop learning. Be teachable. In fact be very teachable because yesterday success belongs to yesterday.


Leads by doing what you have learned and then teach all that you have learnt. You can't teach what you have not learned and you can't learn what you have not done.


Point to ponder: Are you learning the business or are you learning the tricks of the business?




The key to this business is duplication and the key to duplication is simplicity. Keep all your business and product presentation short, precise and simple so it can be duplicated by your downlines.


Point to ponder: Ask yourself if your downlines can do what you are about to launch into.




When you sponsor a person into your network, you are actually getting into his/her network of friends and contacts. Therefore, never prejudge your prospects because you can never second-guess their level of interest and commitment in the business.


Do not spend your time waiting for the seasoned professionals. Why should they leave their present Network Marketing business and join you if they are committed to help their network? Would you want a so-called leader who is willing to abandon his/her network in order to make more money with

your plan?


Point to ponder: Are you sponsoring your friends into the business in order to help them or are you sponsoring them to help you in your business?




Leverage is one principle, which makes this business attractive. What better way to leverage than to work with your uplines, downlines and sidelines.


Point to ponder: Work with the attitudes of abundance rather than scarcity.



It is easier to talk about the negatives than to remain positive. Never, never complain to your  downlines. Never talk about your problems with your uplines or the management to your downlines. They cannot solve your problems. Discuss your problems with your uplines or the management for

they are the only people in your business who have the capacity to solve your problems.


Your negative talks can demoralized and de-motivate your downlines. You will do more damage than help.


However, always talk about the positive things to your downlines. If you want to help them in their business, motivate them with all the positive news.


Point to ponder: Live up to your words when you told them all the good things about the business, products, plan and company when you sponsored them into the business.




This business can be as simple as developing 9 leaders in your organization. That's all it takes to make it in this business. Network Marketing is a people business. The business of Network Marketing is to

develop leaders. Having enough leaders in your organization will allow you to enjoy leverage to the fullest.


Start right by telling your downlines the need for them to become a leader. Don't waste your time with leaner, and people who are not ready to take up the leadership role. After all, you are helping them to built their business and not just yours.


Point to ponder: Can your business grow even if you stopped working the business for 3 months?





You cannot fail in this business. You can only give up and quit. Practice makes perfect. You must be consistent in what you do. You have to be consistent in your selling, sponsoring and building the network.


Persist in your work. You can only be consistent and persistent if you know what you want and why you want it. This business is not easy but it is worth your every single effort. You must have a vision in your business.

Without vision, men perish. Vision is the driving force in your consistency and persistency.


Point to ponder: Don't quit before payday!


God Bless You and have fun

Thomas Ong



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