Principles and Strategies for successful Networking

By Thomas Ong


Introduction: Knowing why you want to do what you are doing/ Why did you get involved in Network Marketing?

            Most of us find that recruiting people into the organization is only the first step to the journey of a thousand mile. The task of getting people involved in the business is much easier than keeping them involved until their income gets up to a reasonable level. In most cases, we find that people are not doing anything after signing the application form. Three or four months later, if you happened to ask them about it, they don't even remember why they got involved!


            If you can get people to remember why they got involved to begin with, that'll go along way towards keeping them involved in the business. This is really kind of a simple situation. Most people do not know why they are doing what they are doing. You can trace it to students who enroll themselves in faculty according to their credits qualification and job seekers ending up in jobs which are available to them rather than getting what they actually wanted in the first place. As a result, most people live in mediocrity. In some cases, they called it fate. I believe none of us want to be an average person. An average person is best defined as being the best among the worst and the worst among the best. What then, really is the difference between a successful businessman and a less successful businessman?


            The answer is not found in having the secret formula. There is no secret formula in Network Marketing. You probably cannot build another organization with another company the same way you built your first organization. There are too many "variables" factors involved, like different people, product, plan, company's philosophy and etc.


            It's having a vision of what you want to do, who you want to be, what you want to have, and it's vision of seeing yourself actually achieving it. Knowing why you want to do what you are doing is the most simple and effective way to keep yourself motivated. These motivations will you overcome any problems or barriers in your passion for your vision. People without vision, often start whining and complaining and creating excuses about why they're not going to do the business. In the Bible, the book of Psalms says, "without vision, man perish".


Once you've got the vision, train yourself to think about that vision most of the time.


Let's take a minute to write down your compelling reason for getting involved in Network Marketing.






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The followings are some principles and strategies for successful networking;


1.         Your belief system - you need to believe that Network Marketing will work for you.

2.                  Your decision and your choice - you, the critical factor.

3.                  Your action plan - you plan your course of action, with measurable goals and realistic expectations.

4.                  You in action - develop the right strategies like;

4.1              Sponsor a 10/ Look for leaders.

4.2              The $500 solution

4.3              The tortoise and the hare.

4.4              The law of immediate results.

4.5              Depth Vs width.

5.                  Your consistency - you are consistent in supporting a realistic goal.

5.1              Downline to upline.

5.2              Handling the big 'R'

5.3              Negative up, positive down.

5.4              The law of concentration and focus.

6.                  Your success is your journey - you measure improvement and not compete against anyone but yourself.

7.                  Your persistency - you finish what you start.

8.                  Your reward - you reap a reward that is equal to your effort invested and goal set.


1.       You belief system

Network Marketing started some 50 years ago yet this business strategy remained a mystery for most people. Have you ever wondered why more than 24 million people in 125 countries participated in this mysterious business? Why would 21,000 people everyday, around the world participate in something they really don't understand?


      I believed these people came and saw (but they didn't conquer) the opportunity to attain financial independence and personal freedom. Perhaps, they were enticed with the big checks, luxury cars, big houses and exotic travels given by these Network marketing companies to their achievers. Most people jump onto the bandwagon (because the entry cost is negligible) and started selling as much as they can and sponsor or recruit as many people as they can. Many ended up with disappointments and frustrations and in some cases, a bigger hole in the pocket. They eventually develop a negative outlook towards Network Marketing. Their disbelief will soon affect other people in your organization.


      It is important for you to develop the belief system in Network Marketing. You need

To believe that Network Marketing can and will work for you. Can you think of a few distinctive of Network Marketing?





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Network Marketing is unique because;


1.      __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2.      _____________________________________________________________________


3.      _____________________________________________________________________



            You cannot build a belief system if you do not know the real secret of success in Network Marketing. To be successful in any business, you need an edge, a competitive advantage. In my opinion, the biggest competitive advantage in Network Marketing is leverage.


Leverage allows you to accomplish your purpose with less effort, greater results - or both. Leverage is the best way to get result in any business. Yet most people would choose to go to school, get a degree, create a resume and pass it around. Even the professionals like lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers and architects would go for interview, get hired and begin the process of exchanging units of time for units of money. You and I know that there aren't enough of units of time that can be exchange for units of money to create real wealth.


The majority does even worse. They exchange even larger units of time for smaller units of money. And they would go back and do it again year after year for a 5 -10% raise! There is no leverage in a job, period. However, business owner has leverage advantage through the employees. But that leverage is limited! Why? Most of the time, you "train your competition". After they (employee) finish milking every ounce of knowledge from your brain, expertise, skills, efforts and what not, they leave you and set up on their own with your customers and prospects!


In order to create a real competitive and true leverage, you have to create a win-win situation where everyone has the same amount of opportunity to gain. True leverage provides a way for you to help me get into a business for myself, so that I can have the same chance for success that you have, without ever leaving the umbrella of your business. And I can continue to do the same with others and leverage myself off their time, skills and efforts just as you did with me, and you get to keep a piece of action foe setting me up. You have a huge vested interest in my success - in all our success.


The best business of Network Marketing is building your success upon the successes of your "partners" in your organization. Imagine your potential earnings from coaching and empowering five to ten people to earn $5,000 each on a consistent monthly basis.





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Run through the list below and see if you have got yourself one of the best ways to create wealth.

Types of opportunity                           Leverage?    Capital?   Risk?   Income potential?
1.   Working for someone                       
1            1      1             1

2.   Own a business                                 1            1      1             1

3.   Investment in property, shares,

bonds etc.                                                1            1      1             1

4.      Own a "personal franchise" with

An opportunity to offer others potential

"franchisees" in mulitple generations.     1            1      1             1


2.      Your decision and your choice.

Someone once said " successful people are quick to decide but slow to change while less successful people are slow to decide and quick to change". In other words, do not over analyze this business. Too much analysis makes you a paralysis!


Who's responsible?

You need to assume more responsibility for your results, your productivity and the outcome of your successful networking business. For that, you have to make a decision and a choice. Success or failure is a choice.


Your upline or the MLM company is NOT responsible to provide you with credibility or success. You are the critical factor! Success awaits individual who:

  1. Understands the dynamics of geometric progression and takes a pro-active stance in generating it, rather than merely waiting for multiplication to happen magically.
  2. Understands the amount of time, effort and energy that has to be invested in building an organization large enough for multiplication to enter into an "auto mode".
  3. Understands the importance of staying committed to the decision and choice made.


Therefore, you have to make a business decision and not merely an emotional one. Most people would make an emotional decision to get into Network Marketing after attending a professionally "hyped up" opportunity meeting. Most people are enticed into the business with a hope that they can have the big check, luxury car, big houses and exotic travels without having to work hard or smart.


In every step of this business, you have to make decision. When you are on your own, you have to learn how to make your own decision. Most of us are not trained to make our own decision.

When we are at home, our parents make decision for us.

When we go to school, our teachers make decision for us.

When we go to work, our supervisor, manager or our boss makes decision for us.



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Let's take a moment to make some important decision for your business.


1.      How much time would you want to give yourself in this business?

1 year? 1 2 years? 13 years? 1  4 years? 15 years or more? 1


2.  What will be your entry level?

 Consultant 1 Supervisor 1 Manager 1 Assistant Executive 1 Executive 1

Note : Majority people would come in at the low level while minority would come into the executive level. If you were making a business decision, which level would you want to enter in?


To be successful in building a large organization, you have to make a firm decision to succeed and you would take effort to learn and to gain more knowledge in this business.


This is one area of business that no one or company can make a decision for you. You have to make your own decision and choice to succeed and no one else. The business belongs to you, not your upline or the company.


  1. Your action plan.

Haven't you heard of the saying, "You don't plan to fail but you fail to plan"? or "show a man what he wants, he will move heaven and earth to get it."


When you don't have a measurable goal and some realistic expectations, you will never be able to draw an effective action plan. Know what you have to do to in order to get you where you want to be.


If you keep doing what you've been doing, you will go where you have been going!


You have to set some goals for your business and you may have to review them from time to time. Set smart goals that are;

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Realistic
  5. Time bounded.







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Using the two perspectives of Network Marketing which are building a network of loyal consumer distributors and developing a group of leaders, you can simply develop a smart goal like this;


By ___ day of ______, year _____, I will…..


1.       Build an organization of ______ active consumer distributor who use/retail $150.00 of product every month. My residual income will, therefore, be approximately $_______ (no. of active consumer distributor x 120BV x 5%).


2.      Take ____personally sponsored distributors as a team and become the catalyst, through active partnership and coaching, that empowers them each to earn $_____ per month on a consistent basis.


Having established a measurable goal and realistic expectations, we have to move on to the next step, which is the action plan. Action plans are designed to help you achieve your goals. Your action plan may look like this:


Assuming we are developing an action plan for your first 3 months of the business.


1.      I want to sponsor ___ "front liners" in my first 3 months.

2.      I need to talk to ____ people each week.

3.      I want to build an organization of ____ distributors in the first 3 months.

4.      I want to build a sales volume of ________.


You may add to the action plan but remember to keep it simple so it can be duplicated. This business is not easy but it is simple, it is not just hard work but smart work and it is not easy but it's worth it.


Creating an action plan is to create a habit, something you do without conscious thought. Do not be too ambitious in your plan. Some gurus of Network Marketing teach you to do something about your business on a daily basis, which is known as S.D.A or Single Daily Action. I recognize the power of S.D.A but it may be too ambitious for some beginners or inexperience distributors. The S.D.A eradicates the single most dreaded question," What to do today?"


I would encourage all, if not most of you to do the business at least three times a week to maintain the enthusiasm and the interest of the business. You cannot succeed if you do the business every once in a while, when it's convenient or when I feel like it. You can't learn or make a habit of anything if the interest and enthusiasm is not established.





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5.      You in action.

The wisdom of "It's not so much how you plan your work - it's how much you work your plan,' is never more true than in building your Network Marketing business. You can build your belief system with your vision, make a decision and a choice to get involved in Network Marketing and plan your action…. but all is naught if you don't take action.


Action makes things happen. Actions bring your plan and goal and vision to life. Actions equal life!


Your business of networking can be mundane and even boring if you keep doing the same thing. You have to be creative in using different strategies. You should not be afraid to replace new strategies with old ones. Network Marketing is a fun business because all that is in this business is people!


Most people are having mundane work routine in their office and they aren't looking forward for another round of routine type of business.


Be bold to try new strategies and stand to be corrected. I would like to share some strategies of Network Marketing with you but they are by no means any set formulas for success. It may work well for some and it may not work for others.


Successful strategies used by some of the greatest networkers in the world.

  1. Sponsor a 10/leader

Network Marketing Sales distributors often tend to focus on prospects who are not successful and who "need the money." While it's important not to exclude anyone from your sphere of prospecting, the quickest, surest way to build a large organization is to focus your prospecting efforts on successful people.


People who already have successes can recognize the wonderful opportunity you're offering. They can appreciate the distinctive of Network Marketing.


If you are one of those who need the money, accept it as a temporary condition. You can decide to change the future of that especially if you don't duplicate that condition by sponsoring people who have the same condition that you want to change in yourself.


Sponsor up. Elevate yourself by surrounding yourself with people who are more successful than you are. It's the Environment Success Principle: " If you want to succeed, hang around with people who are more successful than you are." They may intimidate you a little at first, but you'll learn from them. You'll begin to adopt their attitudes, their beliefs; you'll rise up to their level.





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If you are inexperienced, don't duplicate your condition by sponsoring people without experience in Network Marketing.


The key strategy here is: Don't duplicate your condition by sponsoring people who have the same condition that you want to change in yourself.


Rate yourself on the scale of 1 to 10 in terms of what you bring to the party of people.

1.      How much money do I have to operate my business? ( 1 to 10 ) 1

You don't need a lot, and if you're going to struggle to come up with a couple of hundred dollars, that's okay - just don't intentionally sponsor a bunch of people who struggle with that same condition; it slows the whole thing down.


2.      What is your financial target? (1 to 10) 1

3.      What's my belief level? (1 to 10) 1

4.      How many hours can I spare in this business? (1 to 10) 1

5.      How many contacts do I have? (1 to 10) 1

6.      How much credibility do I have? (1 to 10) 1

Measure your credibility in terms of number of years that you're actively involved in Network Marketing, the size of your previous network, the amount of money you've earned etc.


If you rate yourself a 4 or 5, that's okay. You don't have to announce to your whole organization about your rating. The only reason for rating yourself is to identify whom you should sponsor so that you can improve your condition, thus, helping you to progress in your business. Sponsor a 6 or 7 and later progress to 8 and 9 and eventually to a 10.


Look for successful people, no matter what your current condition is. Sponsor people who are slightly better than you do. After all, they are the people who will believe in your business opportunity. However, if you think your prospect don't believe in you, bring them to someone who they believe. Do not take this feedback personally or negatively.


Don't pre-judge your prospects. Sort out your people only after they are in your organization and not before.


The key strategy here is: Sponsor anyone who sees the opportunity and who shares your vision in building a large organization of loyal consumers.





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Look for leaders

Focus your sponsoring efforts on the people who can make it happen. No doubt Network Marketing was accidentally "birthed" to help people who are in need of money, it need be the case anymore.


Most distributors are not comfortable talking with someone who makes more money than they do now - about making still more money! Perhaps, they are looking for an opportunity to make the same amount of money or less for a better lifestyle. There are successful people out there looking for more than just money, - personal freedom.


Successful people will never reveal to you their struggle for better and quality lifestyle and how they wish they can escape the rat race.


Another reason for sponsoring a leader is people who are already successful, are successful for a number of reasons. Can you identify their success characters?

1.      Self motivated

2.      ___________

3.      ___________

4.      ___________

5.      ___________


Take a good look at what you have just written. Aren't you looking for people with such attitudes, characters or business acumen whatever you may name them, to help you build your organization?


Leaders don't mean financially successful people. Money is not the only element to measure success. Leaders are people with talents and ability to lead, teach, inspire and motivate or inspire their followers. Leaders are often visionaries.


Why target leader? Why not?

·        Leaders catch the vision long before the followers do - they know why.

·        Leaders already lead - they know how.

·        Leaders empower others - that' what they do.

·        Leaders always want more - they have a big appetite for life and woork.


Sponsor a 10 and look for a leader and you will discover the true leverage in your business.







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  1. The $500 solution.

There are only two ways to fail in Network Marketing: 1) Quit, or 2) Never Start. Or "The problem with most Network Marketers is that they quit before payday." The number of people that call it quit in your network is often more than the number of new people coming into your organization. People quit even before they start. How do we convince people not to quit but to stay involved long enough to start seeing some success?


This is truly one of the great questions that many experts, uplines and company try to answer. Some of the answers may lie in making sure your people are motivated on their belief system, making known to them their own goal and vision, making sure they have all the tools they need and how to use them, making sure they are satisfied users of the products and etc.


There are two things that prevent most distributors from achieving success:

1.      They don’t make $500 per month quickly enough, and

2.      Their downline distributors don't either!


Surprise at the low figure? You are not alone.


The key to having distributors stay in your organization is to get them to the benchmark of a $500 bonus check as quickly as possible - ideally within the first 90 to 120 days. This is a point of no return! There is no turning back!


We have a common misconception in this business that $500 is such small potatoes, it's not even worth mentioning. But, have yourself and have each of your downline achieve $500 or more per month in bonus compensation within the first 90 to 120 days? You and your downlines will stay in the organization and produce!


We can show them the geometric progressions, the success stories and the mega checks but we must tell them the truth about the business. If the $500 solution is small potatoes to experienced networkers or professionals, they can and should use it to keep their downlines long enough in the business till they start to see some success.


They can also challenge themselves to personally sponsor and develop 5 to 10 people earning $500 within the first 90 to 120 days. You can use the $500 for yourself or you can apply it to your organization to reduce the attrition rate in your organization.


Q. Why don't most network marketers ever get to the $500 per month level?

A. Poor prospecting or sponsoring, and lack of knowledge about this industry and how the business really works, all of which leads to unrealistic expectations.




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The importance of the $500 solution.

The way you prospect and sponsor each individual into your organization sets up their expectations for success… or failure. A common approach to prospecting/sponsoring is the "pie-in-the-sky, get rich quick, let your downline do the work while you stroll the beaches of the world". This method can set up your new distributor for failure almost immediately.


This creates a "lottery" mentality that in turn create delusional dreams about what this business has to offer…then dashes them. In this case, even if the distributors reach $500 per month, they'd probably feel like a big failure, because they were set up to make $50,000 - NOT $500 a month.


Now, what would happen if you told your downline that the first step to Network Marketing is to get to the $500 within the first 90 to 120 days? What will happen to their expectations now?


Even if their first check is $100, they will continue and to produce. They have achieved 20% of their goal. If this success multiplies and they earn $200 in the second month, they have actually attained 40% success. On the third month, they would have earned $400, which is 80% success. On the forth month, they would have exceeded their target by $300!


Do this with the old paradigm of "getting rich" - say a target of $50,000! Their first month check is only 0.2% of their target. How can you sustain the interest of your people with such a low success rate?


Tell them the truth about this business and they will operate within that truth!


Inject the $500 solution into your sponsoring and training. Don't be afraid that you scare off those "heavy hitters" with an eye to more sky-high incomes. They will clearly and quickly see the virtue of a system that has hundreds and hundreds of part timers all earning enough to stay in the business.


If this $500 solution reduce your attrition rate by 10 to 20%, you will definitely get a good deal worth more than $500.


3.      The tortoise and the hare

Creating and duplicating momentum is a vital key to Networking success. The idea of slow and steady wins the race doesn't work. Slowly but surely doesn't make any waves, doesn't create a tide; no tide, no flood. No flood, no fortune.





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In most companies, the $500 -plus mark comes with reaching the maximumm bonus level on the stairstep and that is when you attain the break away status. Another term for this achievement level is "escape velocity."


When you have a group of people in your organization slowly moving towards the  escape velocity, it takes a lot of effort to maintain a belief system that you're actually going to get there. The tortoise paradigm will slowly suffocate your entire network.


Enter into the $500 solution.

Create a flood or even a storm in your network! Get your people to enter into the $500 solution program. Make it fun, turn it into a promotion.


In a stairstep/breakaway system, you need to have people moving towards the "escape velocity" level every month. This momentum can affect your entire network.


Establish the Hare paradigm in your network whether on your first level or on your 5th level. You can either flood the network or fire up the entire leg. One single hare in your entire organization can affect the whole group. Sponsor a hare, and you might turn a lot of tortoises into hares as well. Enthusiasm is contagious.


4.      The law of immediate results.

Prospects fresh from successful meetings behave a lot like something shot from the cannon. It's explosive time for them. Passions ablaze with enthusiasm. Their positive beliefs are powerful.


Expectations arose in their minds. The desire to succeed and to achieve financial independence and personal freedom burns within them. Nothing seems to be able to stop them from participating in Network Marketing.


Yet, after a few days, nothing seems to happen and all the fiery desire just dies off. What's the most effective way to motivate your new distributors? Encouraging words? Boosting their self-esteem? Getting in touch with their values and dreams? Having them focus on their life purpose?


The best motivation for a new distributor is this: Results, immediate results!


Success - their success will bring forth motivation. There's nothing like having your own success story to share with your friends and prospects.





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At first, people connect with the possibility of achieving their own dreams. That lasts about 2 to 3 months and by that point, they need to see some tangible results.


How to produce tangible immediate results for new distributors?

The reality of success keeps people motivated. Introduce to them the $500 solution and challenge them to a no-looking back "90 day storm" of massive multi-directional actions that will bring them clear results within that short period of time.


Make sure that your new distributor reach some level of financial success within the first 90 days, then train that person to do the same to their new people what you did to him/her.


New distributors expects immediate results like sponsoring new people within the first week and achieving $100 or more in their first check. The dropout rate of people who are receiving $1,000 plus bonus check is next to zero. $500 is minimum.


5.      Depth Vs Width.

In my own opinion, we can safely define depth and width sponsoring as:

Depth - provides stability.

Width - provides expansion for growth.


How many people should I sponsor as my front liners? When do I stop sponsoring?

The appropriate question is how many people can you work with effectively?


In normal circumstances, you can only work effectively with 3 to 5 people. You can sponsor 12 to 15 frontliners in the first 60 days of your business. You can add 5 to 8 new frontliners after the first 60 days. You can identify 2 to 3 potential leaders from the group of distributors.


There are few groups of people that will form your organization. There are groups like;

1.      Consumer distributors - people who wants to enjoy the discounted prices as member.

2.      Part timers - people who are trying out the business with a hope of earning some extra part time income.

3.      Full timers or potential full timers - people who sees the opportunity and are serious about building a large network.

4.      Some timers - do the business as and when they feel like doing it.




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It is not easy to identify who will fall into which category. You may have a person who joins you because he/she wanted to buy the products at a discounted price but may end up doing the business because he/she likes the products. You can't tell who is the right person but you can make your potential downline as the right person.


One right person in your organization can make a big difference in your entire organization. You should put all your frontliners into the $500 solution program.


A note on depth sponsoring - going deep is a process of duplication. Teach your first level how to sponsor a prospect, thus you develop your 2nd level. Go one step further by teaching your 1st level how to teach his 1st level (your 2nd level ) to sponsor his prospect ( your 3rd level). The process of duplication is considered completed when you have reach 3 level deep.


The number of people you sponsor do not reflect on your success but their productivity does. Be resulted oriented and not activity centered.


5.      Your consistency.

Your maturity in handling the organization should be consistent in supporting your goals and your vision. The key to this business is duplication. You duplicate actions, strategies, efforts, attitudes, characters and etc.


Establish the right sets of values and attitudes in your organization and they will work within the values. Having the right set of values is critical to your network of leaders. Your focus is on the group of potential leaders. This is a relationship business, therefore, the success or failures depends heavily on the strength of your relationship with your leaders.


In this field of Network Marketing, competition in the market place is thriving. Your competitive advantage will rest in your relationship with your leaders. Your leaders are constantly being prospected by your competitions.


1.       Downline to upline.

Most people in this industry chose to remain in the shadow of their upline. They remained as downline especially when they have an upline who is one the high achievers in the company. They seek comfort under the umbrella of their upline.


There is only one thing you'll need to become an upline…. A downline.









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Why do I have to be an upline? You want to …

·        Develop a group of leaders - you want to enjoy true leverage by having more independent leaders. You don't want to have a group of leaners.

·        Gain the respect of your group - you don't want to be by pass in the next opportunity.

·        Consistent growth in your network - you started building your network by leaning on your upline's success story. Likewise, your network needs to borrow your strength to build their network.


You have start thinking and acting like an upline even when you are not. Think and act one-step ahead of your current status. Teach your network the right values and they will work within those values.


2. Handling the big 'R'

It's the Big R, which stands for public enemy number one of all Network Marketing distributors: REJECTION.


Rejection is the single most important factor in your success in this business. Distributors faces rejection from prospects while leaders faces rejection from his own network in the area of participation in training program, sales promotion and special events.


It's important for us to explore the issue of Rejection. We must deal with rejection in some way, which empowers you. Rejection comes from series of objections.


How to train ourselves and others to build a ladder over the wall of objection?

·        Don't buy the objection - most of the excuses given are not true for them either. Lack of interest in the business often prompts them to reject your proposal.

·        Listen to what isn't being said - often times, they lack clarity in their objections. What is being said is often an expression of what isn't being said.

·        Listen through - embrace the objection, define it, embellish it and finally purge the emotion.


Being fully heard has a dramatic effect on most everybody. Listening through objections is not easy but the impact it will have as you begin to master it - will be one of the most profound you can imagine. Influencing with integrity is an art. Objections are emotional. The argumentative approach of "overcoming objections" put the person on a defensive mode. Listen with patience and do more prompting in order to stay in control.


Rejections can be traced to ignorance and lack of knowledge of the industry. Take the challenge to turn every rejection into an opportunity to educate them on the distinctive of Network Marketing.





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It's easy to get lost in the sea of people's questions when you interpret them as pure and simple requests for information. Most of the time, its not specific information they're after, at least not essentially. The truth is there are only a few real questions that they want to ask. Once you've dealt with those questions, putting your people and the information they need together is a simple matter - because now they're enrolled and involved.


"The only people who aren't involved in Network Marketing are the people who don't understand it."


Once someone new understands the business of Network Marketing, then they're able to establish the belief necessary for them to achieve their goals.


Bottom line: What your mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve.


For decades, perhaps even centuries, human beings believed that it was impossible foe a man to run a mile under 4 minutes. Medical science supported this belief. Doctors and scientists claimed that the human heart would burst, muscles and bones would tear and break under the stress of such an effort. A sub-four minute mile was physiologically and psychologically impossible.

            Until May 6th ,1954.

On that day, in Oxford, England, Roger Bannister ran a mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.

And here's the amazing part: That same year, 37 other runners ran a mile in under 4 minutes. And within the next 2 to 3 years, 300 other people did it, too!


Belief is powerful and understanding creates belief. When you face rejection, interpret it as a request for more information on the business. If rejection persists, walk away from it.


Your mission is to find people who sees the opportunity and wants to do the business. You are not on a mission to change the world's thinking on Network Marketing. Leave that to the professionals.


You may not have all the answer to their questions - it's okay. If you've only got one answer, belief is the one to have. If someone rejects you, he is actually rejecting himself of an opportunity, the greatest opportunity in the world!


  1. Negative up, positive down.

It's easier to spot a black dot on a white sheet of paper. It's important to create an atmosphere of "positiveness" to your entire organization. A single negative news or even rumor can be duplicated to the entire network faster than you could build a network. Negative news travel faster than positive news. Negative news is like an Ebola virus.





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And the worse thing is having an upline whining and complaining to his own downlines! This is the fastest and surest way of killing the business. Teach this principle whenever you can to your organization - negative up, positive down.


You can whine and complaint to your upline but NEVER to your downlines. You are supposed to share positive news to them.


The key principal here is this: If you are concerned about a problem, bring it to the right channel, which can provide you with the right answer. The right channel is your upline or the company. Don't expect your downlines to motivate you!


  1. The law of concentration and focus.

It takes a lot of energy, concentration and focus in order to survive in this jungle of Network Marketing. Your network is constantly being prospected by competitions. You are not exempted from such diversion.


You cannot and should not get involved in 2 or more Network Marketing companies. Your network will follow your footsteps. If you know your compelling reason for getting involved with a particular company, you should concentrate and focus all your time, energy and efforts in realizing your vision and goals.


Don't be a MLM junkie or MLM mad scientists. There is no perfect company in this industry. Every company has their own strengths and weaknesses. Every company produces outstanding leaders. Your success depends on what you do with what you have.


6.      Your success is a journey.

Your success is a journey to your vision and goals. You have to constantly measure your improvement and evaluate your progress. In network marketing, our evaluation and measurement is in the form of our bonus print out.


Do you take the initiative evaluate your bonus print out ? Yes ___ No ___

Do you know how to read the bonus statement ? Yes ___ No ____


What are the things you would like to evaluate and measure in your bonus print out?

1.      Your personal group development - sort out your group into 4 categories mentioned on page 13. Consumers and some timers will continue to support your PGBV requirement but position yourself for the departure of the part timers and potential full timers who may be breaking away from you. You can use this indication for sponsoring new distributor.





Page 17


2.      Your multiplex performance. This determines the number of your loyal consumers who will contribute to your residual income.

3.      Your leadership bonus - study the performance of all your breakaway. This gives you a picture of how you are building your group of leaders.

4.      Total organization's sales - this gives you an idea how much volume you have to generate in order for you to reach your financial target.


Your purpose of such evaluation is for you to chart your own strategy and areas of actions. In this business, we are NOT competing against anyone at all times.  By studying the print out, you will know how to plan your work and how to prioritize them too.


7.      Your persistency.

Finish what you start. Understand the beauty of networking system of distribution and power of geometric progression.


Let's look at this believable illustration of geometric progression.


                        YEAR 1           YEAR 2          YEAR 3

1st quarter       $200                $3200              $51,200

2nd quarter      $400                $6400              $102,400

3rd quarter      $800                $12,800            $204,800

4th quarter      $1600               $25,600           $409,600


Starting with a $200 monthly organizational volume and doubling that every quarter-year yields an organizational volume of over $400,000 at the end of the third year.


First, take a 3-year projection of business volume, and divide it into 12-quarter years.

If your goal is to produce $200 in volume the first quarter, and upon achieving this, you duplicate your effort in such a way that business volume doubled every quarter for the next 33 months (11 quarters), your volume in the fourth quarter of the third year would exceed $409,600.


Duplicating your effort simply requires that you sponsor and train one new person per quarter to do the same volume of $200 you do - four per year for 3 years.


We-each one of us is the critical factors so often missing in our own and our personal organization's success. There is power and big returns in aligning with the goals and needs of others. Patience and persistence are great teachers, and the lessons are many - as are the rewards for learning and eventually mastering them.


Armed with a plan that is proven and can be duplicated, Network Marketing ceases to success-mystery so often perceived by so many, and instead becomes the financial opportunity and personal growth adventure of a lifetime.




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Most people don't either stay long enough in the industry or the company to reap the rewards they so heartily sow for years.


8.      Rewards

If you sow mango seed, you will reap mango fruits and if you sow watermelon seeds, you can only reap watermelon. Your rewards are always proportionate to your time invested, efforts and goal set.


Rewards serves as a powerful motivation. Identify what do you want to with you success.


This are the things that I want to do when I achieve my target of earning $___________

1.   _______________________       

2.      _______________________

3.      _______________________

4.      _______________________

5.      _______________________


Our human mind has been trained to think about our expenses rather than the incoming. We have to learn to focus on how much do we want to earn rather than subjecting our budget to our income.


What the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve.



























Principles and Strategies


 Successful Networking


·       Your belief system

·       Your decision and your choice

·       Your action plan

·       You in action

·       Your consistency

·       Your success is your journey

·       Your persistency

·       Your reward















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