St. Maria Goretti's Biography

Storm Warnings

It was just a few weeks after Maria's First Communion, Saturday, July 5. Maria had one thought on her mind as she went through her round of duties and voiced it several times to her mother and Teresa Cimarelli, and that was her desire to receive Holy Communion the next day. Since the priest at their parish church did not have faculties for confession, Maria intended to walk, in that dreadful heat, in order to go to confession before Mass. Little did she know she would most certainly go to Nettuno on the next day - and receive Our Lord - but under much different circumstances than she ever expected.

The work for the Saturday consisted of crushing the broad beans at the threshing floor. At noon all sat down for their frugal lunch. Afterwards, before everyone had left for the fields, Assunta overheard Alessandro order Maria to mend a shirt which he had left on his bed in his room. Because she did not reply, her mother told Maria to do as he said. Assunta was on her way to the fields and turned, noticing her daughter at the top of the landing of the house with Alessandro's mending. Maria also was watching the baby, Teresa, who was sleeping there on a quilt. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

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