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Ave Maria!

Welcome to the Lilies of Saint Maria Goretti website. We are a couple of sisters from Michigan, Bernadette and Rebekah Fox, who want to share our Holy Catholic Faith with you. We look around us and immediately we see a need of purity, humility, and pardon as we hope you feel the same. Devotion to Saint Maria Goretti, the Martyr of Purity, we want to make better known and we hope through this site and our magazine, Saint Maria's Messenger, we may kindle in girls a love of this marvelous saint, a love of Mary, and thus a pure, undefiled love of our Creator and Redeemer. We began this site in 2003 at the ages of sixteen and fourteen.

Where did you get the idea for a website like this?

We are devout Catholic farmers that run a magazine during our spare time. Our site was inspired by our monthly magazine, Saint Maria's Messenger. We publish in November -- April. It is dedicated to the patron saint of girls, Saint Maria Goretti, the Lily of the Marsh. Please visit the link about our magazine for more information.

Why do you call your site "Lilies of Saint Maria"?

Well, it is so named because girls need to be the white, pure lily of the garden to show good example to all the weeds that surround it. We need more than to be just a delicate flower, one that can be easily broken and up-rooted. But a lily like St. Maria Goretti, who was strong and holy in the midst of a marsh of weeds and putrid muck -- a lily of the marsh. We need to be "Lilies of Saint Maria Goretti!"

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