About the Magazine

In order to see our apostolate in action you must get yourselves a subscription to our magazine, St. Maria's Messenger. We try to slowly awaken a solid, knowledgeable holy devotion to Saint Maria Goretti and the saintly examples she left us and to get better acquainted with all the aspects of our Holy Religion. We do this usually through stories, articles, reviews, activities, reports, crafts, poems; regular features like Our Catholic Faith, School Work Fun, Bookworm Food, Mother Mary's Corner, Who's That Saint?; and random features like In the Footsteps of Saint Maria, The Ten Little Maidens, Craft Shop, In the Kitchen, Smile, and Uplifting Angel Stories.

The age range is from ten years all the way through the teens. Very large age range, but we try to include something in it for everyone and that's why we are open to whatever suggestions you might have so we can better know what our readers are looking for. We are a very small magazine; small in production, circulation, and even size -- usually 20 pages long. This is not just a two person effort mind you, but our whole family donates much time and money to help us. We publish every month from November through April. Six months all together, six issues all together. We are very busy with our family farm during the rest of the year so we decided to set up the magazine just for the winter months.

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