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Volume Three

November, 2004
November 2004

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 3, First Issue

Catalog Number: 112004

Issue's Theme: Miracles

Magazine's highlights:


Here is something fun to read. . . and do! Gather your siblings and friends and act out the play entitled: Light of Syracuse, an reenactment of St. Lucy the martyr.


See the winning drawing from our April, 2003 Drawing Contest.


Come right into our Craft Shop, for we have a great to-do project for you this time. With just a few rectangles of plastic canvas and yarn, you can construct a useful refrigerator grocery list holder or a to do list to have by your desk.

Try on of our Quick Snacks -- Made with Cereal recipes, each one coming from the SMM kitchen!


The Madonna of the Scapular: Learn the importance, history, and privileges of the Brown Scapular.

Miracles in the life of St. Gerard Majella: A look into the holy and supernatural life of St. Gerard Majella.

The Victim of the Shroud: Discovering and acknowledging the image on the Shroud of Turin.

December, 2004
December 2004

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 3, Second Issue

atalog Number: 122004

Issue's Theme: Angels

Magazine's highlights:


Rose at the Window by Russell Gordon Carter: A short story about an angel who helps a poverty stricken family during the Christmas season.


Oh you're not done with this issue yet! On the back cover you will find Saint Maria's Messenger's: Smile, a Random Feature of our magazine that has funny, humorous stories and jokes; all with a Catholic twist!


Here is a great way to add a little home style flare to your Christmas tree this year. In this issue's Craft Shop you will find how to make a yarn angel ornament using only a couple materials. In no time you'll have an entire choir of angels hanging on your tree's branches.


Pope Pius XI and the Guardian Angels: Imitate his great devotion to the Holy Angels.

Saint Michael, Lead Us in Battle: The facts and history behind the Prayer of St. Michael.

Now here are two pages of inspiration! SMM has done the work for you, collecting some Quotations About Angels from many great saints, hymns, and theologians.

We have covered many of Saint Maria Goretti's virtues that she practiced daily, but how about her fortitude? That is what we will be exploring in this issue's addition of: In the Footsteps of Saint Maria Goretti.

Oh goody! We have another story belonging to our Uplifting Angel Stories collection.

January, 2005
January 2005

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 3, Third Issue

Catalog Number: 012005

Issue's Theme: Animals

Magazine's highlights:


An ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain. Snails can sleep for 3 years without eating. Can these be true? Yes, and you'll find a lot more amazing and bizarre animal facts by turning to Animal Facts Galore.

Why is St. Anthony the Abbot the patron of pigs? Discover the stories behind the patrons and patronesses of animals by turning to our Patron(ess) of. . . And why. . .

Oh you are going to have fun here! SMM has put together a list of fun, and school friendly animal sites. All you have to do is turn the page to our Website Review section.

Get your siblings together and have a Picture Find race! Turn to page 9 for our, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Hidden Picture.

Have you ever heard of the story of St. Francis Xavier and the Crab? If you haven't, what better way to learn than reading a hand drawn comic depicting St. Francis Xavier in all his holiness?

Origami: Complete instructions (including illustrations), in folding paper into a bird.


We will only get a dog or a cat if you can train it and keep good care of it. Sounds familiar, huh? SMM can help you partly in bringing you one step closer to getting Rover or Fluffy. Training Pointers, found on page 13, teaches you the remedies for jumping dogs, clawing cats, and much more annoying pet habits.

February, 2005
February 2005

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 3, Fourth Issue

Catalog Number: 022005

Issue's Theme: Sacrifice

Magazine's highlights:


1st installment of another Ten Little Maidens story, entitled, A Joyful Lent.


Grab a bowl of popcorn for SMM's favorite Religiously Inspired Movie Reviews.

Now that is original! This time SMM has a special illustrated game you can play with your family and friends. The Game of Life and Eternity was completely constructed by the SMM editors.


Joy, Their Saving Help - The Smiling Martyrs: Brief biographies on saints who were known for their peace and joy.

Your Sacrifice Resolution: Uncover the truth and reason behind a sacrifice resolution.

Finding a Way to Jesus Through Her Little Way: Thoughts and words of St. Therese of Lisieux on the meaning of sacrifice.

March, 2005
March 2005

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 3, Fifth Issue

Catalog Number: 032005

Issue's Theme: Part One - Focusing on the months of May, June, and July

Magazine's highlights:


2nd installment of A Joyful Lent, a story belonging to our Ten Little Maidens story collection.


The Apple of My Drink: Oh yummy! Get the juicer out for it will be very useful in the making of these wonderful apple juice beverage recipes!

This time in our Craft Shop: Instructions (including pictures), on how to make a Bible cover for Mother's Day.


Patroness of Australia -- Is She Our Patroness Too?: Overview on Our Lady Help of Christians.

Don Bosco and His Novena: A novena to Our Lady Help of Christians.

A Little Chat With Father Patrick: Little Mary March has a chance to chat with good old Father Patrick -- this time about the feast of Corpus Christi.

Meditating on the Precious Blood of Jesus: Unearthing the true splendor of the devotion to the Precious Blood.

SPECIAL! Look for our Mother Mary's Corner in this issue, for we have an in-depth story behind St. Maria Goretti's mother.

Through Thy Wounded Heart, Dearest Lord: Devotion to the Sacred Heart with St. Gertrude.

April, 2005
April 2005

Volume / Issue No.: Vol. 3, Sixth Issue

Catalog Number: 042005

Issue's Theme: Focusing on the months of August, September, and October

Magazine's highlights:


Greetings from Hawaii!: A friend of the Juliani's (The Ten Little Maidens story collection), is having a wonderful time vacationing on the big island of Hawaii. She is sending back all her experiences to the Juliani sisters through postcards, and you get a chance to read them too.


The editors' family farm and business completely depends upon the weather and of course the direct source: God. In our gardening edition we published, Rogation Days: Blessing of Fields and Gardens. Asking God to bless our coming crops is crucial, from page 7-8 you will find the complete prayer in asking God to bless our gardens, fields, and/or orchards.

Dedicating a garden to Mary, what could be better? Find what flowers you should have and landscaping suggestions in: Planting a Garden for Mary.

Gardening Tips for the Amateur Gardener: From soil to planting time, from row spacing to weather conditions. Understanding the bases of gardening will surely make your gardening experience a true success.


Remembering Holy Week: Mother Angelica's thoughts on Holy Week.

The Dignity of Manual Labor: The Holy Family's way of life.

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