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We thought this site needed more of "you", so we decided to have a page just where you can have your own photos, stories, poems, drawings, reports, and so on displayed to the public. We even put up our Catholic Girl Pen Pal Section from our magazine for you to have a look at.

We currently do not have any stories, photos, poems, and so on to share with you. But we do have our Pen Pal section from our magazine. Enjoy!

Catholic Girl Pen Pal Section

Swapping letters. As you notice below, we only have the first name, age, and interests of each girl. This is for her privacy and safety. If you are interested in swapping letters with one of them, contact us and we'll send you her postal address privately.

Signing up. Would you like to be added to the list or you know someone who would? Please send us that person's first and last name, age, birthdate and year, email and postal address. and up to five interests. We'll publish her first name, age, and interests. Her addresses (email and postal) and last name will NOT be published, for her privacy and safety.

Age: 20
Interests: Catholic Faith, farming/gardening, crafts of all kinds, writing, Religious life, etc.
Age: 19
Interests: Catholic Faith, writing, reading, country music, crafts, etc.
Age: 18
Interests: Stamp/postcard collecting, Knitting/crocheting, painting, cooking/baking, crafts, gardening
Age: 16
Interests: Sewing/embroidery, reading, horses, cooking/baking, and 4-H.
Age: 16
Interests: Going to church, volleyball, playing the piano, writing to pen pals
Age: 16
Interests: Web design, beading, various crafts, painting (esp. decorative and landscaping), writing, etc.
Age: 15
Interests: Singing, reading, homeschooling, cooking and acting
Age: 14
Interests: Reading, writing, the guitar, acting, and singing.
Age: 14
Interests: Sports (volleyball, basketball, softball), reading, 4-H, and horses
Age: 14
Interests: Baking; writing; reading about Jesus, Mary, and the saints; and singing
Age: 13
Interests: Reading, study of saints, sports (basketball & tennis) music (singing and piano), humor
New! Yvonne
Age: 10
Interests: baking, reading, drawing, funny jokes, home schooling, learning about new saints, playing, horses, movies, acting, bowling, nature walks, and spending time with baby brother
Age: 9
Interests: Singing, ballet, outdoor games and play, art, acting (esp. humor)

Pen Pal List Continues :: Ages Are Uncertain

Age: 14
Interests: Crafts, cooking, acting, singing, going to church, and baby-sitting
Age: 11
Interests: Dance, horses, Christian music, homeschooling, basketball, swimming, playing piano, playing flute, humor, learning about new saints.
Age: 14
Interests: Wake boarding, drawing, coloring, painting, softball, guitar, reading, and boating
Age: 14
Interests: Tennis, cooking, my cat, and church
Age: 12
Interests: Homeschooling, gymnastics and tumbling, drawing and playing piano.
Age: 17
Interests: Baking, cooking, drawing, painting, playing the keyboard, recorder, guitar, and sewing
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